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  1. I don't skive my edges down. I usually am using between 3-4 oz leather for all the wallets I make. I have been playing with thinner leather for the card slots on my traditional bifolds, but I am still happy with the thickness I am currently at. A bell skiver is definitely in my future though.
  2. Thanks! and it is .6mm
  3. Thanks! Here are a couple more I’ve finished recently.
  4. Thanks! That is one of my favorite wallets. So much so that after a month of no one purchasing it, it became my wallet.
  5. I hope to buy a sewing machine soon and a leather skiver. Mostly want the sewing machine to help with bag making and larger items. I still plan to hand stitch all my wallets though. German shepherds have always been my favorite, they are an absolute joy to have around. He sits down in the leather shop with me most evenings and weekends and goes almost everywhere with us. Took him on my honeymoon this May.
  6. Another wallet i have as well. Surprisingly no one has bought it yet.
  7. Thanks! I actually just picked up a Sony A6100 to try an improve my product photography. Going to take some practice but I'm happy with how some of my photos are turning out so far. Nice looking shepherd! Mine just turned 2 the other week!
  8. Thanks everyone! Here is another Bifold wallet I just finished up. Made with Wickett & Craig Natural veg tan.
  9. Not skived, just different thickness used for lining.
  10. Just wanted to post a mixture of my work. Haven't posted much on here, but have been a member for a little while. Feel free to critique them. These are just what I have pictures of currently.
  11. I was just talking about this with my wife the other day. A new "Etsy" site needs to be created for actual handmade items. Etsy is pointless anymore with all the mass produced junk allowed to be posted now.
  12. I literally sent an email to Gregg this morning not knowing this.
  13. I paid up for the weaver & absolutely love it!
  14. https://milwaukeesrd.com/ From my experience, these guys make the most accurate dies. And have the best customer service.
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