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  1. contact Eli Schlabach at Landis sewing in Arthur, IL. He can help. glenn
  2. There us a bolt in the back that lets you tighten the lever up. Should be about the same as on a 205-370, Need pics of the back of your machine. glenn
  3. They vary from hook mfg. to hook mfg. The finger on my Juki 1508 is .134" width. that is a genuine Juki hook. I think the hooks were the same on both the 1508 and 563. The use the same bobbin. I usually round the edges of the finger slot on the underside of the throat plate and buff it so the thread will go in and around it without any hinderance. glenn
  4. 145 class single needle flatbed walking foot unison feed VR ? not seen before 56 ? B class L for sewing leather does this machine have any trimming knives on it? Send pics of the head
  5. You take the feet, feed dog and throat plate off the machine so only the needle and the hook are left. This allows you to time the hook to the needle by hand. The hook should be very close to the needle without touching it. I believe you go to bottom dead center with the needle and then up 3/32" and needle should be timed at that point. Distance of hook point from needle should be about the width of a paper business card. Keep in mind the needle deflector will push needle from left to right before hook arrives. I also tell people to deepen the slot on the underside of the throat plate a few thousands so that #138 thread can pass freely over the bobbin case finger. Buffing the slot will also let thread pass more easily in the slot. glenn
  6. Deed you find a parts book for the machines. That will help
  7. Claes parts will not be cheap, but good. That looks like a Singer 34 post machine under the Claes stand? Nice glenn
  8. Also a guy in Lithuania was selling parts on Ebay. may be the same guy. can we get a pic of the part glenn
  9. I have seen them repainted with Hammertone Gold color. Sharp! glenn
  10. Shoepatchers are not walking foot machines. Advertise up in Canada where you are. People looking for them. glenn
  11. Good news. The 200-2 RPX uses same hook, bobbin as the 8346/20 machine of today. I think the shuttle carrier and drive gear are the same as well. . Why make when you can buy new ones. Contact Claes in Germany. I think you can buy form them direct being you are in Poland. glenn
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