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  1. Sometimes it helps to check out people's profiles (coz sometimes they even divulge their location...).
  2. Thanks Wizcrafts, normally I don't have any problem with writing in English, just in this case it's about a machine literally in my neighborhood here in Germany, and like you said, almost all people involved in this discussion seem to be/ understand German. Thanks for kind understanding!
  3. Hallo, das ist eine sogenannte "Stobelmaschine", die Naht besteht nur aus einem Faden mit den die beiden Teile verbunden werden, also eine Überwendlichtnaht (hat den Nachteil dass die Naht relativ leicht aufgezogen werden kann). Damit werden Pelze genäht, oder auch in der Schuhfertigung die fertigen Schäfte mit einer Zwischensohle vernäht. Das Nähgut wird zwischen die zwei Scheiben eingeklemmt und kann bei Nähen (in Kurven zum Beispiel) gestaucht oder gestreckt werden. Wenn die Maschine funktioniert ist 20,- geschenkt...
  4. Chris, interesting idea! But no, you use your hands to manoeuvre the leather pieces and press the foot pedal to let the motor move the punching head up and down while the lower transport wheel in the plate moves the pieces forward, very much like a sewing machine. But nice comparison with the fairground organ, I think a similar system had been used for embroidery machines?
  5. That's right, I can see bags and all kind of strappy leather goods using perforation (bracelets, guitar straps)...also there are more punching tools to get a different look and design of the perforated ornaments.
  6. Haha, you need I make an appointment for you at that factory??!
  7. Hm, not easy to find, seems these are VERY RARE...haven't found ANYTHING on the web, no photo, not even the brandname... I just got lucky, bought this one for EUR 50,00 including all tools...
  8. Hi folks, I can't figure out how to upload a Video (of my new machine) here because the size of the file...any advice? Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi Matt, I finally hauled the iron beauty to my workshop...it is really in great condition and came with lots of punching tools. I only had to change the plug (sure, clean and oil a bit) and now it runs smoothly! Here some more pics, just I don't know how to upload a video because of the size of the file...
  10. Hi silverd, This is a Fenda, made by German company Rafflenbeul. Simple and almost indestructible, spare blades are still available here in Germany. But it seems the cover of the lower part is missing (compare with photo below). I found a "Rudo" which is Fenda's big brother, but haven't received it yet (so no experience yet). How much did you pay if I may ask? Even a used one in good condition is bloody expensive here...
  11. Hi, tonight I am going to pick up my leather perforator, a similar machine for same purpose, but from a different brand (Ideal). So far also I don't have experience with this one and looking for a manual...will let you know once I get some info!
  12. Yes, indeed there's still lots of good stuff. Around my place we once had literally hundreds of shoe factories, most of them closed down during the 60s- 70s, lots of machinery was exported or scrapped. But sometimes you still find some good ones that survived in some old factory building or basement...but this factory here is exceptional, complete machine park still there, you could start production right away.
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