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  1. I would contact Hoffman Brothers again and see what they have. Also contact Campbell-Boswell in Texas. They deal in a lot of types of leather machinery as well. glenn
  2. It truly is. Stand could be made so much better. Not ergo friendly in my opinion. I came up with a way to motorize a 29K or Adler 30 class on the the treadle stand that is fairly easy to do. Only part you have to remove is the metal or wooden Pittman arm. It takes using the machine on a set up to come up with a better set up. glenn
  3. i have feet for 45K23 and a couple of other models. Feet are different for these 2 45 K models glenn
  4. I have feet for 45 K machines for sale. Will be posting pics of them next week. glenn
  5. Nice job. Electrolysis on the rusty parts? glenn
  6. With the castors raising up the machine, it may be shaky. Another reason to remove the castors and replace with short fat bolts. glenn
  7. One of the biggest problem with cylinder arm machines mounted on tables with cut outs under them is arm clearance. The pedestal stand cures some of those problems but!! First, I have never liked the metal pedestal stands that they mount so many machines on. The castors raise the machine up to high for it to be comfortable when using the foot pedals. Second, the pedestal arm is to far back on the stand. You are leaning over to sew things way more than you should. The pedestal should be 4" closer to the sewer on the base. Third, when they mount them, the base of the machine should come right up to the left edge of the table top. Otherwise, you loose arm space for sewing on the arm. I mounted my DA669 on an off the arm table myself. Set it up like I wanted it. No complaints. With thing to note: With the machine mounted on an off the arm table, you may want to get a slide on flat table attachment for those items you will be sewing that need a table around the arm.
  8. 69 Adler's no longer made and finding them is not that easy> i would get the 373 if it is at a good price. It can be made into a binder. glenn
  9. The 69-373 will probably have 4 motion drop feed. The 69-73 usually have skip feed in the the feed dog does not drop down like it does in the 373. That said, you can still make a binder out of it. You will need the throat plate, feed dog, and binder feet to convert the machine. I believe Kwok Hing has these parts. They are in Singapore. If you buy genuine Adler parts, they will not be cheap.
  10. Buy the long arm over the short arm. 4500 vs. 3500. Trust me. You will later regret not buying the long arm!!! glenn
  11. I thought 29D shoepatchers were made in Germany correct Constabulary? glenn
  12. Ok We need the length of the arm in cm. We need to see the size f the hook. That will tell us a lot as to subclass and model. This one has a lot of decals on it so it is an early one. Not an 18 class. Throat plate indicates it is a rotary shuttle in it, not a stationary shuttle. dampen the base of the machine abut 4-5 inches above the table and below the opening on the head and see if any numbers appear? they will be faint if still there. glenn
  13. No brackets different. SAme as 867,868,869. glenn
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