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  1. Very nice! @benlilly1How do you sell them?
  2. @Hags How do you make the quilted design? I've wanted to do it, but didn't know how.
  3. I bought half of a hide of very thin (2-3oz) veg-tan to make wallet interiors out of. (i.e. the card slots etc.) I want to dye it a nice rich brown before using it. Can I try to dye the whole thing at once, that sounds very hard... Or I was just planning on dyeing each pocket piece individually. What are your recommendations for an even coat? Dip dye? Dauber, Sponge? If you dip dye, how do you hold the piece, because wherever you hold it, it seems the dye wouldn't soak in? All advice would be appreciated!
  4. Would you consider selling just a small bundle of 5-7ish? @Rossr
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