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  1. Im getting closer :D its doing something now :D
  2. Its like im going in circles a bit When I adjust one thing, and get it perfect, another seem to get out if sync Could someone coach me over video? I would gladly pay for you help <3
  3. Wow that actually worked!! Thanks!!!
  4. I startet centering the needle But this screw is so stock!, I will try using a screwdriver with hammer funktion later, maybe this can loosing it
  5. Got it to work, thanks for your help :D
  6. So I found a problem, not dont know how to fix it
  7. Wow perfect Constabulary, this will help me so much!, I searched for hours online trying to find somebody with the same problem!! ;D
  8. Ahh okay I get it :D I am using the 134-35 needles. I have the standard lift, about 8mm I think. im still getting the perfect adjustments ind. Right now, needle is perfect, also stroke. but presser foot is not moving, so I have to figure that one out later this week .:D
  9. Hi Glenn, not sure what you mean, is the needle too long?
  10. Not right now Im figuring out the timing still, and ordered the spring for thread tension, so cant test it. The needle strong is to long right now
  11. Hehe I know. But for me, I cant wait. I like the used look. When I get a leather bag, I tend to ruff it up before use THANK YOU so much!! really took some time yes, but she looks perfect in my living room right now. Next up, is custom building a table from scratch. I have a big thick oak slab in the basement I want to use! When I start, I will post in the same thread, if someone else would find that interesting maybe I sell dog collars in my shop, all hand sewn, but some people want a full harness, and that takes forever by hand!, That's where Karen comes ind. She will now make dog harnesses, with quilt and bindings. I must say, special thanks for you all people, I met a lot of residents from my friends, and you guys/gals cheers me on, really helped! Without sewing Danishman and Jimi threads about this machine, I would not dare to start by myself
  12. Im not gonna keep you waiting anymore :D Tada, Karen is all finished ! :D I still need help with all the nerdy stuff, timing ect. So if anybody want to chime in, please do :D
  13. Just missing to find places for these screws now And figuring out how to time the machine. What position the bobbin basket should be in, when the needle is down, and ect.
  14. Today I started rebuilding her. Couldn't resist paining in the numbers on the lever Have not encountered any problems yet, but I will bet they will come plenty in time! There is some play in the needle bar however. Don't know how to fix it, since its only fastened with the bobbin basket at the one end, end the cogwheel at the other. Any suggestions?
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