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  1. Quick Googke search came up with this
  2. I have been using the "S" point exclusively for the longest time in my Cowboy CB4500 and Boss . For anything smaller than #138 thread i am using the LR needles in my Nakajima 341 and Singer 17-30
  3. I have the same press but in green. ...i think i posted some pictures way back. You have to turn the round plate to adjust the height...very fine thread so it's a bit of work , but once you set it and use the same dies , you are good. The press is extremly heavy and has to be bolt it down...i have mine bolted to the floor . I also had a Lucris MA III and the green one seems to have more umph The plate's diameter is arounf 11in . Way better option than one of those hydraulic shop presses in my opinion. If it doesn'y have any cracks and everything moves smooth it'll do the job just fine Hope this helps Eddie
  4. Bought a left/center smooth foot set few weeks ago for a 111 type machine. I had to drill a bigger hole in the left foot to make it fit. All good now
  5. Can you please post a more clear picture of the tension discs with the thread ran through?
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kU0B965w62Q
  7. You need to back stiitch...just cutting the thread and burn the ends is not gonna work. The Jerk (hook)needle does the same stitch as a speedy stitcher or a sewing machine. There is no reason to use a jerk needle on knife sheats or holsters in my opinion
  8. glossy mod pudge, gum trag, and water...nothing beats it. Slick when almost dry
  9. On 2-3oz i usually use an air brush , especially if using an alcohol base dye as i am trying to limit as much as i can the amount of alcohol going into that piece of leather
  10. I can't find those European shoulders on Tandy's web-site , any chance you can post a link?
  11. It looks like Tandy's buckle looks extremely similar at $1.99...but than again , they are not made in the USA like the other suppliers' so i guess the quality is not the same
  12. Is this what you are locking for ? Neat Lac
  13. This one here is very similar
  14. Try the Tan Kote ...it is resin base , not acrylic . Apply it in light coats . It will allow you to apply conditioners down the road if need it
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