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  1. Thank you fellas! tooling commission on the table today, grad gift! Grey dye stage this aft, after tooling pretty much the whole morning. Includes a Calgary flaming horse (alternate hockey logo) on the backside of it where the bolt ends. Going to be deep black coming, and some silver metallic on top. Been a while since I tooled anything. You can definitely feel the rust on your chops when you start would be better to tool something at least every week
  2. I made my own template. There are templates for straps? I had no idea!
  3. I'm sorry I forgot to post finished pic
  4. Still doing this, while it's been sometimes a starving artist sort of existence, I so far have not been compelled to leave my shop for other employment. Some newer examples... Pearloid plastic inset To match Gibson custom headstock Another of those "found item" belts incorporated into a strap A little madness is always fun... Regan theme... this skin coloured garment leather was super freaky to work with. Using a stamp creatively Below an original full design of my own... really luxe and elegant Gaining more custom jobs by word of mouth mostly... it's nice to have paying jobs! When no customary are on the bench, I still build every day for a storefront online. This van gogh Starry Night piece was my first painted strap. Crazy thing! "Simple tooled" for texture, dyed for a color base, then painted with acrylic. Having fun, Working hard, always learning and trying new things. Musicians are fun and chill people to work with mostly.
  5. I do! LoL! But yours are much nicer, as mentioned... super clean.
  6. Oh my... @rahere does that means I get to buy more gear? LOL! I was toying with some sort of glitter effect, or paint pens in my brain, but gold foil I did not think of. Definitely stronger.
  7. I have a fellow who wants me to make him a guitar strap that has the feel of this image below but in a more blue and green colour scheme. Wondering if anyone more experienced than I might have suggestions on how to approach this concept... with dye/tooling/paint etc It's the fine lines/transparency with texture thing that has me rather baffled. Incidentally this is the last project I completed for him. Fella likes his fancy straps!
  8. Longtime lurker, rare poster... I've been pretending to play guitar for many more years than leathercraft, but by combining the two over the past ten years it has put a big smile on my face, and faces of a number of friends too. I combine all kinds of materials and lots of leather to create sturdy and comfortable guitar slings. It has been mostly just a hobby/side gig for a number of years but the Covid situation got me laid off my regular job in March so this is becoming more important to my family in the past few months. Some photos of my craft... beaded on leather base Game of thrones "House Stark" edition woven leather, great texture, just like a sporty vintage red convertible steering wheel! Not super confident in my tooling /dyeing/finishing, but I'm slowly improving on that end. Just have to put the hours in, make all the mistakes LOL Vintage guitar strap style embroidered ribbon combined with leather nicely elevates an old classic Not too shy to sew found items like an old vintagey studded belt from the thrift to a new leather base to create a new one of a kind item Lots of possibilities. Sometimes my mind goes loopy in the workshop... working on one project, I come up with four more ideas. Not enough time! Could be the glue.
  9. thanks brothers-appreciate the encouragement - I'm in Canada BTW - lots of long cold winters and super short daylight hours, so hobbies are kind of a good thing to have
  10. Hello, my name is Brad. I am a total amateur as far as real leather work goes. I have been sewing guitar straps for a few years now, made mostly from repurposed leather jackets and stuff. I am using a "hot-rodded" Singer 185J, for sewing which I hope can last me for a bit longer. I recently purhased some tools, (and there is so many more I suddenly realize I need) adn some bellies and am beginning to start on working on some veg-tan straps. I am here to learn from y'alls on tooling tips, and dying, staining and other finishing. I am a member of several guitar forums, so I am no stranger to the fun world of hobby/fetishes LOL -I started into strapping in making theme/custom straps for my own custom finished guitars, then it sort of branched out from there. Last weekend I tooled and finished my very first guitar strap from zero - it made me at the very least NOT want to dump my tools in the round filing cabinet. Here's some pics - I am not too proud for critique, I know I have TONS to learn. First off, I have to learn how to hold my tools so that my hand doesn't cramp up so bad - I also need to figure out that whole stropping thing, and get some rouge and keep my knife sharp. Also, I think I might be using the wrong tools for the right job, or viseyversy I think I will be repurposing this silly flower stamp. I will not be using it EVER again. So cheeze. other tools I know really need, edge bevelers, some different stamps... some more dyes, and the right finishing solutions. Anyway, as this is my first post, as a dedicated forumite and digital citizen, I look forward to contributing to and learning from you, my very crafty brothers and sisters... Thank you in advance!
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