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  1. Really nice , I have a pro petal on my Christmas wish list , hoping Santy comes thru, lol
  2. All three are awesome. That is a very nice border you did on the basket weave sheath. The initial carving is something I wish I could do. I have trouble just stamping letters lol.
  3. rleather

    Air pods case

    I like it. Only I would use a lighter weight thread and run a groove line, to "sink" the stitch so it does'nt ride above the leather.
  4. Very nice, I like that washed or faded look of the rose.
  5. That is one amazing piece of work.
  6. There is a forum Leather Sewing Machines, I would go there and post any questions you might have.
  7. Welcome to the forum, from the horse capital of the world.
  8. Yes, you would have to be legal before selling those images.
  9. You could sell a ton of those at a Comic con event. Those are really nice. Can't wait to see where you take the next set.
  10. The last time Tampa had a direct hit was in 1921, and it was a cat 4. Tampa was under 11 feet of water. What worries me is that the older construction has not been put to the "test", in 100 years. Certainly not up to current hurricane codes.
  11. To all fellow Floridians, STAY SAFE. It looks like Ian has us in it's sights. I hope and pray no where near a cat 4.
  12. Very nice stamping ! That is a well thought out design.
  13. What I suggest, is go ahead and tool the main image. I often find that after I get started , everything falls into place. You get a "feel "for what it needs as you go along. I hope this helps, have fun tooling, and be sure to send pics when done!
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