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  1. pic of the area that has the screws. I have some parts and screws. glenn
  2. Adler 120 Class. Hard to find them. Last i knew, a company in Germany that makes the 30 class shoepatchers for Adler was still making them.. Price was over $20,000.00US.\glenn glenn
  3. Yep, I agree with Constabulary. That is a Durkopp 17- class. The length of arm will tell us one thing on the subclass, the hook and bobbin the other info on subclass. Can we see more pictures? You realize it has been more than 2 years awaiting for the pics!! I hope the next pics come quicker. Neumann probably contracted with Politype or Durkopp for this machine. Private labeling. glenn
  4. take the hook and bobbin case out and derust them with Dremel and wire brush that fits on Dremel. Check the tip of the hook for burrs. Machine will work better derusted. I mark oil areas with red paint stick. Helps when oiling machine. Clean up the buggered up screw heads as well. You got a high lift version of a 545. Great machine!!! glenn
  5. The -FA means it is set up to trim thread. Other functions may be there as well. the -263 is the designation for 2 needle but not walking foot. Probably bottom and needle feed. -273 would be the 2 needle walking foot model.
  6. The 267 gk or -373 are a good medium duty walking foot machine. Foot lift I believe is 12-13mm. It will sew up to 3/8 thickness of leather depending on how hard the leather is. These machines are in demand especially the ones built in Germany. They are going for over $2000.00 rebuilt and set up. Make sure timing belt isin good shape or that will be a $100.00 expense. glenn
  7. Look at the 969 Adler Pure that Weaver sells. 969 stripped down to basic functions. Wholesale complete, $5895.00. Like 205 but its big brother!!! I have sewed on the Eco 969 and it is a beast! glenn
  8. will try to get you a pic today. Busy as hell at the moment give me an email to send pic to. glenn
  9. Ok the Consew 733 in a lot of ways is a copy of the 7 class. What 7 subclass have you got? In a lot of cases, Consew parts may be different. You will have to check the Consew parts list. Seiko machine is like the Consew . glenn
  10. No, he means the paddle shaped spring screwed to the needle bar just above the needle clamp. glenn
  11. I am looking for some assistance. I purchased an old Claes Elastic 1880's patcher and I am not sure if it has all of the pieces and if I can find a manual (preferably in English). Things I need are



    missing pieces (after I figure that out)


    Any help would be appreciated



    Claes Model Number pic.jpg

  12. Use a small ratchet with a screw tip in the end. will get more leverage
  13. shuttle carrier for 29K51-56 is unique to that series. Other will not work unless you do some modifications. glenn
  14. $275.00 plus shipping. I can get you a photo. You have books on the machine? I have the parts list, operations manual and the military service book on the machine. I had one years ago in the early 1980's before the 441 and 205 came out. Does yours have the stand or just the head? Mine had everything glenn
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