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  1. Hi, I think this has been talked about before somewhere?? try looking for CB3200 in the search box. i think the solution was rubbing out the marks like in the old days.
  2. If all was working before it was serviced then i would take it back.
  3. HI Muganic, Welcome to the forum
  4. Hi, I think you have pretty much all of the parts here....https://www.ebay.de/sch/545iger/m.html?item=224140792664&hash=item342fd51358%3Ag%3Avn0AAOSwcAFfTjAA&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  5. Welcome to the forum Mich.
  6. Thought i would offer these up here first. New needles and awls from Metwar, If you need any measurement or If you have any questions just ask, I do not have any machine of this type.. I would rather sell them all together and not in small amounts. You can pm me with an offer if interested Sizes are: 8001 HN82 qty 90 size 45 8001 HN82 qty 51 size 37 6001 HN 90 qty 45 size 39 6001 HN 90 qty 20 size 41
  7. I,am Not Sure about these Junkers/Pederson type models, but normally the bobbin post has a tension spring also?? at least on other sole stitchers.
  8. Yes I agree with Folker, it screams repainted job!! Although sometimes it can become a little confusing???
  9. jimi

    Singer 29k gearbox

    Hi turbo, did you mean landrylan3?
  10. jimi

    Singer 29k gearbox

    Original part, Singer 29k gearbox with pinions and racks present, (Pinions and racks are not original singer parts) they are new and have no wear as they have less than 10 hrs use. The shuttle carrier still works, when i bought my 29k171 it was making birds nests and i found out that the new one that the previous owner put in was the wrong one. I slipped this one in, as it was in the drawer and birds nests gone! But better if you change it or at least smooth the broken edges off. The needle plate screw is present but you will need the two mounting screws for the arm. The long rack will need a very light rub down on the back to fit in perfectly. This model has the needle plate screw, screw in and is not a pin like some other ones. Price €75+postage.
  11. Hi, The spool pin size is approx - 4mm x 65mm. Not sure if it is tapered at the bottom?? The stitch length is adjusted by the clamp on the foot bar, they normally have the numbers stamped on there to show the stitch length. If you look up "Singer 29k manual" in the search option above i am sure you will find a good copy of a manual and parts list to get you going.
  12. Hi, The needle system for the Allbook & Hashfield Ltd., London, Success machine was 459 R. I would take the needle out and try the tread in it at your local sewing shop.
  13. Yes Folker, in the parts list it has two #238 screws
  14. The plate number is the page illustration, Says "PLATE 1047 - FULL SIZE". He/she is looking for the 33512 driving piñion....That is strange looking??? 2 screws?? so the shuttle carrier has no hole then?? I do not think you will find one of them around??
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