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  1. Hello Cindy, The cam " the white delrin with the black lever" basically works as an opener of the jaws against the spring that is under the black adjustment knob. It allows you to release the work with a pull on the lever so you simply grab the work piece pull the lever, shift the work piece, release the lever and continue stitching. It's much easier than having to loosen and tighten a bolt. The cam amounts to a 1 1/2" x 1/2" flat delrin with the two adjacent corners rounded over. You really don't need to do that though. Please fell free to copy it and if there's any way I can help let me know. I'd like to see some of your work!!! Thanks, Ray
  2. Thanks, I was curious about how it would look with the natural edges so it was just for that reason I didn't dye them. I've not done a holster that the leather wrapped around the gun so consequently the second hand stitch line was an after thought because I wasn't going to get the retention it needed. I have alot of work to do to get to where I could start selling a few and I so appreciate the time taken to comment Thanks, Ray
  3. Thanks, The belt loops are pretty tight. I do need to align them better when I do another one. Thanls, Ray
  4. I have been wanting to try one and this is the outcome. I'd appreciate your critiques as it's all about improving . Thanks for looking, Ray
  5. Thanks, I guess I was looking more at form than function. I carry every day and of course two mags both turned the dame way I'm used to. Thanks, Ray
  6. Thanks Mike, I may add the stitching yet but I did glue it well. I've been trying to refine my work and was curious about the stitching as to whether I'm getting it to look good. Thanks again, Ray
  7. I just finished this and would like any input on design and whatever you think about it. The backside is leather is 6 oz. and I wish I had used 8 oz. I made a pair of wood mags and mounted them to a piece of plywood to mold the front all of which was done by hand. It's hand stitched and all the stiitch holes were punched in a motorless drill press that I set up just to use with the awl blades and be able to lock the spindle at any angle. I airbrushed this and do like the even coloring as opposed to my use of daubers. Thanks for looking, Ray
  8. Thanks Mike, I appreciate the pics and ended up wih the same stuff as you have. I had looked at the harbor freight air brushes but was a bit apprehensive but it seems to work fine. Thanks, Ray
  9. Thanks for your help!! I got one of the harbor freight brushes and have it working and with some practice I think it'll work fine for the larger areas. I also ordered the Paasche VL Thanls, Ray
  10. I've been thinking about getting an Air Brush and was curious about what ones work well for dyeing and highlighting. I appreciate any help. What about buffers and wheels? Thanks, Ray
  11. Thanks, I love seeing them too !!!!! Thanks again, Ray
  12. Hey Lance, Yeah it's a cam and it sure makes things easier. I set the spring up so it also can clamp just like having a bolt. Thanks, Ray
  13. I thought I'd share this here since it's primary use will be in making holsters. I wanted something that was easy to move the piece in, bench mounted and would fold back out of the way. So, please tell me what you think good or bad. I want to lace to with leather in place of the boot laces and will wet the leather so they will further tighten as they dry. Thanks, Ray
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