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  1. Great idea. I might do that and use the same system on both machines. Thank you for the help, I appreciate it! I might have found some… interested?
  2. That’s not the spirit! They are our there, somewhere! Haha I’ll send them in email. I’m in Sweden so communication is easier that way
  3. Really interesting reading and a ton of help. I have a few other points on needles but the LR is my favorite Great stuff but that’s not the point I am looking for. The LR point is what I need
  4. Nothing there either :/ Dimond point I have found in 180 and 200. But that’s not what I am looking fore.
  5. There is nothing on the Groz-Beckerts website, I’ve looked before. And I can’t find the any of the sellers on eBay, can you link something?
  6. Hi! I am using a Seiko LCW-8BL, the machine should be able to handle it I have an Pfaff 335 with the 134-35 system so I might use them if I can’t anyones in the 135X16 system. Thank you for your help!
  7. Help finding 135x16 200 Hi y’all! I am trying to find 135x16 needles in size nm 25/200 and 24/180, with the LR point. It feels like I have been through the whole internet only to find 180 as a “special order” at Schmetz, and only for us citizens, the 200 seems impossible to find - maybe there aren’t any? Do you have any ideas or do you know where I can find some? I am in Sweden so buying the needles from the same store/place would be best cause Of shipping but I am getting frustrated and anything will do as this point. Many thanks in advance!
  8. Where will the model marking be on this models?
  9. To me if feels older than 1930’a. Maybe late 1800 / early 1900 I’ll se if I can find any more numbers in the machine so the search can get deeper And better!
  10. Hi! I wish to get help to identify this cobbler sewing machine. It’s on sale in Sweden, I am not the seller. I know it’s a Dürkopp and quite old, but how old? Is it made for export? (Due to the text on it) does anyone have more info I would appreciate it I am trying to help the seller to get more info about it before selling it Many thanks in advance / Lars
  11. Yes I know the needle system. I was looking at the 1000-1001 system too, I will get some of those too! Yeah the thread seams to be harder to get, got some good advance in earlier post that I’ll check out! Thank you for you help!
  12. Looks great! I’ll check them out Thanks!
  13. Thanks! The heavy kite string or nylon twine sounds interesting! Yes I know the needle systems, I was wondering if there was anyone who had gone crazy with this machines and used bigger thanks!
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