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  1. Gets pretty fancy in the shire! I've got to try that bleed knot sometime, really nice work Frodo.
  2. Springfield does carry the same 4 ton clicker from weaver. If you look at the listing it shows their name on the clicker. I doubt they actually make the machine themselves,. Whoever makes it most likely customizes it with the logo for the customer. Springfield carries a Craftplus clicker that states up to 4 tons at 799.00. This is a new item they started to carry. They have a YT video where they are using it . If your not doing huge , huge business it would work for most of us on the forum. The video is DIY earrings with Liz. They demo it with veg tan stacked pretty thick, I cant remember the oz. they used but I think it was over 10 oz. I hope this helps.
  3. Which marks are you referring to? The numbers are for the original size of the hide they sold. Can you post a better pic (maybe larger) ?
  4. rleather

    Christmas gifts

    Really nice work, I love the background work on the fourth one. Merry Christmas to you as well!
  5. I haven't bought from them in about a year, just for that very reason. Their shipping is higher than others for like products and shipping distance. I hope they lower the shipping, because I miss buying from them , they used to be my sole source.
  6. Nice work on the wood grain of the cross. The vine adds not only meaning but also depth and detail to your work. Great job! Rick.
  7. I can't imagine what you might tweak, looks great!
  8. 3/4 OZ leather and try looking at Weaver leather they are sponsors of Corter leather . Corter has free patterns you can access on Weavers site. They are not free on there own site. I hope this helps.
  9. Yes pictures would help to answer your question.
  10. rleather


    I have bought from them once. I got line 20 and 24 snaps. A few did not work, but for the price and the overall quality I would buy again. They shipped fast and that was during the beginning of the shut down. Give it a go!
  11. All I can say is AWESOME! And nice buckle choice.
  12. Sam said you forgot to show the blade. Nice sheath!
  13. Not a fan of tucking my pants inside of boots, but I definitely would with those. Amazing !
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