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  1. If this is not the best place to put this request please let me know. I am looking for a material that sews similar to rabbit or mink fur but is cheaper for practising on my new (to me) Strobel 72 fur sewing machine. I know rabbit fur is not the most expensive material, but after I figure out what I am doing I will then teach my kids how to use it. Not to mention wasting real fur does not sit with me well. The material does not need to be fury, just needs to be close enough to practice with. It uses 459R needles if anyone can recommend the ideal size and thread fur this type of work or any other recommendations I would appreciate it.
  2. I did buy the Strobel machine. The inside looks factory new, minus a few strands of fur that made it in there. With the belt of the wheel spins freely and keeps spinning a number of rotations when you let go. It also sewed a good sample! I just need to clear a spot in my garage or office and buy some cheap material to simulate furs so that I can practice before buying real rabbit fur. I may still get the Singer machine later. The lady selling it started to cry as I loaded it into the car. She watched her mother and father sew fur coats with it for nearly 30 years until her moth passed away 2 years ago, her father a decade before that. I told her that I will be sure to use it as often as I can and will teach my kids how to use it as well. She took comfort knowing that it will be used by a family again. What model is it?
  3. That is one of my favourite quotes. My wife would say I do take it a little to far. LOL. The seller did clarify that it makes about 5 stitches then "drops the tread". Probably just needs to be properly threaded, or cleaned, but it works as a bargaining chip for a better price.
  4. Bad news, he says it does not work and is not sure why. Although he never stated that it is fully functional (perhaps 2 phase into a single phase motor?), I wish he would have mentioned this when I told him I would like to inspect and test it. I guess I will be testing the Strobel machine tomorrow. I will see if he want to sell the 46K38 for less since parts are hard to find and usually expensive. Maybe it just needs to be cleaned, maybe it will become decoration?
  5. Constabulary, I may have found a workaround to not being able to inspect the Singer 46K38 prior to going out to see the Strobel machine. The seller of the 46K38 will attempt to take a video of him sewing some leather scrap (he also sells leather) tonight if he has time. If I like what I see and we can agree on a date for me to pick it up I will transfer the money to him through the banks. If he sends me the video and if anyone wants to review it let me know. That is a nice looking 46K46, what are you going to do with it? Does it work? As far as I can tell from my research the Strobels, Success and Rittershausen machines are all the same.
  6. To make things more fun, my German is horrible (typisch amerikaner) so it makes discussing the technical details and negotiating very interesting. Luckily everyone has been very understanding and helpful so far. Google Translate has made some interesting mistakes LOL.
  7. It is a 46K38 with the bench and motor for 150 Euro, and it is about an hour drive away. The issue is that I only have time to go out there tomorrow and he is not available before I look at another nice machine. There is a Strobel machine for 120 Euro, that is about 2 hours away, and I am scheduled to look at it tomorrow before noon. Like you I like old Singers (only a couple 201s so far). If I had the room for both I would get both. .
  8. Thanks. I took a look into that and it makes sense. I even have a number of the large capacitors laying around from my Jacob's Ladder projects. What does not make sense is the picture of the motor data plate he sent me. It states it is a 125/220V, Delta-Wye, 2.8/1.6A, 50hz motor, but he has it plugged into 2 phase, 400V (actually 380V I believe) as supported by his messages and the picture. Either I am missing something or he is putting 2 phase through a single phase motor, or he only has one leg of that 400V power cord connected to the motor. Any thoughts? With all of this odd stuff, I think I may need to go after a Strobel machine that is not much further than this Singer.
  9. Thanks. The real kicker is that I only need a 220V 50hz motor for 2 years before I go back to the US, hopefully, UT. The good news is that I have found a number of used cheap motors out here. The really good news is that most of the motors I found are 220/400V, so hopefully, the motor with the 46K38 is also 220/400V and just needs a jumper moved and a new power cable.
  10. I am looking for information on the Singer 46K38 from 1948. All I could find is the below link that states it is for "turned slipper work" up to 1000 stitches per minute, but the brochure looks to be from a 3rd party, not Singer. ISMAC does not even list the 46K38. I am looking to primarily use it for making light fur and leather gloves, but it would be a bonus if it could be used to make medium or heavy weight work gloves as well. Any input is welcome, as I am new to this type of work/hobby. The good news is that it works and is complete with a table, light, 400V motor (German 2 phase) and is only an hour drive from me. The bad news is I don't have 400V in my work area and will have to get a new motor if the current motor is not 230/400V compatible. Thanks in advance. http://www.industrialsewmachine.com/46k38.htm
  11. I have recently become interested in light leather work such as fur gloves, driving gloves, and similar projects. Being stationed in Germany has brought these and the sewing machines used to make them to my attention. I am almost ready to buy a fur sewing machine and I think I have narrowed down the models I should be looking for but I would like some of your opinions as a sanity check. Ranked hight to low: Bonis (any submodel), Pros: some parts still made and factory support https://bonisparts.com/ Cons: $$$ and hard to find, the only local machine is only the head and they want me to make an offer Singer 46K (probably a 46K26), Pros: a treadle mounted one is near me and it will look great with my Singer 201s. Cons: Parts are rare and $$$$$, not sure how much they want for it. Strobel, Pros: numerous over here, some selling for cheap* Cons: Most are $$$$ and there does not look to me much support one I get back to the US Pfaff, Pros: usually a good brand Cons: not many for sale and $$$ Rittershausen Pros: a few are available for cheap Cons: I can't find much information on the or parts Wakra only saw one looks like a Bonis, no other information Below are the pictures of the Singer 46 I am primarily looking at. Let me know what you think about any of this.
  12. The seller said the person who he was holding it for picked it up Monday night. He did offer to let me look at the singer 191 that he has for sale while I was in the area today but I turned that down since I could not use it. I will just have to keep my eyes open for another one with a good price. Since most of you are in country; are there any shipping companies that will pick up items like sewing machines and pack them from residences? I know a few in the US but have not found any here yet.
  13. That sucks. He told me that it is reserved until early next week and to contact him then. I will give him one more chance then move on.
  14. Thanks for uploading the pictures and video. With this information, I messaged the seller and will hopefully be picking it up when I go to Homburg (misspelt the first post) when I go there tomorrow.
  15. I am going to be near this machine tomorrow, and for 20 Euro, it is cheap. If I had to guess it is for seams on light leather and fur items like gloves, but that is just my uneducated guess. If they listed the model I would look it up myself. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/alte-pfaff-pelz-leder-naehmaschine-mit-unterschrank/934199453-240-405 The translation is: "Old Pfaff fur / leather sewing machine with base cabinet" "Sell here an old sewing machine from Pfaff with base cabinet. She runs on the pedal when kicking. Pick up in 66539 Neunkirchen / Saar"
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