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  1. I’ll probably use lead next. It’s heavier and cheaper. Super handy to have! Lol...those old irons are great! Yeah just a stitch wheel to make the fake stitches.
  2. Thanks! This one has steel shot. Next one will be different I think.
  3. I use these while tooling to stop things sliding round. I finally made one of my own.
  4. Nice rig! Weird that the video of Justin has him wearing the cuff we made him
  5. Thank you. There are always flaws. I just don’t ever let those pieces out of the shop. There’s a box filled with them. Granted, I don’t add to the box much anymore, but there are some recent additions
  6. I’d either airbrush with rusty stain colors or sand some of the paint off in places. Probably both. Also, look at actual rust. It’s usually. It just one color, but varying shades, so give it some depth with multiple hues.
  7. I’ve made a set of gear for a man who is part of the Experimental Archeologist association Koryvantes. Each piece features a different part of Greek history, except the magazine pouch, which is plain. Each of these was commissioned separately, and the color variances you see are due to lighting changes, rather than dye application. If I ever have space for a fully controlled photography station, I’ll be able to dial in the exact same light temperature.
  8. Toxo, I have no experience with that, but I don’t think it would be too reliable like that. It’s all about consistent pressure, and you’d have a constantly lowering spray volume. Balttlemunky, thanks man!
  9. The quiet compressors are a real boon, but I used paint brushes for this. There is no prep necessary on veg tan leather. Acrylic won’t stick to oil tan. I’ve tried and it cracks or peels in a very short time. Chrome tan is different, but usually it bends beyond the limits of flex in the paint. If it’s flat or doesn’t bend much, it will stick. you do not need to wait between layers if you’re painting with a paint brush and you want to blend colors. If you want to paint on top of that blend, then it needs to dry. if you’re air brushing, it’s best to let coats dry completely, as it’s a different process, but there are techniques where you mix colors while wet. acrylic paint = acrylic finish. Other finishes will lift paint or dissolve it. Acrylic paint has an inherent ability to flex if its thin enough. Thick paints suck at this, which is why I always use pro grade paint. They can be pushed further than cheap paints. The liquids that carry the pigment are superior to craft level paints.
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