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  1. Honestly I didnt really keep track, worked on it off and on since the middle of December I think. Maybe 100hours or so if counting the design process on paper before touching any leather
  2. I originally got into this kind of leather work for personal use to wear at fairs and festivals, and I love designing and crafting armor. While I admire the craftmanship I just could never get into the usual bags, belts, wallets, etc.. I've tried it and always got bored to death. After getting into the craft though i found out theres actually a huge market for it both in the US and abroad for folks like me who use it for festivals, cosplay, etc.. as well as guys who do reenactments and such.
  3. Thank you! And honestly in the long run idk, shes worn it a couple of times already and had no issues. I'm pretty new to armor making, but it seems rather common to have straps on the side under the arm from what I've seen in other makes. Thank you very much!
  4. Thanks, It was quite the task, but tons of fun. Appreciate it folks
  5. Well it's been nearly a year since I first got into leather working. This is my most recent project, a leather cuirass with a matching oversized belt.
  6. Thanks! Just 8-9oz veg tan dyed show brown
  7. A recent set of bracers I completed with a hand cut and hammered steel plate guard.
  8. Recently got into leather working a month or two ago and I love it! Here's a few projects I've completely thus far.
  9. Hey guys looking for some advice on how to create an artificial aging effect on thicker (7oz+) veg-tanned leather. Similar to what this craftsman has done with a lot of his products https://www.etsy.com/listing/609005239/thorins-leather-bracers-lord-of-the?ref=shop_home_active_1 . Any advice would be appreciated.
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