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  1. Beautiful , clean work. Two tone will always stand out
  2. My dog collar cost me well over $10000 so far ... welcome to the club. You do nice work !
  3. Make round holes around curves...you are not gonna have that problem anymore..especially in small radius curves. Also start making your holes from the center of the curve and work your way up on both sides..this way your last stitches , left and right side, will be equally distant from your key ring
  4. I drove all the way to Toledo from Toronto Canada...never regretted it...Bob was great Dealt with Cobra and their customer service is impeccable ...they went the extra mile to help me when they didn;t have to Either way , you can't go wrong
  5. I apply the satin finish (or any other finish) using an air brush , regardless of the dye i am using.
  6. It does the job. I like the portability , easy to set up, cuts through 8-9oz easily
  7. I've been looking for one of those for more that a year with no luck. Best option is to order a brand new one if you have the money
  8. I have a Nakajima 341 using the singer 111 feet...they don't fit the techsew 2800...the setting screw holes don't align
  9. Hi there Would the 335 presser feet work on a Techsew 2800 ? Are there any other accessories interchangeable between the two machine ? I just want to make sure before placing an order on ebay . Thank you
  10. I believe we're overthinking the whole Tandy "situation" . This is one of the biggest companies out there when it comes to leather , leather tools and hardware , leather dies and pretty much everything else needed to get you into leather craft , all under one roof . They got rid of their membership fees , dropped prices and some of us took that as a bad sign. They are rolling out a new web-site and closed down less that 10% of their stores during a pandemic and that's somehow a bad sign...unless those were the overperforming stores bringing in huge profits They've been around for 100 years taking pride in interacting 1 on 1 with their customers , offering classes in pretty much all of their locations ...i think it's unlikely Tandy will switch to an online business model. I've been shopping with Tandy for about 20 years and my good experiences, overshadow the bad ones by a mile . As far as i am concerned , i am not ready to write them off yet , based on their current situation.But than again , bigger companies out there went under , some of them even without any warnings . I guess time will tell but i am not gonna waste my time "reading the signs"
  11. I am looking for a 3.85mm Crimson Hides stitcing irons set. Please messege if you have one willing to sell Thanks !
  12. The mounted ones are way more reliable and you can get for under $30 on-line . Magnetic ones tend to move and that's the last thing you want. You can also get feet with a built in edge guide
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