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  1. Should be happy with it. I was between a Lucris and the Weaver mighty wonder and went with the mighty wonder based on a discount I had with Weaver. Now you just need to have some of your designs made into dies!
  2. Looks good! I've got a knife on bench that a neighbor needs a sheath for right now.
  3. Welcome to the site! I'm not to far from you in, Located in York. Let me know if you ever need anything or help.
  4. I have a 4 ton Weaver Mighty Wonder press and the stamps were made by https://www.augustinedie.com/ @Fraulein
  5. I charge $150 for a typical bifold wallet with no carving done. I've never messed with carving. My thoughts are the average buyer is going to be blown away by the prices we charge for a wallet and in reality they are not your audience. The person who you are trying to sell to typical knows what they want already and knows what to expect for a handmade item when it comes to cost.
  6. Which company did you choose to supply your 441? I just placed an order for a CB4500 from Bob over the weekend. Pumped to learn how to use it and hopefully pick up some efficiencies with bag making. I also picked up the HE Precision Xtreme Narrow Needle Plate and Feed Dog setup and Narrow presser foot setup. Bob is going to be installing these and setting the machine up with 138 thread before shipping out.
  7. Looks awesome! Coasters tend to work out pretty well for gifts and selling. I made coasters as our wedding gift and have done some for a winery as well.
  8. So just wanted to update this thread with where I'm headed. Pretty set on a Cowboy CB4500, more than likely from Bob @CowboyBob. I need to find some time to call him. I was not planning to get the accessory package with it and instead purchase the following: HE Precision #25 Xtreme Narrow Needle Plate & Feed Dog HE Narrow Presser Foot Set HE Left Presser Foot HE Lift Handle Extension Drop down roller edge guide - have not decided which one yet Needles - Schmetz 794 S NM 160 #23 & 24 Needles - Schmetz 794 LR NM 160 #23 & 24 Thread - Amann Serafil in Tex 135 & 210 Extra Bobbins Flattop conversion from Toledo Is there anything else I should look at ordering so I'm ready to get sewing right away? As for the other machines, I am pretty certain a Juki 1541S and a bell skiver will be my next in line. Probably a bell skiver first but it may be awhile since i am interested in the FAV AV2.
  9. Thanks Bob, I had just emailed you earlier this week about purchasing these and sending them to you to install before sending out a 4500 once I get around to ordering one.
  10. Are all of the options interchangeable between a class 4 and cb4500?
  11. Thanks for the information on the 4500. The primary use for the 4500 is going to be for leather bag making with 138/207 thread. Probably average 2 to 3 layers of 5-6oz leather, sometimes thinner sometimes thicker. Would probably get used for belts as well. The nylon webbing talk is further ideas I have floating around in my head currently.
  12. Thanks for links to those videos. I will definitely be watching them shortly. What are you thoughts on the 1541S and sewing nylon webbing for items like dog leashes and collars? Part of me is wondering how the cb4500 with the narrow plate setup and 138 thread would do with with the same nylon webbing for dog leashes and collars.
  13. Been saving for years to buy a sewing machine to mainly help with bag making. Have done so much research that making a decision now has become tough. Originally I was trying to purchase one machine to do it all, which I know is a tough order. Lately I have been contemplating getting 2 machines. I had been set on getting a Cowboy CB4500 and fit it with @RockyAussie narrow needle plate set and run 138 thread through it for bag making. The second machine I’ve recently started looking into it would be for lighter work, I am thinking canvas, 1000D cordura, and thinner leather / leather canvas combo products. This is where I am running into what machine would be good for this. Through my research I’ve come to the Juki 1541 & 1181N and the Consew 206RB 5. From what I’ve read all these machines should hand the thinner leather or canvas fine, but I was unsure about the 1000D cordura material. Any guidance is appreciated. I will also be getting a bell skiver but haven’t decided on which company to purchase from yet.
  14. I've got to ask because I'm intrigued by the shop in the background, what do you guys make?
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