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  1. well that is a real shed find they look salvageable! And you get some free spiders!!
  2. It Looks like it is for sewing on piping??
  3. Hi, I cannot imagine a huge difference between the H2 and H3 machines???
  4. jimi

    Singer Badge

    Anyone got a 1960´s Singer badge up for grabs?? the width is aprox 30mm wide by 40mm tall...
  5. What aboot a bucket ladie! a leather wan... wee a flap on top, pins in the middle and the tops arraying around, get the jist???? sorry about the high tech drawing there..... .
  6. Woh! That is a great find, not many of them left, so did you buy the big one in the other picture?? what parts are you looking for? Thanks for posting.
  7. Ask Harley Davidson?? it could just be Printed leather??
  8. If you don´t use it you can always string together the ham or the turkey for christmas €10 is a good price for that size of roll i think, those small Hoogen rolls are 20 each! ouch..then add postage...ouch again. It looks straight enough to use in the machine??? i have used the linen 18/4 in my 45k and it worked well, with only one turn around the tension disk. I am sure you can stitch a bag together with that thread?? or a belt...if you groove it for laying the thread down because it might fray easier. It would probably absorb any oil or wax you apply to it?? Or try making sandals?? your 89 can do that?? That would probably bee the same thickness as 207-277 bonded nylon?
  9. This looks similar to the thread used for sewing soles on shoes but not sure?? I have some rolls for sewing sandals but it is linen thread not cotton.
  10. There is a guy on Ebay UK selling parts for the class 7 machine? you don´t see them that often, He seemingly has a few boxes of parts for that machine so it might be worth while asking him?? https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/in2sewing64/m.html?item=124175815002&hash=item1ce974915a%3Ag%3A3dwAAOSwI49esEKe&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  11. That was a good price Oldiesfan, it will last another 100yrs at least lol....They had a different type needle plate and feed dog compared to the other models. The needle plate is flat on top and the feed dog is also flat and not curved, unfortunately they don´t copy them anymore but the other type you can find a cheap needle plate and feed dog which will fit on the other models. I think the holes are spaced differently so the plates are not a straight swap over??
  12. Who knows why they would want to do that but i have heard people took these parts off because of the noise the foot part made?? the model before the 89 was the one that made a louder noise i think, it was the 33 which was superseeded by the 89 around about the 1920´s, yes it does sound stupid Lol... The 45k93 was the last.....lets say....upgraded model before they changed to the 45A and 45B models, the badge on your machine is from the 1960´s i think so it should be in very good condition normally unless it has had a very hard working life. The table has given in and bent because the ones for the cylinder arm machines had a extra arm to support the machine underneath, so remember this if you make a new table top! The 53,56,89 had a lot of accessories available for them back in the day which unfortunately never seem to come with the machines people find these days?? you can see them in the parts manual, the only ones that are usually found with the machines are the material guides and sometimes the swing arm like the one on yours.
  13. Hi Oldiesfan, yes the machine is missing some parts. The 45K89 was called a kick foot machine, here is a video of one restored, if you want to see the parts you need it is best to download the parts manual and look them up. By the looks of it you are missing quite a lot of parts which are very hard to find but not impossible. By the looks of the badge your machine could be from the 1960´s but it has unfortunately been left out in the rain a long time!! With the parts missing it is equivalent to a 45k93 with a roller foot, the 93 had reverse but no roller foot and the 25 had the roller foot but no reverse???Lol....
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