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  1. Hi Senttrox, Here is a link i found on the internet, they have advertised Z twist for the top thread and S twist for the bobbin.https://schuhbedarf.de/naehen/maschinen-naehgarn/hoogen-oberfaden-20/6-auswahl.html and this has various, https://14506.gwsshop.de/de/artikelliste/597/?group_filters=1089 I think this may not fix the stitch length problem?? did you find the correct screw for adjusting the stitch length?? It could be the screw you have in the machine is not working properly?? Did i send you the pdf of the manual??
  2. Sharon, your thread should be coming out of the hole in the middle of the spring?? i see in your video your thread is missing that hole so no tension on it.
  3. Thanks for the pictures Adrian, it looks like the screw is missing from the pressure foot bar and most likely the barrel on the inside as when the screw is taken away it falls out... Lol....thanks anyway.
  4. Thanks for the info Kgg and for sharing
  5. Hi, Here is a video to help you see the thread path.
  6. Hi Adrian, Yes i understood what you meant by the guide, this one came broken unfortunately and i had to glue it together to make a mold to make a plastic one meantime. This guide is a two parts one, some come in one part. Here is a picture of the parts i could need Adrian, thanks for the offer. jimi
  7. Hi Adrian, Yes i still have it but nothing for sale unfortunately. I am still a couple of parts non original myself, the screw on the presser foot and the barrel and adjusting screw that it goes into. If you find anything like it and you don´t need it let me know. Good luck in the hunt. Jimi.
  8. Hi, I think this has been talked about before somewhere?? try looking for CB3200 in the search box. i think the solution was rubbing out the marks like in the old days.
  9. If all was working before it was serviced then i would take it back.
  10. HI Muganic, Welcome to the forum
  11. Hi, I think you have pretty much all of the parts here....https://www.ebay.de/sch/545iger/m.html?item=224140792664&hash=item342fd51358%3Ag%3Avn0AAOSwcAFfTjAA&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  12. Welcome to the forum Mich.
  13. Thought i would offer these up here first. New needles and awls from Metwar, If you need any measurement or If you have any questions just ask, I do not have any machine of this type.. I would rather sell them all together and not in small amounts. You can pm me with an offer if interested Sizes are: 8001 HN82 qty 90 size 45 8001 HN82 qty 51 size 37 6001 HN 90 qty 45 size 39 6001 HN 90 qty 20 size 41
  14. I,am Not Sure about these Junkers/Pederson type models, but normally the bobbin post has a tension spring also?? at least on other sole stitchers.
  15. Yes I agree with Folker, it screams repainted job!! Although sometimes it can become a little confusing???
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