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  1. The easiest way is a conway loop/ buckle. Easy to change bits, holes no bigger then chicago screws, does not come undone and looks good and not thick.
  2. I watched these vids and the knives sure seem to take a lot more pressure to cut with than I thought they should. Judging from the bulge of arm muscles and the way the board underneath moves in the first one. From what I have read and been told they should cut with very little resistance. To the point of being able to shave with. If that is as sharp as they get mine are as good or better. While I thought I was failing on getting them sharp enough.
  3. I actually have a clutch motor on it. But have not sorted out how to make a convenient lever for engaging it. With my speed reducer it goes at a reasonable speed. Just thought the variable speeds with a servo would be nice. I would add a picture but seems the one picture I posted a long time ago took up all my allowance.
  4. From the number of responses kind of looks like I might be the first to try.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has put a servo motor on a BUSM / peirson # 6 machine? Did a search and no luck.
  6. That price is high. BUT there is someone not far from me that is trying to sell one that does not work for $ 950.00. YES $ 950.00. She tells people it good but friend tried it and does not work. Badly worn.
  7. It is similar to a 20-2 but is not a 20-2 likely some 20 sub class I own a good working 20-2 so know a fair bit about them. The 20-2 does not have the gear inside the flywheel nor does it have that kind of foot setup or the coil spring on the front.
  8. It also looks near exactly like the one on my Adler 20-2 even the base.
  9. My suggestion would be to take leather as many ply as you will need to sew. Then add at least one more and test the machine. The reason for more is to be quite sure you will not be using it at the limit of what it can do. Even try to see how much more it can do if pushing the limit. For example if it will handle 2 more ply then you think you will be sewing that's good. I do not know these machines, what I advise would apply to any machine.
  10. I know this is a really old thread but this is still on topic for mice. If you could attract a few weasels or turn loose a ferret or 2 mice would be gone shortly and stay gone.
  11. From reading on here a lot it seems that there are more then one company that is copying the juki 441. And some seem to have better quality control than others. And that the poor ones get sold as like Cowboy, Cobra etc. on internet E-bay type of places.
  12. The picture does not SHOW what you are describing. It shows flat pieces laid overlapping.
  13. From your picture it looks like simply putting one on top of the other and sew.
  14. If Cowboy machines now are like that I am glad I bought mine several years ago. There are apparently lots of companies copying the JUKI and some do better than others. That is why I wondered if this was maybe a shipped from china machine that was not from the same place Cowboy comes from. But claimed to be equal. For example those parts in the pictures don't look stainless steel as mine are.
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