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  1. This may help https://youtu.be/LZp_ZI2XnzM
  2. A fine set of weighted coasters heading out to a friend in the USA.
  3. That’s a sweet strap! Nice guitar too
  4. Nice! I have been meaning to make some for my Granförs axes. You may have inspired me.
  5. immiketoo

    St. Michael

    There comes a time when I have to weigh my time vs the amount I can charge for an item. Also, repeatability comes into play, and for this job a stamp was the perfect solution.
  6. immiketoo

    St. Michael

    Thanks everyone! It was my first time using a stamp and I have to say it was quite fiddly. I don’t have a shop press yet so it was quite a challenge. I actually bent the handle on my vice from hitting it with a hammer.
  7. immiketoo

    St. Michael

    This was done with a stamp, not hand carved but I did crisp it up with a spoon
  8. immiketoo

    St. Michael

    For a law enforcement friend of mine.
  9. Thanks chief! 6 oz. but for a dish I’d use two layers of 4oz or 3 oz
  10. Thank you. I do use Hermann Oak, but not on these. I found an alternative from Spain that works well for this application.
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