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  1. Thank you! Thanks! They stamps are about 3.25” in diameter. I made them in-house with my laser and sheet Delrin. I press them in with my 10-ton clicker. Thanks!
  2. Wow, these are fantastic! Love the turtle inlay and overall design and execution.
  3. I started making these bags recently. Smaller crossbody style and measure 7x7.5 inches. They’re a lot of fun to make and come out beautiful. Dyed vegtan flaps and backs stitched to black and brown CrazyHorse. I love the combination of the two leathers. DCBED250-561E-416F-8D8F-E24BF3B33953.webp 1AC84166-5712-4318-ACC5-8AD2D46D2E69.webp 2BAAB0B2-7680-4C6B-B950-3639002E8418.webp
  4. Thank you all! I’m beyond stoked to make these for the bands after being a huge fan of theirs for years.
  5. I recently received these commissions from two of my favorite bands: leather album sleeves! These are super limited editions and contain a test pressing of each EP. The brown split album has an actual tintype photograph slipped into the frame. Artwork and track listings are laser engraved and I made embossing plates for the Celtic knot work and the overall art on the green Rumjacks' album.
  6. Hey all! Just finished this clutch wallet I made. I combined hand tooling with laser engraving. Came out very cool if I may so so. Thanks for looking!
  7. Thank for the reply! What I'm left with is basically the shoulder size panel. It's thick stuff so not suited for what you've listed. I cut a bunch of it for coasters but I have SOOO much it's kind of a burden. lol It's Wicket & Craig bridle leather (good stuff!)
  8. Hello! I need some help with ideas! I make belts out of 10/12 ounce bridle but when I buy a side I always cut it down to about 55 inches in length. I'm left with a good portion of the hide which I use to make small strap items. My problem is the leftovers are starting to stack up and don't know what to make out of these larger panels. I can only make so many key fobs. In short, what else could I make? I need ideas! Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks all! I only made three of these and they sold out the same evening I posted them. Gotta love that! Time to make more.
  10. Hi all, Here’s a clutch wallet I made the other day. The sunflowers were laser engraved then painted with leather dyes.
  11. Thanks for the reply! My apologies, I think I was overthinking this. So my screws have domed caps and should closely match the concave underside of the coin and make for a solid bond. I probably need shorter screws too if I’m just putting these on thinner pieces like a wallet as mine are .25”.
  12. Thank you! It’s both machine and hand stitched. The main body done on my Cobra Class 4, the handle and D-ring tabs are hand stitched. Thanks! Yeah I’ll need to hunt this one down in a couple of months to see how it’s looking.
  13. Thank you for the instructions on this! I’ve been thinking about making coin conchos. One question: where do you find the rivet snap tubes without the cap? I’d like to use Chicago screws as well but I have no clue where to find just the female end without a base.
  14. Thank you! I haven't looked but you night be a blessing to score a copy of CS6 off eBay or something. Thanks! Thank you! You're welcome for the pattern. Please post your sheath too, I'd love to see it!
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