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  1. With that accent ...you mean Grannie!
  2. Good to hear you found something Hondoman.
  3. OOOh! sorry to hear that Uwe, I am sure someone will need parts for one sooner or later or vise a versa, you might still find the parts you need for yours?? Are the Puritan parts interchangeable with the Protos stitchers??
  4. Hi Uwe, was wondering....in the end was your machine a 1,2 or 3 needle?? and did you manage to get it going??
  5. The T4 model will work also, they are well made presses and they can be picked up second hand on wallapop, milanuncios or facebook marketplace, you will only need to use the top adapter which can be bought at Waldes. Here is a couple of pictures of the machines.
  6. Hi Hondoman, Try Waldes in Spain.
  7. Welcome to the forum Klara
  8. Welcome to the forum Oldiesfan!
  9. This lot landed for €70 + postage (used)as they are not full boxes and some are mixed, i only need to complete the sets with what is needed. They included some incomplete Fiocchi snaps but they do not fit well in the waldes dies, this is why it is important to use the makers dies.
  10. Hello Christos, yes i have done this to get a job finished and it is basically the same, i am not sure if the bought blind cap is a little stronger compared to the salvaged one in the cap?? The problem is opening the caps to get the blind post out, it is a pain in the arse! You have to pry open the cap and try not to damage the post and they are unfinished around the edge as they were designed to go inside and unseen so you might have to file the edges to stop them from cutting the leather. I also find Prym are expensive and not so easy to get large amounts at a good price, you can get multi packs but they are €70 for 100 sets,15mm Anorak for example and come with the small setter which fits in the pliers??. I think you would be better off looking up Waldes here in Spain, (Koh-i-noor) they have been in Barcelona since 1928 and make there products here. They only sell in large quantities of min 1000 but in the end if you use a lot of snaps then it is worthwhile. They make the dies for the snaps also, and are expensive compared to the cheap ones for 25 a set but i think they are far better in quality, hardened and polished and more to the point, made for the snap. Here are some pictures of their snaps, they are Olympia 500, Olympia come in three sizes 200,500 and 700. https://waldes.es/
  11. Very sorry to hear that, My condolences to his family.
  12. Hello, LW member Danishman might have a skiver for sale, you could maybe ask him.
  13. Lol....well that´s one way battlemunky. yep, people tend to abuse things and later say it was bad workmanship, But i would not change a valid design of a wallet because of someone´s bad habits, that´s just my opinion. Also how many cards do you really need in your wallet daily!!
  14. My opinion with wallets is if you need a wallet for 7 cards then get one with seven slots or compartments, if you start putting 2 cards or more into the slots then that is when your wallet will start to open and fail unless the pockets are made to take more than one card.
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