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  1. Try scissors ... it's the only way those stains will come off
  2. Mississauga location has 8-9 colors probably in stock . Give them a call for stock availability . Tandy carry Leather Machine Co (Cobra) thread
  3. These are great irons especially in this size ... sold my set last year and still regret it . A little bit out of my price range now. Good luck with the sale
  4. All those needles are round point. I was hoping to retire the the old 341 and just use the 4500 with smaller needles with an "S" or "LR " point .
  5. Who sells #19 needles for the CB4500 ? Can't find them anywhere. I need them with an "S" or LR point Thanks
  6. These are the same chisels as Springfield's ... without the brand but the same "great" quality ...next day delivery too. Or just $10 here if you are willing to wait more that 6 weeks
  7. Flat Sienna is what you should have bought to make wallets
  8. Send Tandy an email or even call them ..i am sure one of the stores or even the warehouse has a spare one
  9. I had those ring custom made locally in a machine shop. Most of the dogs i made collars were over 100lb and the ring held just fine . That being said , they are not meant to be used as an agitation collar , bite work and so on .
  10. I made collars in the past using these lions I bought from the hardware store...they are drawer pulls...some better quality then others . I am not a big fan of them as they are "kitschy" in my opinion ..but who am I to argue with the customer. The round spots are just upholstery tacks from Tandy Here are some of them
  11. The lions can be found at any larger hardware stores...just do a search for "lion heads pulls"...most of them are screw-back
  12. Sorry , I was a bit vague. Call your local Tandy store. I assume since the Montreal location is closed , Markham or Mississauga location is who you want to call for any alcohol based dies , finishes or contact cements.
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