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  1. What you are looking for is called milled leather. Try Springfield leather they may have it, good luck!
  2. rleather


    One vote for keeping it! You will regret it if you don't. It ain't scrap no more lol.
  3. rleather

    Florida Orange

    Now you had to go and mess up a perfectly good post, by dissing my Noles! That sure is a wonderful Fla snowman. Just checked the temp and it is 59 here in Eureka ,FL. You might want to keep him in the freezer lol. Have a merry Christmas!
  4. Chuck, some people just don't get it and never will. Ride on brother.
  5. That is beautiful. I think Jim would say so as well.
  6. I came home from work yesterday, and the house was infested with gnomes, lol. I thought I would share our Christmas tree topper. Does anyone have an interesting tree topper they would like to share, to get us in the spirit of the season? I wish all good health and a safe end of the year.
  7. Wow, that could pass as a picture taken a few years back. I can see you making a few $$ sketching family pets. I see alot of edc applications. You have a real talent.
  8. Welcome back! There seems to always be something or someone that brings us all back to the craft. It appears that you still have the touch. The tooling is not bad for being away that long. I have found that it gets more and more satisfying as time goes by.
  9. rleather

    belt bag thingy

    I still stand by my first comment, while this may not be yours , you have come up with some really great ideas.
  10. rleather

    belt bag thingy

    Nice dragon scales. I bet that took awhile. I wish I had the creative "flow" for idea's that you have. Thanks for sharing.
  11. rleather

    New Wallet

    Nice step out of the box on your design.
  12. rleather

    Cz holster

    The retention would most likely be how tight you wear the belt, that is how the pancake design works. Or I may be completely wrong. The tooling is beautiful
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