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  1. Hi! I need help finding some screws, 5/16 UNC, 7/8"-1-1/4" in length (for those that are using the correct system I am looking for 22-32 mm in length) Needs to have a large/wide head 3/4"-1". A slotted screw would be nice and also knurled. Please see attached pictures. This screws are to and old Swedish produced Landis leather splitter. So I'll need to get it shipped to me if I can find any. Many thanks in advance!
  2. Hi! I have a couple of these old shoemakers/ cobbler knives that I can’t identify. Can anyone help me?
  3. Hi! I got a hold of this 45k89 a couple of weeks ago and it’s seems to be missing some parts for the jumping foot function. Could I be so “lucky” that it’s only a spring and a nut that’s missing?? I have been looking through the manuals I have and all the pictures I can find online. But I am not 100% sure any help is appreciated!
  4. Hi! I actually manage to locate a slide cover! One of the nice people at http://www.sieck.de/ found one! Very pleased! Hi! I actually manage to locate a slide cover! One of the nice people at http://www.sieck.de/ found one! Very pleased!
  5. Great! Thank you! I am not really looking for parts at the moment, except the top cover, but it’s always good to know! Sounds great! Thank you!
  6. It was me who asked I know the cover won’t fit, but I mean other parts, feet, bobbins etc etc
  7. Hi! I contacted Strima today, hopefully they’ll get back soon. Would you have any idea if parts for the Pfaff 335 will fit my 345? Or if there is any other models brands that will work?
  8. @shoepatcher thank you so much! I will look in to that!!! @Constabulary Interesting, I have been told that Juli 341 might be close in size too. :Thank you!
  9. G'day @Handstitched Thank you for looking. Yes I have those manuals. Yes, there might be a specialist somewhere near me, but I like to get to know new people (maybe some with the same machines I have) Still waiting for this one to get home, just bought it, and I was thinking to get a hold of one before I have the machine in my hands. Once a again, thank you for looking and if you would run in to one, please have me in mind
  10. Hi! First post... long time forum lurker I am looking for the top cover to my Pfaff 345-40 H3LN. Does anyone have one, knows where to get one or knows what other brands/models/clones has the same cover? The part list number i have found is; 91-014 or 212-24 Not sure of what year my machine is made, but attaching a picture for reverens Many thanks in advance! // Lasse
  11. Hi everyone! New member, long time lurker, first post! Educated at Tarnsjo Tannery School of Saddlery I am a proud owner of three Singer 45k, one Pfaff 345 and one Singer 95k, but prefer the art of hand stitching Working with leatherwork just outside Stockholm, Sweden. Making everything from belts to motorcycle bags etc etc. Pictures of my work is coming up shortly! See you! / Lasse
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