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  1. jimi

    Pfaff 335 Issue

    Do you hold the two threads when doing the first 2 or 3 stitches?? If not, you should.
  2. jimi

    Bell Skiver, Top and Bottom Feed,

    Here is a video showing a Nippy (bottom) skiver and some of the different options, I think you would be hard pressed to find something similar showing the options for a top and bottom skiver, but i could be wrong??
  3. jimi

    Plastic rivet for line 24 snaps

    I was thinking of a more specific reason?? and there was
  4. jimi

    Plastic rivet for line 24 snaps

    OK, so you are using this on holsters, now i understand. Yes good idea, as that would scrape the metal on the gun and mark it. Thanks for clarifying
  5. jimi

    Plastic rivet for line 24 snaps

    Just curios hildebrand, why would you use the plastic cap on the back of the snap??
  6. jimi

    Plastic rivet for line 24 snaps

    What part is that???
  7. jimi

    European Aristocrat's Leather Cartridge Belt.

    Thanks very much for sharing goldfever79, that is not something we see every day.
  8. jimi

    Leather shaving

    Hi, I am no expert but that looks like the paint has bubbled with the heat from the shave, or it is possibly water ?? Also why did you soak the leather all night??
  9. Hola, se habla inglés en el foro. por eso nadie te contesta a lo mejor?? Usas el traductor si no sabes inglés.Mandame tu email y te mando una copia, es demasiado grande para subir aquí en PDF. Send me your email and i can send you a copy. If you use the search option you will find info on the 335 in various posts that might help you.
  10. jimi

    Yucraft creasing machine

    Hi Spyros, My son has a soldering iron just like that he got from Aliexpress, looks like someone has rigged it up with some tips from the same site. I have one like the tip in the handle but it looks like the guy who put it together probably put a thread or something on it and adapted it to the wooden handle, mines just slips in and tighten with a screw. Possibly the unit has been dumbed down, as for leather you would need it to be around 80º and up i think?? the soldering rigs go from 150º-450º or something like that. I agree Regad is OTT for what it is. Have fun...jimi
  11. jimi

    gathering information

    Here is the needle chart for the class 51 machines. Páginas desde Singer 51w.pdf
  12. Yes no problem, PM me your email and i will send it, Jimi.
  13. jimi

    Hello, this is my first post.

    Thats looking great sainte, it looks earthquake proof!
  14. jimi

    Edge Paint Applicators

    Do you have a 3D printer?? if so you could print one of those bath and wheel type applicators??
  15. jimi

    Singer "SV" machines

    Now this one makes sense in making an SV model for the job!