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  1. shoepatcher

    Thread stuck to bobbin when pull out the work

    The thread does NOT and I repeat NOT go over the pin. The function of the pin is to locate and hold the tensions discs in place. Some of my operators use to put the needle thread over the pin and it disrupted the top tension let alone the thread wearing into the pin. That is a no no. By the way, nice looking Pfaff 345! glenn
  2. Stitch adjustment is on top above the timing belt in the picture. She is a beast. Feet look like they are off a 112W139. This requires more investigation on your part. We need to see the feed dog. Capped bobbin hooks like on a 168W101. glenn
  3. shoepatcher

    Needle Sticking in Leather

    Running thread thru a thread lubricator with silicon lube should cure the problem. glenn
  4. shoepatcher

    Singer 153 B8B. Vs Juli Ls 341

    Juki 341 is a heavier machine than the Singer. Juki has high lift, bigger bobbin, and will sew #207 thread! If you need to sew with #207, buy the Juki. glenn
  5. This is for a Adler 869 or 669? glenn
  6. shoepatcher

    JUKI 2210 N-6

    The 2210-6 is Juki's copy of the Adler 767. The Juki is a good machine. The -6 is the earlier version of a machine with thread trimmers and toys. Now they are a -7. I have used both the versions and they are good machines. Medium duty high speed walking foot machines. Does this have the toys or has it been striped to a plain jane? Depending on the thickness of the leather, should sew the canvas and leather with no problem. glenn
  7. shoepatcher

    Adler Chandler model 190 - thoughts - experience?

    A 105-64 is what Ferd built the first Bull out of. That would sew 1" of leather. German engineers from Adler came over from Germany to see the machine and were amazed it would sew. The had never seen anything like it. Ferd's son Ron told me the story some years ago. For those of you who do not know, I am talking about Ferdinand Jean Blanc who was a legend and a genius when it came to heavy leather stitches. I met him some years ago at the IFA show in Atlanta and the Cowboy boot show in Texas. He built the Bull and the Pro 2000. I heard he is in a medical facility now in Idaho. Great guy. glenn
  8. shoepatcher

    Singer 153b8b

    I know what you mean. glenn
  9. shoepatcher

    Singer 153b8b

    That means the lift is 14 mm but it will not sew that thick!!! glenn
  10. shoepatcher

    Adler Chandler model 190 - thoughts - experience?

    send pics of the plate in the back if you can showing model number. glenn
  11. shoepatcher

    Singer 153b8b

    This machine did not pre-date the Consew 227 which was created by Seiko. The Consew 227 machine was a copy of the earlier Singer 153K or W but with improvements. The 153b8b was made for Singer by either Consew or Brother. Maximum thread size is #138. maximum stitch length 5-5.5mm. 3/8"maximum thickness. I strongly doubt you can run #207 thru the machine., certainly not in the bobbin and probably not on the top. glenn
  12. shoepatcher

    Help with UMC Hydralic Clicker Press

    Hydraulic oil ike they use in tractor attachments. Only one or two types made. Your manual was mailed yesterday. glenn
  13. call New England Needle and ask for Tom. He would know or would have them. You could also call Diamond Needle in NY. glenn
  14. shoepatcher

    Adler Chandler model 190 - thoughts - experience?

    Chandler for a long time was the Adler importer here in the US. There were a lot of Chandler Adler machines here. That looks like a 105-64 which is a bottom feed, needle feed machine. Will sew 12mm with heavy thread #277 and up. Good machine. It was the heaviest Adler cylinder arm made until the Ferd came up with the Bull using a 105-64. Then Adler came out with the 205-74 in late1985 which became the 205-370. Uses needle system #328 if I remember correctly. glenn
  15. shoepatcher

    Help to identify Adler - class 20-?

    It look like the 20-2. I would buy it. It has the original bobbin winder on it. Will have to be gone over but that is where projects are both work and fun! glenn