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  1. Hi, This is a Junker & ruh blake stitcher, it will sew a chain stitch on the inside of the shoe, that is why it has the thin horn. You do not see many of this type on sale, you usually see the outsole stitchers on sale. the D 28 i Think they are called??
  2. I don´t know?? the book above is the Kilbowie made machines and was printed in 1907.
  3. Hi Jeannie, just keep grinding until it goes away, that blade will last for years!
  4. Yes, they are 45k heads not 17k or 16k heads, you can see this in the illustrations above they need more support.
  5. Your welcome..https://www.sil.si.edu/DigitalCollections/Trade-Literature/Sewing-Machines/CF/single-record.cfm?AuthorizedCompany=Singer Manufacturing Company
  6. Oooh! that looks like a Oldie! I saw one of them not so long ago in France for sale.
  7. It is lightly pushed against the feed wheel with a spring, sometimes the scrap can get caught on it. Watch your hands!! wow, can´t remember???
  8. Installed....you should be able to see it from the left side without taking anything apart.
  9. I think that since there is no decals left then it has been repainted so the holes are probably covered over with paint.
  10. Maybe a good idea to look just in case??
  11. Unfortunately things have gone crazy expensive from the UK but you don´t see this everyday! Looks like the 45k arm version of the 34k https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165004052548?hash=item266b020844:g:~lMAAOSwKEthDRHP
  12. Nice one Oldiesfan...nice to see the oldies are being saved!
  13. I would imagine to help keep the stitch length even when turning corners etc..if you do a circle with a roller foot it will have a larger stitch length on the outside curve and a smaller on the inside unless it has a gear on the roller like some newer ones do. On machines without it you would use the knee lift to do the same thing....but i could be wrong?? €5! well done.
  14. Thanks for the Info Kgg, I will give this a go when i get the plugs up and running again so i might pick your brain further in the future
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