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  1. You put a detailed email of your experiences in a text with back up info and send to the President of Tippman. I would be screaming all kinds of BS for the way you have been treated. You are not in the States which may make it a little harder but STILL!!! glenn
  2. I would. They are the same type of line these you for air connections. You could also order it from Durkopp Adler which will cost more. Download the manuals from the Adler site. glenn
  3. Black would look better. I have on e Durkopp in green, Not as nice as the black. glenn
  4. Get it from Kwok Hing. They are in Singapore. Good company to deal with. You will need a guide and an adapter plate. glenn
  5. C, I have a 17-1-1 that looked just like that and the table is just as rusty!!! Too many projects in front of it however. glenn
  6. That will work for you. That's great. glenn
  7. ChenLinav, The 205-64 was a great machine before Adler came along with the 205-74 in late 1985. It then made changes and came out with the 205-373, then rebadged it with the 205-370. Finding a 205-64 will not be easy. They are out there but not in large numbers. Going price is $1,500.00-$2.500.00. Parts from Adler are beginning to get scarce. If it was me, I would look at at used 205-370 or new 441 clone. Both are true walking foot machines where as the 205-64 is a bottom, needle feed machine. Yes , the 205-370 or 441 clone will cost more. BUT, parts more readily available as are more types of feet. You might also consider the 205 clone that Weaver Leather sells. Good machine and cheaper than used Adler 205-370 machines which are going for from $3,500 to over $5,000.00 used!!. Buy once, cry once!! Plus the walking foot machines will sew over more difficult items. I have sewn on all of these machines: 205-64, 205-74, 373, 370, Genuine 441 Juki, 441 clones like Cowboy and Artisan, the Weaver 205-370 clone. All sew very well. I own a Durkopp/Adler 205-370 with toys. No comparison between what the 205-370's and 441's vs. the 205-64. Just my 2 cents! Do your homework before you buy. glenn
  8. Consew 206RB was the first ones made for Consew by Seiko in Japan. Should be hammertone gray. Great machines. glenn
  9. Contact Consew direct in NY. glenn
  10. Also call Jones Decker at Bill's Sewing in Hildebrand, NC 8004455657. glenn
  11. Yep It's a very good machine. It's replacement, the 869 is even that much better. glenn
  12. GW, You did very well for $500.00!!! Ok 30 -1 and 30-10 uses needle system 332 or 135 x 17. 30-7 and 30-70 are both high lift versions. They need a longer needle. That needle system is 332LG for round points, 332 LL LG for leather points. You can get needles from Bob Kovar at Toledo Sewing. I have big sizes #160 and #180. The longer needles cost more I am afraid. What size thread you going to be using? Make sure you get parts list, operations manual and mechanics manual for the machine. I have found a much better way to use a servo motor on the Sutton stand with shoepatchers. The jack shaft in the stand originally is not nearly as good as a servo motor. I can walk you thru it. It will work much better Trust me. glenn
  13. caperseven, Go to a #160 needle. The larger need will sew better and you will have less deflection. The needle mfg's say the smallest needle you can use with #138 thread is a #140. I always go up one size with the many different things i sew. I also use titanium coated needles. They work the best. You should be able to sew heavier than 8mm of leather with the 267 Adler unless it is hard leather! glenn
  14. nice C!!! Durkopp mad the shoepatchers in 25 machine lots. The problem was parts from one lot would not necessarily work form one lot to the next. The number on it was a serial number part for that machine or lot. The parts sure look nice and cleaned up after being in the electrolysis tank!!! glenn
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