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  1. Really nice work, I especially like the bottom one in the first pic.
  2. Killer bench! Haven’t seen an iPod like that in a while...
  3. Oops. It shows. From one American to another, let me tell you that one of the most beneficial things I’ve ever done for myself is spend time talking and listening to folks from elsewhere. Try it, especially the listening part.
  4. I like that finish a lot too. Picks up the light but not overly glossy. Nice job, looking forward to the second pic.
  5. @chuck123wapati, you’re bringing up other subjects, but you haven’t answered the question. Since you’re concerned about redistribution of wealth, tell me whether Trump’s tax cuts helped or hurt. @JLSleather, your focus on the size of the cod piece of the guard in your story told me more than anything else you said.
  6. You’re right - that’s much better. Makes the proportions look much more right. Nice job.
  7. Keep that up and you’ll definitely know what you’re doing! Nice work.
  8. Obviously, that’s why you use an insult for one side and not the other. Take a look at real tax and economic policies - not rhetoric - and get back to us on this. Start with the redistributional effects of Trump’s tax cuts.
  9. Glad to have you here, @MsEdna - looking forward to seeing your work.
  10. Went on a day trip yesterday with my family, figured we’d cross the Cascades and see a little sunshine. Had a great drive up and over Snoqualmie pass, out to Wenatchee, then up past Lake Chelan and on up the Columbia River. Snow, sun, hills, water - what a sight. Deer, too - on a ridge across a valley, on a hillside right next to us, and then, yes, bounding across the road in the dark on our way home as I stomped on the brakes and slammed into the poor doe. The van is totaled it seems, but the one dog and five humans in the van are all fine. We found a hotel and had a heck of a time this morning 250 miles from home coordinating getting us all out of a town with no rental agencies and only one bus trip out per day. Home safe now and reflecting on how grateful I am that we’re all fine, and together. A simple reminder that life is short and can change in a heartbeat. Hug your loved ones and speak your love for them aloud.
  11. Your attention to detail on this is absolutely top notch. Design, tooling, coloring, stitching, all the boxes are checked. Really nice work.
  12. I stand corrected! Just goes to prove what Abraham Lincoln said, these days you really can’t believe everything you see on the internet.
  13. Yes, my reliable friends forwarded me this information as well and it’s supposed to be top secret so I’ll only say it here on the internet in public but the underwater base has nice views of the Loch Ness monster swimming outside (if you can tear your eyes away from Hillary’s emails which of course have been printed as wallpaper). I hear Elvis has some killer new tunes he’s been trying out in the cantina there as well. Remember, none of the MSM will report on this and if you see a fact checker denying it you should believe it all the more.
  14. Excellent. That’ll outlast the kindle for sure.
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