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  1. Hi there Where about in Ontario are you located ?
  2. I used both the Outlaw and the Boss...The Outlaw has a longer arm if you need the space .They are both great machines, easy to carry around , especially if you do shows. Great customer service from both companies
  3. Last batch i had made was 10-12 years ago...They were about $40/piece
  4. I had mine custom made , the o ring is about 1.5in and they are screw back . I used them exclusively for dog collars . Anyone with a machine shop can make them for you
  5. Some sets will give 6's that can be used as 9;s ...or the other way around and they will match each other
  6. Does your letter set has "6"s and "9"s ?...or just 9's that can be used as 6's as well?
  7. The couch might be actually made out of split leather that has a synthetic finish. I think that's what's peeling off
  8. The color is off too. Tokonole is white....yours looks yellowish...maybe it's just the picture though
  9. Under the burnished surface , you still have a "spongy" substrate . If you don't have a high fiber density on the flesh side , you can't really do much about it
  10. Hi Will, Your leather work looks great. Good feedback from existing students will bring you new students.It looks like you put a lot of time and effort to better your skills/craft . Good luck in your endeavor. I just subscribe to your youtube channel.
  11. Judging by the firs picture , it looks like you are not pairing the dies /snaps properly
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