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  1. LeatherLegion

    Decision time for me.

    The Sailrite will stitch closer to edge without worrying about the leather dropping in the feed dogs slot every time the feed dogs are going down.
  2. LeatherLegion

    Thread for Tippmann Boss

    Look up this guys for a wide variety of colors in any weight https://thread.blackcrowngarage.com/
  3. LeatherLegion

    Tandy Pricing Structure Change

    This new pricing structure has been in effect in Canada since the beginning of April. Some of the items ,including hand tools are priced even lower than Ebay or Amazon.Affordability combined with the great store experience, makes Tandy the one stop shop , that beginners or advanced leather workers will appreciate even more.
  4. LeatherLegion

    1.5 amps motor on a walking foot

    I might end up bolting the servo motor under my work bench and mount the machine only when i need to use it. I can probably cover the cut-out for the belt with the cutting mat when the machine is not being used . Thanks for your input guys
  5. LeatherLegion

    1.5 amps motor on a walking foot

    I guess replacing the flywheel with a larger one will help, without the help of an idler wheel? Will that also slow it down a bit too? Thank you .
  6. Would a 1.5amp motor be able to "move" a Nakajima 341 successfully ? I have a servo motor for that machine but having one of those small motors attached to it might save a lot of space as i don't have room for another full size table in my basement. I am planning on using this machine only for up to 6-8oz ..mostly wallets or light bags. Any other suggestion? Any input would be a appreciated Thank you ! Ed
  7. LeatherLegion

    Weaver stitching chisels ?

    Aren't this the same chisels sold on eBay for $10 for a set of 1,2,4 and 6 prongs?. I have the 3mm and the 4mm. . The 3mm makes very small holes , the other ones , not so small . They are not bad for up to 8oz. Can't go wrong for the price ... they will make diamond shapes holes , 3 ,4,5 or 6mm apart , so if that's what you want you will be happy. . If you are looking for a particular angle pitch , super steel, nice presentation packaging and so forth , then you might have to spend a "little bit" more . A 10 prong will cost you around $11
  8. LeatherLegion

    New stitching irons

    Here is a review ( not mine) on YouTube. At one point they are compared side by side to Amy Roke irons . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzm8A61ZFxM
  9. LeatherLegion

    New stitching irons

    I am waiting on him to release a watch strap punch too. Apparently he is gonna come up with other tools in the near future. Philip Jury will post a YouTube review of those irons ...waiting on that too. Meanwhile i ended up buying a Beagle set in 3mm...front and back side pictured bellow. I used #92 sewing machine thread
  10. LeatherLegion

    New stitching irons

    That's one thing i like ( beside the beautiful design) about the 4Z irons : square tops , regular Allen key (or flat screwdriver) for easy change, including the ability of turning the teeth for an inverse stitch. It looks like they use a 440c stainless that's also used in knife blades, surgical instruments , chisels , ball bearings and so on. But then again , you can't them with 20 teeth like KS
  11. LeatherLegion

    New stitching irons

    I was just looking again on their website for the steel they are using and i found this . I assume it's because the tooth angle has to be set properly too. "Due to technical constraints, it is only possible to replace to replace the blade at head office and you are responsible for roundtrip shipping costs." I just wished it could have been done "at home" and even have few extra teeth included in that price just in case . It looks like i was wrong , the nice wooden box comes only with the $560 titanium gold set . Regardless, still a good value
  12. LeatherLegion

    New stitching irons

    Also you get a nice looking wood box...great presentation . It looks like a lot of leather workers love their KSblades tools and at $180 ( or $360 is you want the inverse set too ) still seems like a good deal. The titanium gold looks stunning. What is the steel used for the prongs? I couldn't find any details on their website. I wonder if anybody had to change any of the prongs yet and how easy is it ?
  13. LeatherLegion

    New stitching irons

    Just found this guy on Aliexpress and really liked his tools ...similar to KS but better looking in my opinion. It looks like you can use same handle for the Japanese and the European style teeth he offers. The fact that you can go from obverse to reverse just by turning the teeth is a great feature He also has few other different tools , all of them seems to be very well made . I might end up ordering the 3mm set and post a short video of them in action soon as I'll get them Here is the link for his store ...worth checking them out 4z store
  14. LeatherLegion

    Cowboy 4 Ton Clicker Press Buy Me, Buy Me!!!!!!

    Can you post some pictures of those dies too? Thanks !
  15. " Traditional romanian motif "... i had to see it. That's a fine looking bag !!! The motif brought back memories