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  1. Thank you! I haven't looked but you night be a blessing to score a copy of CS6 off eBay or something. Thanks! Thank you! You're welcome for the pattern. Please post your sheath too, I'd love to see it!
  2. I find it easy to use, but I’ve also been using it for close to 25 years. There are a lot of tutorials out there you should check out. It’s great software.
  3. Yes, I drew the pattern in illustrator after tracing the blade. The PDF I included up there contains vector lines if you’d like to lase it too.
  4. That’s my custom Leather Wranglers SK-V with pyrographed artwork by Britt Nantz. It has my initials on one side and Celtic hounds on the other.
  5. Finally found some time to make a sheath for my LW round knife. Hot Tip: I like using Tandy’s black All-In-One for antiquing some things. It’s a terrible dye but a great antique! Brush it on and when dry it kind of wipes off here and there when I apply Resolene to seal. It gives it a weathered look that I was going for here. I also added a PDF of the pattern I made for this morning f you’d like to make yourself one. The strap I made a little longer than needed so placement can be how you like it to be. Enjoy! LW-roundknife-sheath.pdf
  6. AndyL1

    Notebook cover

    That is a beautiful piece for sure. I love the colors and especially the brogue on the corners.
  7. Thanks! There are quite a few tree of life designs out there, all different with various knotwork. Also, no airbrush here. Just used a sponge for the brown and paint brush for the green. Thank you! I used Tandy’s Waterstain in light brown and the tree is their green. I like the colors, they’re very rich and go on nicely. I use Fiebing’s alcohol dyes as well but their colors always come out so dark. I like to thin them with denatured alcohol.
  8. Thank you! The tree was done with a stamp that I made with my laser. It's laser engraved Delrin and I have a growing library of designs. I used a fine point paintbrush with green dye for the color. Thanks! See above... Thanks! Thanks! Thank you! I made the stamp out of Delrin with my laser.
  9. Just finished this bifold up today. I think it came out great, it’s been a while since the last one I made. I didn’t get a photo but the cash pocket is lined with a nice plaid fabric.
  10. Thanks all for the kind words! I’ll have to borrow this bag in a few months and take photos of its patina progress. I’m sure it will look amazing.
  11. Hi all! Just wanted to share this laptop bag I just finished. Went with an all natural veg tan and the patina is going to be amazing after some time. I used a 6/7 for the body and flap, 5/6 for the gusset and front and back panels. The inner pockets will hold a 16" MacBook and other essentials. I went with a double layer strap of 5/6 glued and stitched together. My favorite part is the unique brand on the back, I love using brands if I can. Thanks for looking!
  12. Thank you! Yeah this one worked out so good. Thanks! That was the only request for this one. The rest was up to me, I love those kind of jobs. Thank you! Thanks! Yeah they’re probably overkill but I like the way they look.
  13. Hi all, Just wrapped up this tablet sleeve (case?) sized to fit a Samsung Tab A. I think it came out pretty cool, basically a scaled version of a flap wallet and the design works great! It’s made from some black CrazyHorse hide that just happened to have an “h” brand and my customer’s last name starts when th H. Perfect! The patch is laser engraved veg tan dyed with Tandy’s Bordeaux stain.
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