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  1. I've got to ask because I'm intrigued by the shop in the background, what do you guys make?
  2. I used to use strictly tiger in .8 and switched to Vinymo #5 probably 2 years ago. To me Ritza looks more robust and heavy duty, while Vinymo is more clean
  3. So the adjustments and how to properly setup this splitter in my thread worked great for me. And someone even gave a tip to use a Landis Model 30 guide for additional help if needed (practically the same machine). Your adjustment lever at the top being completely broken makes your machine almost useless I would think though. You've lost all adjustment on splitting thinner. How much did you pay for that splitter? I would definitely be looking for my money back, if it was advertised as in working order and no photos of the damage were provided.
  4. For the price of the boots you listed, you are getting what you pay for, $50 boots are for the most part going to be trash and not made from leather. You can either by a new pair of boots every 3-6 months or buy an actual pair of boots and have them for years. I typically buy boots for $200-400.00 and they will all last me years and when the soles wear out you have them resoled.
  5. He emailed me back last night with some pricing and quick information. Told me to give him a call and we could really discuss everything. I plan on giving him call soon. If the call goes well, i think i may try to visit his shop to get some hands on knowledge from him.
  6. I reached out this morning via email to Neel thanks to @TheDavidLeathermanShow post. See what type of response I receive from him.
  7. This isnt a comforting thread to read knowing that I'll be ordering a machine in the next month but was unsure from where. And it seems everyone on my list to look at is mentioned in this thread.
  8. I've been doing leatherwork for 7 years now and have never bought from Tandy. I don't know what you are paying for leather and materials, but you are normally better off buying direct from tanneries. There are other leather supply stores for trying out new leather like RMleathersupply.com or districtleathersupply.com but they can get pricey if buying in small quantities. Wickett & Craig tannery is easy to purchase direct from. Again I don't know where Tandys prices fall but i would assume the quality of their leather is not as good as what you can get elsewhere.
  9. I am currently in the same boat. Started out my research thinking I wanted a class 4 or cb4500 and then after more reading changed to a class 26 / 1341 style machine. Lately with seeing @RockyAussie narrow needle plate and feed dog set, I've been leaning towards the Class 4 / CB4500 again. I figure the majority of my stitching would be in the 8-12oz range, sometimes more, sometimes less. I plan on using 138 thread and would primarily be using the machine to aid in bag making. It seems the narrow needle plate and feed dog set turn these machines into a more versatile option for someone like me that only has the money for one machine. I still plan to handstitch all my small goods and wallets.
  10. This is a long shot but any chance the FAV is still available?
  11. Definitely will following along on this one. Always looking for new ideas on organizing my shop.
  12. Thanks! and to answer your questions, The thread is olive green all the way around. I'm guessing the photo quality from having to shrink my photos to fit on the forum is what is making the thread look orange in the orange sections. Logo design is from an illustrator / tattoo artist up in Canada. He had purchased some of my stuff when i first started out and anymore we just do trades. I'll make him a new wallet and he makes me a new design. below are some of the other designs he's done that i have stamps for.
  13. I don't skive my edges down. I usually am using between 3-4 oz leather for all the wallets I make. I have been playing with thinner leather for the card slots on my traditional bifolds, but I am still happy with the thickness I am currently at. A bell skiver is definitely in my future though.
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