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  1. Ran across madewithreishi.com tonight, just curious if anyone here has seen the stuff in person. I’m extremely skeptical that it’s actually as similar to leather as they claim but would love to get my hands on some to see what it’s like.
  2. Welcome aboard, Skip! Glad to have you here.
  3. Making a sheath for the sake of a knife lots of us have done, but I reckon not many have made a knife for the sake of a sheath! Nice job all the way around.
  4. Yep, if you can’t remove the ink then use a darker dye and be glad it’s the back side and not the front. I like your fortune cookie signature, very true! What I use for marking depends on what I’m doing. If I’m using a straightedge for layout I usually use a scratch awl. For tracing I have a blunted awl that does ok, but the lines are sometimes hard to see. I’ve heard of others using a ball point with no ink, haven’t tried it myself.
  5. Fantastic work. Thanks for sharing the pics and your process.
  6. Must... not... reveal... my... jealousy... Seriously though, this looks like an awesome space and it looks like you’ve thought through it well. Only thing I’m surprised not to see is some sort of stone surface, but you know your own needs best.
  7. Creative re-use, I like it. I can picture some folks would be crazy about these with magnets embedded for the purported health benefits.
  8. Great looking bag! Nice work.
  9. Waaaaait a minute though. If this were true, think of the effect it would have using a chisel to punch holes along one side of a belt or strap. If the chisels are increasing the length of the leather along that run you would end up with a really noticeable bend along the strap. I think the spaces in between the chisel holes absorb the ‘excess’ leather pushed aside by the chisels. Especially with chisel tines as thin as shown in the first pic, I think the answer is somewhere else.
  10. Finish that sucker! If for no other reason because there’s still a host of opportunities remaining where you can still screw up this build lol. At least this way you can see the process all the way through and limit your chances of running into surprises on the next one. Your spacers should work just fine.
  11. Awesome. Way to see the potential in the unexpected!
  12. Retswerb

    Owl bag

    Nice job Frodo! Turned out great.
  13. No shame there @Chris623! You’re off to a fine start, and learning as you go. All part of the fun. Your assessment is right, the leather was too wet. Sometime when you’re around the house for a while take a piece of scrap leather and case it and then as it dries stamp it once or twice every so often. Keep doing that until the leather dries. You’ll get to see the progression with the leather at different moisture levels and how it responds to the tool, can be a helpful learning aid.
  14. That’s great, thanks for sharing. The prices often charged for these units are somewhat baffling to me since, as you’ve shown here, the components are basic.
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