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  1. Plates are not that expensive and I think they are still available. I would order that and the 2 screws to attached. Plus, if you decide to sell the machine down the road, it has the original plate on it, not some thing you made to just get by. glenn
  2. shoepatcher

    Claes 8346 restoration questions

    I just sent you an email. Disregard it. I have only seen on Claes with a foot lift and that took some time to set it up but it was nice.
  3. shoepatcher

    Claes 8346 restoration questions

    John I set them up on an off the arm stand with a servo motor and speed reducer. I can text you some pics if you would like to see it. What are you planning on sewing with the machine? You are missing the spool pin and thread holder that is below the bobbin winder. Can you send me a pic or two of the back of the machine. It looks like you have the zigzag attachment on it. sorry for the late reply. Computer been down for two weeks and no WIFI too boot. glenn
  4. shoepatcher

    adler spare parts?

    Just so you know, the tip of the needle, feed dog and inner presser foot should reach the top of the throat plate all at the same time. In your machine, the tip of the needle is way late. That adjustment needs to be made. The feed dog looks like it is coming up a little to high. Feed dog should never rise more than the bottom of the teeth are above the top of the throat plate. glenn
  5. shoepatcher

    Adler 30-10

    There has to be a timing issue of some type here. Thread should not be that tight. Post a few pics of the machine and a video if you can of the machine sewing. glenn
  6. shoepatcher

    335 Clone Hook Replacement

    sounds like the old hook and bobbin that used to be in the Pfaff335 before they came out with the 335-G which has the larger bobbin. Hockey mender and I have switched out the old hook for the larger G bobbin size hook with no problem. Send us some pics of the hook and bobbin in the Yamata.
  7. shoepatcher

    Adler 669

    Synchronizer plug installed. Synchronizer installed and working fine. glenn
  8. shoepatcher

    Claes Patcher Needles

    Never have seen a places to get System#88 needles in size 90. What are you sewing that you need a needle so small? glenn
  9. I have an Adler 30-7. I understand the larger leather cutting needles are hard to find. I would like to try 207 thread in it. Bob in is kinda small but would still like to try. Can you help me find the large needles.

    1. OldRedMule


      I saw some information you wrote in another post. Thank you!

    2. shoepatcher


      I will have to check to see wat I have.  They are no longer making #180 in leather point.


    3. OldRedMule


      If you have some you can spare that would be great. After I got to looking around the largest I found were the 160. I also have a Juki 141 NH that I ordered some needles for to give a try. 


  10. Don't forget me cdthayer! glenn
  11. shoepatcher

    I want to restore a Singer 111W153

    Go for it. Just be careful not to disassemble it to much. If it is a 111W153, there should be three shafts counting the needle bar. I only see one. There is a army manual out there on this machine you should get a copy of before you disassemble the head. Much more info than any Singer manual. Written for the military during WWII. glenn
  12. Call the company you ordered it from and get a replacement part. That is due to the shipping of the item and it got bent. If they will not back the part, you probably can bend it back in a vice but first must remove from machine and tap it lightly with a rubber or plastic hammer being very careful not to break the support as you bend it back. glenn
  13. shoepatcher

    Landis 3 Help

    You can use lubricated polyester in the Landis 3 DESPITE what other sewers say. They use both linen and polyester thread in curved needles so sew on soles of shoes. You will have to try both to see what woks best for you.
  14. shoepatcher

    Landis #3 stitcher needles & Awl availability

    OH my God. Sorry to hear such sad news. Do you have telephone number for her? glenn
  15. shoepatcher

    Landis #3 stitcher needles & Awl availability

    Keith Palmer out of South Dakota is considered the expert on that machine! glenn