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  1. specs of the needle so we can find something close. glenn
  2. New genuine will be expensive. They do make generics. try eBay. there is a guy on eBay that sells Pfaff parts. he is in Lithuania. prices reasonable. You need to find the part numbers for the two gears. i would also contact Henderson sewing and Collier Equipment, both in Alabama. have parts numbers ready. ok the parts number for the bevel gear sets (only sold in sets) is #91-141536-90, the set screw set is #11-330964-15. The cost i found was $190.00 for the gears and the screws. Hope that helps glenn
  3. The 29-1 was made at the Elizabethport factory between 1894-1895. The 29K1 was made at the Kilbowie factory in Clydebank , Scotland. The stand should work for want you want it for. People will buy the 29-1 head if you decide to sell it. As Contabulary stated, this is and early machine. Singer stated making the UFA which becoame the 29 class in 1877. glenn
  4. pics of the machine machine! glenn
  5. Probably not Loctite! Just very tight. You need to find a very small ratchet with screw driver tips. I have one and it works great on small tight screw heads. Amazon carrys them but I got my elsewhere. glenn
  6. Should be a U-tube video on the machine. I would also contact Hoffman Brothers in Chicago. The may have an operations manual for the machine. glenn
  7. Send us some pics so we can see how bad it is rusted. I used Evaporust. to remove rust. glenn
  8. Needle way too small for that size of thread. You need a 24 needle to sew #207. These machines come in pretty rough and you need to go thru the thread path to check for burrs and other thins. Hook may be actually to sharp on the end.
  9. I will have to check to see what I have in stock. Gear still available from Durkopp/Adler in Georgia. Call them and get a price. I think the gear was about $74.00 plus shipping last time I checked. glenn
  10. Hoffman Brothers in Chicago? They handle the Ferdco machines. glenn
  11. Anybody got a copy of Bonis parts list and operations manual. Got a customer looking for one or both. glenn
  12. should use a system 794 needle. I think that can sew from #138 to #346. Contact Hoffman Brothers in Chicago. They now handle the Ferdco and may be able to help you with parts and indo. glenn
  13. some Seiko and Consew parts fit. Not all You will have to determine wich parts are worn. Is that big or small hook? glenn
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