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  1. Hello, Some main critics : Your flap is too short, It could be better if it's was longer to have your carving in a flat surface (not on the radius of the fold). Moreover with the stiffness of leather, it will be easier to keep it closed. Edges lack of finshing with burnisher and you must tame your edger (too much irregular) and insist more on the interior faces. Concerning the carving my opinion is : - It's missing a stop line between the and of carving and your sew. Presently, it's your sewing line which stop your carving. - It looks like you don't used beveler? It lack of volum, mostly inside the flower. if you improve these few items at first, the result will already be different Mich'
  2. 11 Reply when there is nothing to show. Finally I think I'll stop of posting pictures, it's more efficient to have feedback and criticism. LOL
  3. Hi Pinecone, I didn't see in your profile you live in Greece. At these prices they are little resellers and I don't Know if they Speak English and if they accept to send abroad. I can send to you the email of my major dealer And/or I can buy and send it for you.
  4. In France, we can find this kind of leather enough easily. I think it's a drummed cow skin (to bring out the graininess and soften the skin). I don't know if it's a good translation, I use Translate google for some translations. In French, we say ''Cuir foulonné''. The Foulon is a drum within which the dried hides are rotated to make the ''cuir foulonné'' but it also used for wet leather. Here this kind of leather is upholstery (furniture) skin (peau d'ameublement). It approximately measures 55 sq/ft. I don't know if it could be interesting to buy it here for USA, we can find it for US4.5$ per Sq/ft (US250$ per hide more shipping cost). Phew ... difficult exercise, I'm sweating Mich' PS : please let me know if you understand what I wrote
  5. Hi Jesse, You never shown me this one, I had never seen it. As usual, very clean and very nice finish. A lot of volume effect. Mich'
  6. Hello Matt The proof that we should never be too assertive. I didn't know and I again learned something. Thanks for that. Mich'
  7. Matt, Every body here use US inch (25,4 mm)Blanchard included.
  8. Jcuk, I didn't know this abbreviation but in Europe we also work with the same system and all the leather tools as Stitching claws are in SPI too. I'm happy to know this detail thank you Mich'
  9. Hello, I know it's an old post, But I'm looking for sheet metal part to make motorcycle old school saddle. I you can help me and if you had some adress it would be cool. Mich'
  10. Sorry, but can I ask you what is it ''SPI''?
  11. I master these areas of engineering quite well but the English is not my native language and it's not easy to to me to follow this kind of conversation. I'm afraid to write nonsences whitch will be misinterpreted. I don't refuse progress when it brings, I'm not reactionary. In France, we say that Vergez uses ''an iron to shoe a donkey'' It's a French expression to describe the tinplate very slack.I still have some old Balnchard awls that I preciously keep but it was other thing. What I can say, the Jerome's awls come directly from machining, it is a very high quality steel and they can be used directly without any preparation. That's right, it should not be dropped on hard ground under penalty of break it. Jerome made me some special longuer awls and sew a cheyenne roll with become a real pleasure. Everyone does as they like Mich' PS : I still have some recent Vergez-Blanchard awls and handles (new and no prepared). I won't use it anymore and if somebody want, I'm ready to send him it free.
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