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  1. rleather

    phone case

    Great idea.
  2. rleather

    phone case

    Look's great, the resist turned out real clean. I like the design of the snap closure, have not seen that type b-4. Does it have a belt loop or clip ? I think I see a loop but can 't tell for sure, thanks for sharing !
  3. I also really love the color combination, it speaks classy.
  4. Thanks for posting a very interesting article, it certainly got me up to speed on how terms have changed.
  5. rleather

    Fishing Alone

    My my if it is'nt Mr. Jeff Thorogood!
  6. rleather

    Fishing Alone

    I know of a few of those cypress spots . I live a block off the Oklawaha in Marion County. You certainly captured the moment well, thanks for sharing.
  7. rleather

    Chink Chaps for My Sisters

    Laura and Sarah are blessed to have you as their big brother. Magnificent work as usual, and a pleasure to see, thanks for sharing.
  8. rleather

    My machines

    Good One, billybopp.
  9. rleather

    New guy from Tucson.

    Check out some of Ryan's work, if you haven't yet. The young man is on his way to becoming a master craftsman. Maybe you two will cross paths. Welcome aboard!
  10. rleather

    New from the Midwest

    Make sure it has a servo motor and a speed reducer. Welcome aboard!
  11. rleather

    How to get this color?

    I would say your first thought is correct. It is natural veg. The recessed parts are capturing the stain. Depending on the exposure or lack thereof , veg tan can change shades easily from light, dirt, water, oils in your skin, and on and on and on. But I have seen and used that very shade, or close to it, in the past. I'm not sure but I want to say it was a Calcutta, but don't hold me to that. If you look around you can find a "clean light color" veg tan. Try the folks (Rusty) at Springfield Leather. Kevin is still owner but has handed it over to Rusty. Talk to them and maybe send the pic to them. They have been good to me, good luck.
  12. rleather

    Seats and Door Panels

    Simply amazing! I dare say truly a one of a kind piece of art.
  13. rleather

    tan kote

    Just type in tan kote in the search box, it will bring up several pages on the subject.
  14. Lucky dogs! Great work, the colors really POP!
  15. rleather

    Robert Beard Pro Series ALB stamps?

    They appear to be background tools.