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  1. On the pear shaping and beveling. First the pear. Do you stamp each depression? I saw a video that looks like the person was dragging by hand. I assume the idea is to bring out the edge. If you use the camouflage stamp first it seems some of the marks will get blotted out. Now, the beveling. You are working with a V formed from the swivel knife. Do you only bevel the outside? How far away from the cut do you bevel? The angle of the tool itself?
  2. I'm practicing on scrap leather. I tried angling the slits at about 45 degrees. The top of one slit- lines up pretty close to the bottom of the next slit. There is a parallel space at an angle between the slits and about 1/16th wide. It SEEMS the leather is strong enough to have the slits that close. This puts the wraps very close together. In looking at the old photos of holsters, I think the slits may be a little less wide than the rawhide lace. If the rawhide is wet, maybe it comforms to the slightly more narrow slit.
  3. Thanks- not to answer my own question but in looking at some holsters with laced edges- I was using a straight tool to punch the slits, I know there are angled slit punches and I didn't realize but I think the angled slits position the lace so it is close together.
  4. I have so far in my leather work only stamped a border on my holsters, etc. Now I am getting into carving leather and I need a floral template for a holster for the above, 5" barrel. This will be a very simple pouch and a tab that folds in back and sewn- for a belt. Not a skirt as in a standard "Loop" holster. I want to use lace on the edge. I could try to work out a pattern but as a beginner a template would make it a lot easier. All help appreciated. On lacing, I am using the Tandy Leather Craft book that has single, double and triple. I thought years ago I saw holsters where the lace covered the entire edge without all the "build up" involved with Tandy's Double and triple stitch- but I may be wrong.
  5. Okay, took the plunge and made the square that is in Tandy's leathercraft manual. It actually came out a lot better than I thought it would. On the shade/pearing- I need to get that deeper and on the beveling- better at that. The swivel knife cuts to start and the decorative cuts at the end- those went pretty good, as did the stamp work. I've done a lot of border stamp work etc. In any event, I think I'll keep making the exact same pattern from the Tandy book until I get it right. I really enjoyed it.
  6. Okay, a trick of the trade. On a repetitive border stamp I took a short square piece of wood, 1/2" x 1/2" and 4" long and drilled a hole midway and epoxy glued the stamp. This gave me a very good sense of the tool being in line as I stamped. Sort of crazy but it worked for me. I like historical holsters, etc. and years ago a fish scale pattern was common so I have done the fish scale and it is actually fairly easy, I was surprised the basket weave requires more skill to look right.
  7. I just use the gun, oil it, baggie it, wrap aluminum foil, another baggie, You might want to add padding in certain areas, another couple of baggies. It isn't the exact fit you see on some holsters but pretty good and I've never had a gun rust so far. If I was making a lot of holsters of the same size- I'd do a model.
  8. I really like the look of Sheridan carving but other than the Sheridan being one color, what is the difference between Sheridan and regular Floral carving?
  9. I'm having trouble stamping a good looking basket weave. I do a cross line and stamp along that but then the next lines get out of line and in the cross wise direction the lines don't match. Any tips? Are there any basket weave stamps that make the job easier. I thought doing a basket weave pattern would be easy- not so. (at least for me)
  10. Davm

    Swivel Knife

    Thanks everyone
  11. I've always used stamps since I figured that carving was beyond my skill level but now I want to give it a try. I need a pastime that doesn't cost a lot. With leather carving I can spend a lot of time on a small piece of leather. I make knife sheaths and handgun holsters so that is my focus. What are the easiest for beginners/ Floral? Leaves/acorns? Thanks for any help.
  12. Davm

    Swivel Knife

    I have a swivel knife that doesn't seem very sharp. Tandy model. I bought a clamp on guide for sharpening but I don't seem to be able to get it very sharp. If you are supposed to strop the edge thn I am assuming you need it very sharp. Any help appreciated.
  13. Well gave it a try, same as usual- On the exposed area if you scribe a line, etc.- looks okay but on the other side- I personally have trouble getting the holes lined up straight and it looks really bad. You have to know your limitation, for me, best to leave it off. It's like a bad engraving job on metal- nothing looks worse. I asked in case there was a tip on doing it. It seems to be more "art" than anything else. Chuck? Where in WY. Family from Lusk/Douglas, Great Uncle in Laramie..
  14. I fly fish. What about a leather tube case for the rod?
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