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  1. Don Gonzales also has a video on it https://dgsaddlery.com/one-piece-saddle-swell-cover/
  2. I like they way you've set up you templates, I may just have to use your idea there! Thank you very much!
  3. Ed, thank you so much for all the tips, I really appreciate you taking the time to write it all out! I'll certainly be saving this and looking back for my next saddle. After riding in it for a week I'm really noticing the problem with the ground seat - It's comfortable but at a lope I find that it pushes me back and makes it difficult to keep my seat in the right place. I like that you measure your ground seat off of the stirrup slots, that will help a lot next time. Thanks again! Morgan
  4. Thanks John! Actually all I used was neatsfoot oil and skidmore's leather cream, and then buffed. No antique or topcoat at all, I managed to get some pretty good burnishing on the HO and it showed up just fine.
  5. Thank you! Thank you Ken, that means a lot! That's really interesting that the first was from the midwest after all, I spoke too soon!
  6. Thank you Chuck! These wades are much more popular in the Great Basin area, and California - Oregon. I never heard of cowboys riding wades as far east as Ohio.. I believe the first wades were built in the 1940's in northeast Oregon. Thanks for looking!
  7. Thank you! I used the Stohlman encyclopedias, and referenced a few saddlemaking showcase videos. The forum was lots of help as well.
  8. Hi all! I just finished up my first saddle build, built on a 15 1/2" Cliff Wade tree. I had a ton of fun with it, and hope I'll be making many more. I roped in it last night after a few rides and it felt great! I used HO 13-15 skirting leather, and hardware from Jeremiah Watt. Everything was hand stitched (I really need to buy a machine!). I know I need to work on my cantle binding stitching, so any tips on keeping that clean and consistent would be welcome. I want to keep improving and I'd be glad to hear any critiques and advice all of you saddle makers might have!
  9. Thanks Buck, I'll see how it goes on the next try!
  10. Hi all, I wanted to learn how to braid rawhide so I did some research and some practicing and this is the first braided button that I felt turned out okay, but I need some advice.. How do y’all keep the herringbone pattern from twisting? Also, had anyone made their own skiver for lace?
  11. Thanks y’all! Yes I did, slowly trying to improve my designs but I was pretty happy with these ones.
  12. Hey all! These are a couple wallets I made recently.. I've been pretty reluctant to sell wallets but I'm growing to enjoy it as I figure out how to work with the thinner leather! I made the two-tone wallet for my dad for Father's Day, and the natural colored one was an order from a friend in California. Both are 4-5 oz HO, with 2-3 oz HO interiors. I'd be glad to hear any advice and critiques! -Morgan Here's the other wallet:
  13. Thanks everyone! Unfortunately I didn't take any detail photos before sending it out, but I sandwiched the stiffener between the body and a piece of 4-5 oz on the hip side. I made the stiffener out of some sheet steel I had laying around. I managed to recess the female part of the snap into the 7-8 oz body so it's pretty low profile, and then stiched around it and riveted the stiffener in place. I thought about it but didn't want to put plastic on the holster - I ended up laminating a thin piece of leather over the inside of the snap and feathered it out so it's pretty seamless. Protects the gun just fine and I think looks better than the plastic.
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