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  1. rleather

    I made a hat

    Very nice , I bet that took awhile. I think it looks great, your the only one that is going to be nitpicking it , we all love it!
  2. Nice design, I always have liked contrasting stitch colors. The overlay with the bear is an awesome addition. Your work is appreciated and thanks for sharing.
  3. The works cleaners have a lot of acids in them , may not be the best solution , I personally would not use it as a rust remover. You also have to be careful of skin and eye contact, and it does have fumes. I am glad for this thread my tools are way over due for a rust cleaning. Living in the Florida humidity really is hard on steel. I think I will try Evaporust. Thanks for the post.
  4. I have used deer without any issues. You should be able to use pig , grain side up, without it scratching.
  5. You made a good choice going with leatherstampmaker.com. They made me a steel rule die and it is an awesome time saver. Been using it for a little over a year and is as sharp as the day I got it. I was happy with the quality and price. They had it to me quick. I highly recommend anyone giving them a try.
  6. It really turned out quite well. I can only imagine how awesome it is going to look when it starts to patina.
  7. Very,very nice work . What paints and finish did you use and how many coats? Thanks for sharing.
  8. rleather

    Pink Skull Bag

    That is awesome , nice to see a different type of bag. Angelus has some really nice colors, I was gifted a set at Christmas
  9. They are rapidly increasing in number, could someday pass up the gators in the glades. Just last night in the news one had a gator in a death grip.
  10. rleather

    Cocktails and Dinner

    Most definitely on that cat's mind for sure. Another fine project!
  11. Really nice. I like the tone of the sun tanned look. I left a card wallet in my truck and it got sun tanned, I can't dye or stain one as well, lol. I think the design shape is awesome, thanks for sharing.
  12. Been listening to Mudcrutch .
  13. You may want to PM Wizcrafts , he is the expert and go to source for all things sewing machines (IMO) on the forum. Good luck with your sale!
  14. My my that is some tasty lookin vittles.
  15. Awesome moc's. Since you can only wear one pair at a time I would like to be put into the rotation,lol.
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