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  1. Refreshing to see something other than the usual western scene, although your cowboy dude was amazing. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Your tooling, as well as all the projects are very impressive for a beginner. Welcome to the addiction!
  3. Nice lift work. That is a great color choice. I think I must get some briar brown.
  4. The hat and band really belong together! Really a great choice and excellent work.
  5. I just wanted to say thanks for the video, what a great interview with Nigel.
  6. Looks spot on to me! You did an excellent job replicating the original. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Very nice. I really like how you have the picture coming out of the frame. Among one of your best IMO.
  8. Absolutely genius my friend!
  9. I have a knife that needs sharpening, and would like to be your friend lol. Very nice gesture , and nice sheath!
  10. rleather


    Very nice Stewart! You really nailed the flamingo.
  11. Thanks Chuck. It's one of those things you make and forget about. Now that I have it out I need to put it to use.
  12. It has not been used yet, so it is pretty flat.
  13. That is a nice looking belt. Some time ago, I got got a pioneer bag kit from Weaver leather, it was the same water buffalo. It was a stiff leather and will take quite awhile to soften , but when it does it will be one great bag. Be sure and post a pic of the sword belt .
  14. rleather

    Flag Case

    I'm speechless! Really beautiful piece of work. Thanks for sharing with us from beginning to completion. Your choices along the way, proved to be the right ones imo.
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