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  1. jimi

    29k mystery

    Very nice job on the machine danhopgood . beware with the bell crank, i think you might need to file again?? same as the feed motion ring, it is a hair thicker so when you put the head back on it jams!! I think i put a sheet of paper in between. Seems like the leading pinion i was on about earlier must have been from another machine?? my mistake, these ones went with a fine pin.
  2. jimi

    29k mystery

    I Have a 29k12 which had the same 3 pinion system as yours, but back then i was told there were no parts for it so i swapped the bottom arm with a 29k4 which i was able to get pinions for back then. Now the 29k4 pinions are not available either. ( back then was +20 yrs ago) One pinion was the same size as the 29k4 and i think the leading pinion was with a smaller blank piece at the top(where the teeth were not cut out).
  3. jimi

    Roman Shoes!!

    Hi There, Personally i would wait and get a Singer 29k71,72,73 or 29U series, there were some of the 50 series that had the same parts in the gearbox as the 70 series. These are also better to get, (the ones with 2 pinions and the small rack) I think the one you are looking at is the one that has 3 pinions (with very fine teeth) instead of 2 and they are not available, the only parts you will find nowadays are generally for the 70 series, pinions for the 51 zero. The 51 shares some parts with the 70 series but i would worry about the pinions. The shuttle carrier could also be a part that is not available, you would have to check the part numbers and then look for somewhere they sell them. Always check the part number before buying as some sellers state they are for the 29k series and it is not the case. Hope this helps.
  4. jimi

    Fortuna Skiving Machine Restoration

    Back in the mid 70´s we were flooded with all of those beautiful reel to reels, receivers, tape decks and amplifiers with lovely brushed aluminium face plates VU meters dancing around to the music and many are still around today and working. I agree many have been repaired but lets say normal repairs like bad caps and transistors after 40+ years of work. But when these companies were competing against each other it was a different attitude all together, they were competing to see who could make the best... not like today... now they are competing to see who is the cheapest...
  5. The machine you are looking for is probably the Singer class 11-35, this was able to sew across and up the arm by changing the parts assigned to this model. 11-8,13,14,16,17,21,23 or later 11-37 is up the arm. I personally think this type is overkill for making boots. Uwe might have one or two laying around his shop?? The one on Ebay says 11-13 and according to this manual it should be up the arm??? http://dixiesewingmachine.tzo.com/MANUALS/SINGERPARTS/11-32 11-34 11-35--.pdf One of the smaller models was the Singer 17-10, finding one or the other might be pretty hard. This would be better i think for boot making. http://dixiesewingmachine.tzo.com/MANUALS/SINGERPARTS/17-1 - 17-18.pdf
  6. jimi

    Cobra Class 4 issue

    I would loosen the front 2 screws of the race ring very slightly to see if this stops the thread from jamming.
  7. So which one marks up less the leather??
  8. You might have been better off with a treadle seeing you have reverse?? Unless you have 3 arms
  9. Welcome Mudguts, That looks like a 1950´s 45k89?? So which one marks up less the leather??
  10. The singer equivalent would be the Singer class 45k and the new copy today would be the Cowboy CB2500. Yakamuto Seiko and a another make from japan made something similar i think. The closest probably is the Cowboy CB2500.
  11. jimi

    Tiger & water

    Really great AB!!
  12. jimi

    Simplex Machine.

    yes they do..... Here is a great upgrade for these machines.... Sorry if i am but since nothing was commented.... i put this up for a laugh....
  13. jimi

    Bring back old antique leather to life

    Saddle soap works well Chris. I am using at the moment 1 part olive oil virgen extra and 4 parts beeswax and it is working fine for me. Just use a cloth or rub in by hand.
  14. jimi

    Busted saddle bag seam

    Soften up the leather with some saddle soap first, once will probably not be enough.
  15. jimi

    Help with hidden snaps

    Here in Spain Waldes has this option, and Prym would have this available too. Instead of the cap/dome you can get the invisible one which is called blind cap. Like Brain said you would need the die for it. Another option is take your pliers and take off the cap, it comes in two parts but the post might not be as rigid as the ones used for this purpose, then hammer on a flat surface to set it. Also you will need to sand the edges a little as they come rough. Unfortunately Waldes only sell boxes of 1000 i think? Here is a old wallet i opened to see what was inside, this is a Prym 2 snap. It still leaves a small mark after time.