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  1. Chuck, man is that beautiful!
  2. That is one nifty sheath . I like the design, and choice of stitching. Even when I wear gloves I still get the dye, stain on my hands.
  3. A beautiful piece of work!
  4. I must agree, does not take long to knock them out, once you get the process down. I have probably made close to 5 to 6 hundred of these over the years.
  5. rleather


    Making them yourself will give you so much joy and satisfaction, you won't regret diving in. Be sure and let us know how you are progressing, and welcome from Fla.
  6. You nailed one of the most difficult, imo, parts and that is the eyes. Really a very nice project!
  7. It has been a while since I did any carving. Here are a couple of quick pancakes hot off the 'griddle".
  8. Very nice work. In English it would be natural. I will have to visit Conchos.com , thanks for the info.
  9. All I can say is classy.
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