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  1. Hi folks, Ready to move on from my Cowboy 3200, bought from Bob at Toledo Sewing back in June 2018. Lightly used, I never even put a full spool of thread through it. I'm moving on because I'm no longer doing leatherwork so I'm moving into lighter duty machines that work better with smaller thread. I have a variety of attachments including a holster plate, left and right toe feet, a double foot, and I've added a swing down edge guide. I also have a very nice UT3200 flat table from Use Gross, making this an extremely versatile machine for a leatherworker who would like to only have one machine. It's drilled to take a variety of swing-away binding attachments, which are also included. I have two spools of 207 black nylon, 207 white nylon, and 138 black nylon that come with it. I'll let this go for $1900 with all the accessories. Local pickup here in Moscow, ID (near Spokane and Coeur d'Alene). I'll get some pictures tomorrow. In the meantime, you can learn more about this machine here: https://www.tolindsewmach.com/cb3200.html
  2. Hey folks, First let me say thanks to the fine mods for letting a company actually post here. A lot of us are small business folks and many forums are downright hostile toward any type of promotion. I appreciate there is a specific forum for this and that lots of other fine crafts people are on here and can appreciate just how cool it is when you can make your hobby pay. Feeling very grateful today. Since posting about my tape measure clip that I had to have manufactured because I couldn't find a supplier, I've had a lot of other DIY folks come to my site and buy them. Yeah they're pricier than I'd prefer but with free shipping it's basically a wash for me. I'm happy to help support the community and turn over my inventory a little quicker. Today I launched a new holster that's basically a super strong magnet on a belt clip. It's surprisingly useful and extremely powerful. It can hold a gun, large pipe wrench, hammers, handful of nails, etc. Don't put your chisels on there though like I did in testing I decided to put the magnet up on the site as it's a great addition to a tool apron or tool belt and sized specifically to fit a couple Weaver #104 rivets. I use 6/16" for 0.093" Kydex and they work great. Also useful around the workshop or even kitchen. Again, I make almost nothing on these with free shipping, but it gets my volume up and helps out the community. Also YES it's pretty similar to some gun magnets you'll see out there on Amazon (which weirdly you can only buy in sets of two). Actually I think I'm offering it for less and mine uses a more powerful magnet. I tested a bunch of them and didn't like what I found, so again I designed one and had it manufactured. Here's the link: https://holstery.com/products/tool-magnet Best, Josh @ Holstery
  3. Hi @GaryNunn, I had the same question - lots of products with these but the part doesn't seem to be available. I ended up designing my own and having it made out of heavy stainless steel. Now I offer it on my website for DIY too. Just posted with volume discounts, but if you need larger quantities let me know at josh@holstery.com. https://holstery.com/products/tape-measure-holder-clip
  4. Hey @Rylando I'm the guy with them for $7. Open to wholesale with you if you want to chat about it... we can probably work something out. Shoot me an email at josh@holstery.com. These guys are right, it's not a complex part but you won't likely find anything off the shelf that works well. They're really thin and chromed steel usually. That's why mine is custom made 304SS and thick.
  5. Hey folks, this is a pretty old thread but it really seemed to help people out when I followed up on another thread with my tape measure holder. I've been selling some hammer holders for a while and had to have a loop custom made. I couldn't find anything available out there that I thought was very good. I finally got a bit ahead on production so I decided to post them for sale in case anyone else is interested in DIY'ing a hammer belt holder/holster. They're a bit different than the traditional ones... I tried to make them super narrow so they fit easier on a holster. I use them on Kydex but I think they'd work just fine on leather. Sized for Weaver's #104 rivets. Lemme know what you end up making!
  6. @Double Daddy great find on that patent. I was looking in utility patents and didn't find anything. Design patents are actually pretty good protection against folks that would copy the style pretty much exactly, so copycats. Otherwise they're not worth much. On the upside they aren't expensive and they apparently captivate audiences of obscure craft forums... so cheap marketing!
  7. Hi chrisash, good catch! I have several patents and have had substantial training in patent work in my time as an engineer. I think I'm in the clear on this one. Besides the fact that these type of tape measure clips have been around for well more than 20 years (any patent expires after 20 years and the invention becomes part of the public domain), it would be difficult to argue that this type of thing is not "obvious" or any person "skilled in the art" would not have come up with it. But if he DID have a good patent on a tape measure clip I sure hope he would go after Occidental before my tiny side business Also to be clear, my designs are 100% original. Certainly I like to understand where other designs have been disliked by users - I read a lot of online comments as part of my design process - but I don't release a product until I'm satisfied that it's better than anything else out there. So I'm happy to fill just a tiny gap in the leatherworker hardware supplies market for now, at my own risk!
  8. Haha, hi Aaron. Just saw your order come through. I'll get the tape measure holders right out... would love to know what you make with them.
  9. Cool link to that catalog, Double Daddy! I'm gonna check those guys out. I've posted the tape holder clip here if any one is interested.
  10. Hey I know this is an old thread but I make a tape measure holder called the TapeMaster. I had the same problem finding those tape clips so I ended up designing a special one and having it made out of stainless steel. I'm going to post them soon on my site for sale for the DIY crowd but I'd be willing to send you a couple.
  11. Update: I designed my own clip in stainless and had it stamped. Turned out really nice! I've got a few of these and will probably do a volume order if anyone wants to buy a few.
  12. Nice! That's a great distributor and a great industry to be in. Would love to hear how you got started.
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