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  1. Need help covering a buster welch roper tree. Never covered a swell fork before and want to do it without welts. Any of you guys out there have any tips. Would love to hear of some. Thanks
  2. Dang man looks pretty good for your first saddle!! Your lines are clean and the tooling flows and looks sharp. I'm almost done building my first saddle as well. If you don't mind me asking... did someone help you or did you use other resources for like books, video's to build it?
  3. Ok thanks! Ok will do! Ya I live over here in Lewiston.
  4. My dad has a Thomas saddle. I live right by Preston Idaho. I know a few other guys that have some as well If your still looking.
  5. Looking for a good used sewing machine. Wanting to do small leather up to saddle skirting size. Live in Northern Utah. Willing to travel for right machine. Thanks
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