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  1. What are you left with? I live i French but I can have a friend address in USA and he will send to me it
  2. Personally, I never use belly for a swell cover. But in any case, you need to obtain lengthening in this area and in this area only, without lengthen the bottom (a leather lengthened can no longer shrink, the necking is not possible). For that, I work my leather by the reverse by pushing back the material with round tool. Moreover I don't work the gullet (front and rear) at the beginning, it allows to distribute and absorb a few of folds. But, this is my technic and there is several schools for that and it depend too of the leathers used which may behave differently. I'm not a big saddle maker I only made a few western saddles and a lot of good repairs during the 10 last years. So if some real saddle makers pass here thanks to be cool and forgiving. Mich'
  3. Thanks John, I already looked with these three trees maker, but nothing. I don't know Randy and I don't speak well enough to call him. If you want do that for me? Oltoot, Thank you too, but idem. No Mc clellan
  4. nobody knows? 112 views and no answer. No ideas?
  5. Thank you Tom, The ''bouche pores" is not a mastic , it's a fluid filler which clogs leather pores.
  6. Hello All, A friend of mine are looking for Macclellan saddle trees. I did several researches on the web, but without success. Wood or synthetic no matter, if you had an address it would be cool. Thanks for advance Mich'
  7. I misspoked, I'm looking for the translation for ''bouche pores'' it's a product which clogs the pores of the leather to make it waterproof and at the same time, gives it a slightly satin appearance. For that, I use a French Product originally intended for wood treatment. It's nammed Matine Luxor of the Brand Surgand. Thanks Bob
  8. Hello, My last job, a pair of spurs straps. I got inspired from a design of Bob Park (I could almost say I copied it ... Sorry Mister Park please excuse me). After Carving and before assembly After assembly. Buckles and conchos are from CONCHOS.COM Leather is two layers of 8/9 Oz Natural stamping and molding straps Hermann Oak without color, only ''bouche pores'' in French, I don't know the name in English (if somebody can help me?)
  9. I definitively adopted DMT stones since 10 years. Very effective, good durability, always very flat, it's still the same set and I'm using it each day. I have a black, blue, red and green with that and the strop, I do a perfect sharpening. The sharp of my tools is redoubtable
  10. You have chance to having a very rich culture in this area with several floral styles from several origins and eras. Each style has his codes. From France, there is very difficult to find books which talk about these subjects. Personally, I have hade the chance to write a lot of articles for the Western French Press, for that, I interviewed all the membres of the TCAA (among others) and when I need some know ledge about the leather carving origine I ask to them. I think it's easier for your to go at the source of information. It's a very intersting subject, I didn't see if if it has already been treated here, but in any case I'm interested. Mich'
  11. Give me your postal address by personal message and I'll send you all you need
  12. Hello Klara, Only a Swivel, some bevelers and maybe some backgrounders to give contrast around. And to have more precision in spikes a little tool like Craftool A104 slightly refined. If you want, I can carve one to send you to have an example.
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