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  1. rleather

    Hello all

    I'm glad that you are returning to something you love to do, I think you will find it will all come back quickly, welcome aboard.
  2. rleather

    Lots of tooled belt pouches

    What's not to like? Great job , love the depth of the tooling.
  3. rleather

    new skinner and sheath

    Awsome! You nailed both the knife and sheath.
  4. rleather

    Dieselpunk backpack with skull and scrolls

    You need to get out of the cz more often, you made an awesome project. When that gets into public view, get out pen and pad and be ready to take orders! It will attract attention for sure. Is that Fiebing's Oxblood dye? It's a tricky color to work with for me, yours looks great! Thanks for sharing.
  5. rleather

    Mens Roper wallets

    Looks great! What color is the brown one, walnut? Looks close to the color I use on my sheaths! You are light years ahead of where I was at six months. I got the bug in the 70"s and still enjoy it !
  6. rleather

    Vietnam Vet checkbook/wallet

    Hi KAY9, Welcome aboard! What DJOLE said. The angle determines the width and depth of the bevel. IMO a more narrow bevel looks sharper, depending on the project. But the main thing is practice , practice , practice. It is all new to you and you finished your first project . If you are honest and look at what you have done , you have to say wow did I really make that! Be proud of what you have accomplished. And no it did not turn out terrible! We can't wait to see your next project, thanks for sharing.
  7. rleather

    phone case

    Great idea.
  8. rleather

    phone case

    Look's great, the resist turned out real clean. I like the design of the snap closure, have not seen that type b-4. Does it have a belt loop or clip ? I think I see a loop but can 't tell for sure, thanks for sharing !
  9. I also really love the color combination, it speaks classy.
  10. Thanks for posting a very interesting article, it certainly got me up to speed on how terms have changed.
  11. rleather

    Fishing Alone

    My my if it is'nt Mr. Jeff Thorogood!
  12. rleather

    Fishing Alone

    I know of a few of those cypress spots . I live a block off the Oklawaha in Marion County. You certainly captured the moment well, thanks for sharing.
  13. rleather

    Chink Chaps for My Sisters

    Laura and Sarah are blessed to have you as their big brother. Magnificent work as usual, and a pleasure to see, thanks for sharing.
  14. rleather

    My machines

    Good One, billybopp.
  15. rleather

    New guy from Tucson.

    Check out some of Ryan's work, if you haven't yet. The young man is on his way to becoming a master craftsman. Maybe you two will cross paths. Welcome aboard!