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  1. Sorry to hear.. been there myself.. not pretty.. manhandling a Techsew 180 (its equivalent in my part of the world)..took 2 of us to move it into the vehicle.. but being alone at the delivery end - ended up backing up the vehicle under a house deck and stropping to the railing and pendulum'ed the head to a mobile table. I use a motorcycle scissor jack to move stuff around.. but it only lowers to ~350mm to the ground - so lever stuff on blocks to that height and shuffle the gear on. On the shopping list is of course an engine lifter to avoid these shenanigans. fyi ..I'm alone. There are other solutions - has been discussed at length here before...but a trade off with size (getting stuff though house doorways) and price .. things like pallet jacks with vertical lift arrangements like a forkhoist - again price considerations.
  2. Appears so... Quite a lot of variants.. Critical parts missing.. I have paid less for a well worn machine ... and a heck of a lot more for a good one. Compare
  3. https://patents.google.com/patent/US2627923A/en?assignee=Daniel+D+Duncan
  4. gordond

    97x4 needles

    I'll take them
  5. I purchased this one off Luke yesterday.. thanks! Shuttle issues .. different shuttle and it sews (That makes 5 of these stitchers..lol! funny.. not funny if I have to move house )
  6. I'm not going to remove the take-up tension mechanism to show details ..but I'm restoring a 7-33 at the moment and this is what it looks like inside behind the discs
  7. And the thread take-up spring looks like this
  8. Already posted a photo...2 pages back .. But here is another closer view
  9. aah .. rusty iron.. incurable addiction.. . Just chiming in as I'm just about to start on a Fortuna skiver restore ... This I need to actually do some work with.. (who am I kidding ).. the other skiver -a "Forma" needs work on the knife worm gear and a bearing replacement..but not much to do. Watching on your progress!
  10. Are they tri - point needles? Curious as I have some (794 system) not put through their paces yet...held for a particular job.
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