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  1. I just downloaded Leathercraft CAD. Looks pretty good on my first look. Has anyone tried this? Anyone has some thoughts to share?
  2. Well I just ordered my class 14 splitter this past Saturday, I received an email saying they were processing my order but not when it would ship. I hate not hearing anything.
  3. I'm really struggling with pulling the trigger on a class 14. The cost point is negligible between the manual and powered. It's the jump from a Tandy splitter to the 14. 3K. Also I wonder if you can skive with a 14? Probably not worth the headache.
  4. I have an Artisan Toro 4000R. I bought it new some 6+ years ago and its been sitting for approx 5. I moved and my skills have gone from mediocre to crap.To top it off my machine is hanging up in the bobbin something cronic. Sewing doesnt look bad on top but underneath it's a mess. I need some type of troubleshooting assistance badly. Can anyone give me some kind of direction?
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