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  1. As a side note unless you're used to and handy with a slick horn Latigo socks to dally on. Doesn't grip very well so you have to stack a few extra dallies on to get bigger critters slowed down. Elk hide grips better than Latigo but doesn't last as long as mule. Just my opinion and possibly not worth what you paid for it. Lol
  2. wrapyourwood.com Plenty of different colors to chose from and they sell to working guys all the time
  3. Contact rock creek horsehair you can find them on Instagram or Facebook. Wyoming ranchers that hitch and brand hair on the side they do excellent work and are great people as well
  4. This method works best in the summer but I like to wash the parts with a solution of oxalic acid then place it in full sunlight to dry. While the leather is still warm oil with a good even coat of your favorite oil then a second good coat. Place back in sunlight for a little while if you want it a bit darker also helps even things out. Don't overdo the sunlight usually about an hour is adequate to begin with. Try this on a smaller project to achieve the shade you like before doing a complete saddle. A second method is to use warm neatsfoot oil applied liberally but be careful it's real easy to blotch.
  5. I have the same model splitter. I had a friend at the local machine shop weld a handle on mine using roughly the same design as original. Worked very well and was fairly inexpensive. Fortunately the slot on the inside was still there on one side to get the radius right. As far as thickness adjustments go its mostly trial and error getting the blade level. A feeler gauge would be helpful. This is a great machine though and should serve you well. Congratulations on the find
  6. JHayek

    chap yoke

    Your pattern or mine? Do you need them tooled/stamped or would you be doing that yourself as well. Hard do give an answer without all the info but I might be able to help you
  7. Looks like a good idea. I would personally rope baby calves at most off it. (Tagging) anything bigger than 4 to 6 weeks old might give me some pause though. Should make a good colt saddle though. Just my opinion
  8. Sorry for the delayed response...pictures wit measurements would be very helpful and much appreciated. Please don't go to any trouble or disassemble your splitter though.
  9. I need the adjustment handle. I have considered a machine shop but was hoping to avoid the hassle and expense. I am aware new parts may be non existent but was hoping to locate someone who deals in this equipment that may have old parts or even a handle for a pattern
  10. I have an american 6 inch crank slitter that has a broken handle. Can anyone recommend a source for replacement parts for this machine? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the kind words. Here is a pic of the layout before I oiled it and stitched the loops
  12. This was a little bit of a change for me. Usually just do basket stsmped stuff for this guy but he wanted something a little fancier. I admit I may have gotten carried away but it turned out ok.
  13. Short answer is no. There is really no way to tool flowers in old oiled leather with even satisfactory results let alone being able to achieve the level of detail in your given example. You may be able to "stamp" letters with some success but I woild steer clear of this project
  14. I see there is some confusion about the stitching. I use 277 nylon thead with 2 needles and wax it just like its linen thread. Its a standard lockstich just done with nylon so the look and material is the same as the rest of the saddle. The reference to my cobra 4 is I walk over to the cobra and pull off the amount of thread I need. Hope that clears it up.
  15. Thanks for the comment Keith I appreciate your taking the time to critique it. Look at it now I see what you are saying about the front to back line on the side jockey and I will take that into account on the next one. As far as the skirt and jockey or rear housins are concerned I was trying to cover an oversight in my construction and evidently I missed the mark. I needed to cover the top of the rigging and. I tried to blend the rear and bottom lines to do so but the better fix would have been to raise the rear D about 3/4 on an inch
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