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  1. Retswerb


    That’s great, Ferg! Glad to hear it. One down, one to go!
  2. Retswerb

    Tandy Doodle Pages

    Just following up here with the link, I don’t know if it’s all of them but there are sure a lot - and all still free for now:
  3. Retswerb

    Vertical Wallet free pattern

    Nice! Thanks for sharing the pattern.
  4. Retswerb

    fire fighter helmet tag

    If they’re selling, you’re not over charging. Keep it up!
  5. Retswerb

    A Collaboration on a Cane

    YESSSS! I’d love to see this in person, looks like it came out great. It’s been fun to follow this project, thanks for the pics.
  6. Retswerb

    Bag hangers, bangle hangers etc

    I’ve tried to justify spending the money on a 3D printer for years - this is about as close as I’ve come. Thanks for sharing the files, excellent idea.
  7. Retswerb

    sending text from desk top

    As @garypl said I think that’s easiest. Only other option involves using a service like google hangouts that allows to send directly.
  8. Retswerb


    Putting that pony to good use! Keep up the good work.
  9. Retswerb

    Japanese craft knife

    Thanks for the update, guys! At that price it’s hard to go wrong, going to have to order one myself.
  10. Retswerb

    Japanese craft knife

    How has this little blade held up for you, @Frodo? Still happy with it?
  11. Retswerb

    Protective Phone Case

    Not sure if we’re looking at the same thing but ones like this I’ve seen have just been glued.
  12. Retswerb

    Maul dimensions?

    Why have one just like everybody else when you’re making it for yourself? The red stands out and that handle is a thing of beauty. Nice job! What weight did you end up at?
  13. Retswerb

    My First Guitar Strap

    Looks great! Sure is a lot of stitching, looks like you handled it nicely.
  14. Clever idea, nice execution. Thanks for sharing!