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  1. Good you have the post covers and the bobbin cover. 12 " post damn! Service should be the same on this as and 51 post with roller feet, glenn
  2. No. 1508 came out before 2000. I got one in the late 1990's. First year they were made. Still have it. glenn
  3. The feed dog looks wrong. It should be all the same height front to back on it. Check the adjustment screw underneath to adjust height of the feed dog. it has 4 motion feed meaning feed dog comes up, moves back, drops down and then comes forward to complete the cycle. i would remove the throat plate and take a video of the feed dog moving. glenn
  4. Having just finished rebuilding a Consew DSC-2 skiver, I believe a lot of the parts will work on Fortuna skivers since they are a copy of the Fortuna. I know Fortuna made various models, but it is a possible source for parts. I tell everyone, " A part is better than no part". Something to consider even if they are Chinese made clone parts. glenn miller
  5. I wanted to find out how many of our members own and use a Singer 97-10 harness machine. Please respond so we can figure out how many are still out there. Thank you in advance. glenn miller
  6. Safety clutch adjusted with Allen wrench as to when it disengages. check that it is not to tight so it disengages to quickly.
  7. If you want the Cadillac, get what I have- DA 669. it replaced the 69. It can be changed very easily to a binder machine. Not cheap!! glenn
  8. Ok you will probably need to change out the feed cam on the bottom from 4 motion drop feed to skiff feed, new throat plate, feed dog. It uses singer feet so you can get those on line. The binder will not be cheap if you have to have it made special. WE use Atlanta Attachment, Tennessee Attachment and WS Bessett here in the States. UK? Are there any binder companies in the UK or Europe?
  9. Standard Rivet I believe is still in business. Contact them. glenn
  10. Call Manufacturers Supply in St. Louis and see if they have a manual. It looks like most copies of the Fortuna. I just rebuilt a Consew DSC-2 skiver. Looks just like that. glenn
  11. Call Eli Schelbach at Landis sales in Arthur, IL. Heritage was mast Harness Shops name for their line of machines. Eli started Mast Harness Shop and eventually sold it to Weaver Leather. glenn
  12. Anything else on the model plate? The 1445 was replaced by the 1425 machine. Great machine. Foot lift was 16mm as far as I can determine. Made both a B and C class. This machine has back tack, foot lift and trim functions. I have a operations manual and mechanics manual but no parts list. The feet are funny. 1245 feet will not fit it. You can get feet for it from Kwok Hing in Singapore. 134-35 needle system.. I think stitch length was 6mm max. Any 900 number in model plate is a special function like trimming, etc. glenn
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