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  1. Nice job. Did you reinforce the inside where the handles attach? May need to be careful with tool weight otherwise. Sure beats the cheap tool bags from the hardware store!
  2. Now THAT looks appealing. Oh, and the leather things are nice too...
  3. I’d try wetting the whole thing down to see if you can even it out some. Not much to lose at this point, right?
  4. Those are absolutely worthy of showing off, SealSkin! Beautiful mittens, well suited to their purpose.
  5. Always love seeing your work and your process, @YinTx. The one on the left is quite different, was that a customer-driven change or did you decide on your own that you didn’t like that carving direction as much?
  6. I know nothing about sewing machines but I’d love to see your work - post away!
  7. My experience with cricket the game is limited but I know enough to say it’s a poor simile to use for quiet! Our other similar expression would be to say it’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I like fairies whispering though. We often use crickets in situations (like this) where we’re talking about some kind of response that was expected, but instead of that response all you hear is crickets chirping. The focus is less on overall quiet and more on lack of expected response.
  8. No help here, just chiming in to say that I sure want to see a picture of the final product once you figure it out! I like the gold foil idea.
  9. That’s a pile o’ bracelets! Where do you sell them?
  10. Yep, I’m with Castle. Just let us know how it goes! Once you start working with leather you begin to realize how many leather goods that are sold are really unfinished products.
  11. No need to delete the post, just use the reply box and click the link at the bottom that reads ‘click to choose files’ to upload a pic or two. Looking forward to seeing your work!
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