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  1. Thanks folks! I appreciate it!
  2. Thanks everyone! What’s inside varies depending on what’s available.
  3. Thanks dude! I remember thinking the exact same thing! If I can help you at all let me know!
  4. These leather weights have been quite popular, and I love making them super handy in the shop too!
  5. Glad you like them! Thanks!
  6. I am both a leather worker and a writer in the field. How can I help you?
  7. The two latest weights.
  8. Have any finished pics of the stools?
  9. Are you hammering your seams before edge finishing? Are you building oversized and cutting to final shape? Both of these will help you eliminate that line.
  10. Thanks everyone! Yes, I am using an airbrush to create the fades. I will try the hand applied fade soon, but it will require molding after the fact so I’ve been hesitant.
  11. A general reminder to all folks buying and selling. Please be sure of whom you’re selling to, and buyers pay in such a way that you have buyers protection. Use shipping methods that provide tracking and remember that ultimately, it’s a gamble if you don’t know someone’s reputation. It’s a sad state of affairs but many folks get burned on the internet and have no recourse. (Admin)
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