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  1. Return customer asked for a mid length wallet and belt combo with his bands name and color. He asked for a purple fabric liner however I was able to change that to a little left over suede from a previous job. 5 card slots with a bill flap and receipt pocket behind the cards. Your thoughts, critiques and comments are always appreciated "Eat The Knife" in black with purple
  2. After seeing that chest, I now know why a good chest cost so much. Great job. The use of the different wood really sets it off.
  3. I am not sure what you mean by the stitching looking not good. It looks pretty good for someone just starting out, it loos a lot better than some of my first stitches. I really like the color and simple tooling work very well on this wallet. The tooling is something you just need to keep practicing on, there are a lot of free tutorials on line (YOUTUBE) two of my favorites are Mr. Don Gonzales and Mr. Bruce Chaney. Like Sturme said the liner can be very thin, I often use fabric for liners to help keep the bulk down. A good source for inexpensive liner leather is old purses I find at swap meets thrift stores. I also buy new bandannas and use those. Keep up the good work ,
  4. Yeah typo, I meant the 3200. Thanks for the offer of help, I think the stitching issues came from lack of forward planing. I ended up having a hard time keeping it under the presser foot. That caused it to wander a little. I learned a little more that day.
  5. You may have missed the part where I wrote "your thoughts and comments always welcome" I'm not pandering for anything except input from others that like to work with leather. First lets agree that "aesthetics" is a personal point of view, your likes may not be the same as mine. I like the tooling, I like the two tone, I like that I tried to build a purse and I don't like the stitching. At 63 years old it takes a lot to Hurt my feelings and you're honest critique sure isn't going to do it, it won't even move the needle.
  6. I want to try sewing small exotics into wallets, belts and what not, but I need to learn more about these skins. I see glazed and non glazed lizard skins for sale, My question is can the non glazed be dyed and or oiled? Thanks in advance.
  7. I have nothing to add that will help. I just want to say JLS's humor is twisted, inappropriate and at times demented just like mine.
  8. That's a great looking sheath. I'll be there, taking a class on the 25th
  9. I have the 3200 as my first machine and it is great. With that said I found a used flat bed machine for wallets. The 3200 wants to sew heavy leather and wallets can be a challenge on them. If your main sewing need is for wallets and such, let me recommend a nice flatbed for your first machine. Wizcrafts has posted a fantastic thread on sewing machines read it here. My PFAFF 145 (n) will eat 8 oz all day and is a dream on lighter wallet work. This is only my opinion and worth every penny you paid for it.
  10. Looks well done from here. I'm going to add a hot rod gas pedal I've had for many years to the replace the go pedal on my pfaff 145
  11. That looks amazing, I've never made anything like this but I can appreciate the work involved in just getting the compound curves to fit right. Nice job
  12. My golf partner asked me to make a purse for his wife in time for her birthday. Now I have a habit of biting off more than I can chew, so I said I'd be honored. I'm not too proud to say that this one taught me a few hard lessons during the construction phase. All in all I'm happy with the final product and she loves it., Lined with green fabric in her favorite shade of green with a zippered pouch. 8/9 oz body and straps, hand tooled with craftaid pattern. Sewn on Cowboy 2300, and some hand stitching, 207 thread 16X12X3 You thoughts and comments always welcome.
  13. I have always wanted a SA wheel gun so I picked up a Cimarron Pistolero in .45lc. a couple of months ago. It's been sitting in my safe waiting for me to get in wrapped in leather and I finally got to it. Well mostly, I still need to treat the edges. My version of a basic natural tan, single layer of 10/12 veg tan holster with one layer of 8/9 with a 4/5 liner. Single run loops riveted between each of the loops. Sewn on a Cowboy 3200, 277 thread. Your thoughts and helpful critiques always welcome.
  14. Hi from California, all I've been doing is learning from these fine folks.
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