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  1. I literally sent an email to Gregg this morning not knowing this.
  2. I paid up for the weaver & absolutely love it!
  3. https://milwaukeesrd.com/ From my experience, these guys make the most accurate dies. And have the best customer service.
  4. Is the plough gauge still available?
  5. Thanks, yeah after further digging I found out it’s probably a Chinese made one. I will end up getting a weaver mighty wonder just trying to find the best price right now. It seems buying from weaver is the most expensive option.
  6. Does anyone have any experience with the BuckleGuy 4 Ton Manual Clicker Press? I've been looking at the weaver Mighty Wonder and then I found the Lucris M A Series 3 and have been checking it out. BuckleGuy's option looks almost identical to the Lucris M A Series 3, am thinking it may be made by Lucris and re-branded for BuckleGuy? Any input in appreciated, Thanks Guys. https://www.buckleguy.com/bg-manual-clicker-press-w-swing-head-4-ton/
  7. Lucris M A Series 3 fits the bill as well. Thanks for that info, could also be an option
  8. Looking to buy a Weaver 4 ton Mighty Wonder Press or similar. Let me know what you have and how much you are looking for. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! After doing a bunch of adjustments it now stopped splitting all the way through, the last couple mm won’t split. I removed the blade and it is already notched to sit deeper. Any idea how much tension should be on the springs? I’ve been thinking of finding someone to cast a new handle in bronze for the adjustment.
  10. Also does anyone know what the spring tension should be or how to set the spring tension properly on the two bottom springs?
  11. Update: I played around with the 2 screws on top on either side and now I have the full adjustment of the gauge back. But.... now the roller alignment is off. Any tips on roller adjustment?
  12. Just acquired a decent American LS440 splitter this week and out of the box will split leather, even before cleaning the blade up. My question is about the leather thickness adjustment at the top of the machine. I can’t get it to go past the 9 on the scale and if I go larger, it will go past the 15 marker. How do you adjust this? When set at 9, the split leather comes out at roughly 4 oz thickness. Additionally how to you level the rollers on it? they are fairly level now but the thinner you go the more you notice one side is thinner than the other. In the attached pictures, I have it set at the smallest I can get the adjustment lever to go.
  13. Looking for a keystone splitter, new or used but in good working condition. Thanks
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