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  1. Pfaff is 2.0mm to 2.2mm if I remember correctly. depends on subclass glenn
  2. There us no way I would hand sew welts and soles on shoes. I build goalie pads. I have hand sewn a lot of them up by hand in 40 plus years. I also have an Adler 205-370 to sewn them up the sides on a machine. Machine sewn pads are superior because they maintain that constant same tension on the thread. Shoes are harder to do. A Mckay insole machine and Rapid E or Landis 12 curved needle will do a superior job and do it a lot faster on the welt and soles. Just my opinion but also speaking from experience. A shoe finisher will also make finishing the shoes and boot easier. glenn
  3. Play in the needlebar. how it stitches. glenn
  4. thanks for the heads up Wiz! glenn
  5. Contact Allen at Weaver Leather in Ohio. He is in on Monday and Tuesday. They carry parts for the 267 Adler. Should be the same number. glenn
  6. Bobbins should never be filled over about 85%. A totally filled bobbin will cause problems. glenn
  7. thanks Wiz. I was looking for the 1425 manual. I found it. glenn
  8. Looking for a mechanics manual for a Pfaff 1425. Anybody got a copy or can download and send to me. glenn
  9. Contact Eli at Landis Sales in Arthur, IL. He is the expert on that machine. glenn
  10. Landis 16, can you help?


    I just aquired a Landis 16 machine.  A friend of mine uses one and he runs WD-40 in the two housings on the transmission/clutch/pulley driveshaft that is on the back of the machine, I don't know what else to call the large shaft.  Are there seals on that shaft?  When I fill up those housings with wd-40 it ends up slinging the oil out of the housings.  Or is it supposed to have a thicker consistency oil in them?  Any help would be appreciated.

    1. shoepatcher


      Contact Eli  at Landis Sales in Arthur, Ill.  He is the expert on the Landis 16 and can answer those questions.  He rebuilds the machines and manufactures parts for the machine.  I have never sewn or used the machine,  Sorry.


  11. Depends on the parts. A lot have been discontinued. glenn
  12. That is the one I have I believe. glenn
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