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  1. FrenchMich

    Mohair rope

    Hi Friends, My request is not for leather, but for mohair rope for cinch. It's very difficult to find it in Europe, and the few dealers which sale that are very expensive. Therefore I'm looking for American sellers which are ready to sell in France. If you could a few adress, I would be grateful. Mich'
  2. as with each realization, good job my friend. Very clean and well finished. greeting from France Mich'
  3. Hello, I'm looking for Mc Clellan style saddle trees maker . Here (in France) is not possible to find it. if you could help me that would be cool. Thanks for advance and take care all of you Mich'
  4. Thank you very Much, I didn't have this information. It will be very helpful
  5. OK, It was HO leather or the new brand? I'm working with Weaver Leather compagny for 20 years, I always have the same interlocuteur, and for the moment I didn't have any problem. Any way, it's more and more difficult to have good leather. In France, we can have very good and very nice leathers but there are no adapted for the carving. Leathers are not dry enough and it's no good to keep forms.
  6. Hello, The grades are not written behind the hide. There is only the Hermann OAk Brand, and the surface in square feet. The grade is established depending of number of defects and the dimension of surfaces having an appearance defect. These Grades are definded at the end of the process. I know that since the change of shareolders and of the Head Managment, in France, we have a lot difficulties to get a real A grade. They sale for a A grade a B grade or worse. I tried to write to the sales department, but I only had very evasive answers. I don't order anymore directly at the HO french represantative, I order at Weaver Leather in whom I have complete confidence and which send me the real quality I ordered. All this to say I like carve this leather, but it's become very difficult to trust this firm. Mich'
  7. Hello, Thank you veru much but there is still work to make it perfect. But your congratulations are encouraging. Mich'
  8. Thank you very much Guys, Hi Phil
  9. Last pair of Reining Chaps, With scrolling, filigree and a few of synthétic diamonds
  10. Hello, A Leather Picture Frame with Sheridan-inspired carving. For Christmas...
  11. Hello, Some main critics : Your flap is too short, It could be better if it's was longer to have your carving in a flat surface (not on the radius of the fold). Moreover with the stiffness of leather, it will be easier to keep it closed. Edges lack of finshing with burnisher and you must tame your edger (too much irregular) and insist more on the interior faces. Concerning the carving my opinion is : - It's missing a stop line between the and of carving and your sew. Presently, it's your sewing line which stop your carving. - It looks like you don't used beveler? It lack of volum, mostly inside the flower. if you improve these few items at first, the result will already be different Mich'
  12. 11 Reply when there is nothing to show. Finally I think I'll stop of posting pictures, it's more efficient to have feedback and criticism. LOL
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