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  1. This one here is very similar
  2. Try the Tan Kote ...it is resin base , not acrylic . Apply it in light coats . It will allow you to apply conditioners down the road if need it
  3. If you are in the "neighborhood" you should drop by...it is worth it . The museum is inside of the store now, very clean and well organized . If you are into leather craving you'll love it ...it is a piece of leather history after all . I am not into carving but still found it interesting
  4. LOL...not a born and raised Canadian ...not a "hokey" guy either
  5. I like the nylon cutting boards but the marks left by the stitching irons tend to have raised edges. When you slide veg-tan on top of them they will leave marks . The puck still has a smooth surface after used .
  6. I just tried a hokey puck the other day . It is firm enough to give me a clean cut on the back of the lather but soft enough not to damage my stitching irons .
  7. As of yesterday ,the Mississauga store still had few Tokonole left in stock.... a bit over $13 . It looks like it's gonna be a regular stock item
  8. Nothing that i would sale right now...sorry
  9. Try the Eco-Flo Waterstain Slate Gray. Make sure you shake the bottle , work it in with a sponge , let it dry , buff it and apply some Golden mink oil. It's not a dye but you might get the result you are looking for
  10. Try Bradshaw steel rule dies . They are in Cambridge ON.
  11. LeatherLegion


    Extremely interested
  12. As far as i know there is no such thing as "oil tanned" . Oils are usually added after the tanning process and have nothing to do with the process itself . I am curious to hear other opinions
  13. Just got a bag of 6 of them yesterday from the Mississauga store
  14. Now that it warms up a bit , all those "water based" liquids should be back in stock
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