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  1. Thanks Buck, I'll see how it goes on the next try!
  2. Hi all, I wanted to learn how to braid rawhide so I did some research and some practicing and this is the first braided button that I felt turned out okay, but I need some advice.. How do y’all keep the herringbone pattern from twisting? Also, had anyone made their own skiver for lace?
  3. Thanks y’all! Yes I did, slowly trying to improve my designs but I was pretty happy with these ones.
  4. Hey all! These are a couple wallets I made recently.. I've been pretty reluctant to sell wallets but I'm growing to enjoy it as I figure out how to work with the thinner leather! I made the two-tone wallet for my dad for Father's Day, and the natural colored one was an order from a friend in California. Both are 4-5 oz HO, with 2-3 oz HO interiors. I'd be glad to hear any advice and critiques! -Morgan Here's the other wallet:
  5. Thanks everyone! Unfortunately I didn't take any detail photos before sending it out, but I sandwiched the stiffener between the body and a piece of 4-5 oz on the hip side. I made the stiffener out of some sheet steel I had laying around. I managed to recess the female part of the snap into the 7-8 oz body so it's pretty low profile, and then stiched around it and riveted the stiffener in place. I thought about it but didn't want to put plastic on the holster - I ended up laminating a thin piece of leather over the inside of the snap and feathered it out so it's pretty seamless. Protects the gun just fine and I think looks better than the plastic.
  6. Hey everyone! Been a while since I posted, but in the meantime I got an order for a 1911 pancake holster, first one I’ve made! This was also my first time trying any sort of thumb break, so I made my own stiffener and heat treated it, and it work just like it should. I’d like to hear any feedback y’all have! Cheers, Morgan
  7. I actually just bought a mold for that gun - you can find it on ColdSteel for $25. It is made of hard rubber rather than plastic though so it has a little extra friction, but it still worked great for the holster I made. https://www.coldsteel.com/1911-rubber-training-pistol.html Morgan
  8. That's the idea there! Always looking for another excuse
  9. I'm not too worried about a fast, friction-free draw since I don't do CAS. The belt was mostly for fun but I'll be using one holster or the other on horseback, so I like it to have some retention.
  10. Thanks for the tips here! I'm thinking I'll add some removable strips of 7-8 oz to the inside of the skirt that'll keep it "locked" on the belt.
  11. Thanks for the kind words everyone! No pattern packs, but I built the holsters with help from Jim Simmon's guide, and I took some inspiration from Kirkpatrick Leather. You'd be correct, I wanted to minimize the amount of sliding around as I draw. I think it needs a lot of breaking in though, since the belt still slides up when I draw from my right side..
  12. Hey y’all! Just finished up a ranger style rig for my Cimarron Frontier. I’ve only got the one revolver right now but I made both a crossdraw and strongside holster so I had some options.. Someday I hope to fill them both! The holsters and belt are all made with 7-8 oz and lined with 4-5 oz. I hope to get some feedback on this, always looking to learn and improve. Cheers, Morgan
  13. Thanks! I bet that dog must've been an awful big one! Seems like two equal layers helps it hold it's shape too, done a dog collar like that and it turns out really strong.
  14. Thanks everyone! I hand stitched this one, sure was tedious. I designed the pattern, first one of mine that didn't end up with way too much backgrounding!
  15. Hey everyone, just finished up a belt for myself (at last) and figured I’d share it here! The tooled side is 7-8 oz and the liner is 4-5 oz, both HO. I’d love to hear any feedback that y’all have!
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