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  1. Hello Jcut and all, I know Abbey, but since you left Europe It's more difficult for us to buy in England, shipping cost are more expensive than those to bring from USA. Moreover the exchange between our currencies is to our disadvantage. But, it's not the problem. you will say that I am complicatedn The Russet is too soft, and it's the same for wickett and Craig which is drummed (trumbled?) leather. I already tried it. I'm very satisfied with Hermann Oak when I receive quality sides. But it's the problem. In any case, thank you very much for all your help and your ideas. Mich'
  2. I essentially work about chaps, I made a few of western saddles, only for our personal needs. There is some examples of my work on this forum. If you want I can post some pictures of saddles.
  3. Yes there is HO Brand but It's a ''tooling molding strap'' and the colour is always a little more white than skirting. And maybe it's also due of the lighting of my workshop.
  4. I know them very well, they are two good friends of mine. Jean-Luc use the same supplier than me. I call to Pedro each week and we have a lot of exchanges. I don't have their reputation and not the same considération and and they aren't served the same. When I said I 'll ask of a friend to call to HO, I was thinking to Pedro. I know too all the saddlemakers of TCAA, because I wrote sevaral articles about them for a French Westen Magazin for more of 15 yaers. Yes I think
  5. It's the reason why I'd like speak with a responsable of HO. But I can't do that I don't have level in English. I have some friends who are saddlemaker in USA, maybe I'll ask to them to inquire.
  6. I systematically order "A" grade, and in any case that is what my supplier claims to deliver to me.
  7. I totally agree with that too. When Hermann was a family business, I had the email of Mr Hermann and when I had problem he quickly found a solution for me. Even if I'm a toddler client. I try to make a quality job, and I loos all my efforts because of leather quality. From France, It's very complicated and leathers here are not adapted for carving and western saddlery. For your information, a Hermann OAk Tooling and molding strap 10/11 here is 430 € (currently 1€=1$) Mich' Ps: When I buy my Ho Leather through Weaver Leather, I have no problem
  8. It's the authorized dealer for Europe... << Telling a customer to take it up with the manufacturer isn't the best approach.>> I absolutely agree with that. I can't call to Hermann OAk, my level is too low. I speak, I manage in writing but my listening is not good. The only one answer i received few months ago told that I don't know use the HO leather... Anyway, thank you for your feedback.
  9. Hello All, Just a question about Herman Oak leather. I'd like to know if some of you has problem with Herman Oak Leather. Since few years, when I order some side in French dealer I receive material which which no longer corresponds at tha previous quality. My dealer tell me it's A grade, while there is a lot of defects on the side, the flanc part is biger and really soft (straight to the trash). And more the grain (flower ? I don't know the name in English)of leather is very brittle. It plugs the holes of my Bargrounders and the result is shitty. Result of my job of this morning My tools during the background What I get with good leather My supplier told explains to me that it's not his fault and to directly see with HO factory (they don't answer me). I think that, maybe my supplier lies to me and he send me all his waste. Please, tell me if you have the same problems. Mich'
  10. Oh you speak about that. Effectively, some seeders of the tool was clogged by parts of leather and with my bad eyesight, I seen that too late. Good observation
  11. Dear all, Thank you for your compliments. The border tool is a D434 Tandy Craftool I modified. I add a little imprint with a round file at the center and I don't lean it against the line. This is what gives this scalloped effect. Normaly, it keep more the color, but.... Have a nice sunday Mich'
  12. Hermann OAk Leather, Sheridan Brown Fiebing's Antique and Neat Lac Finish
  13. Thank you very much, but I'm not Sir, Only Mich' from a little beginner from France . I know several real artists and the gap theyr level end mine is ernormous... Long is the road, but I love this way.
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