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  1. Machine is probably out of time. 196 is a double needle post machine. It has 2 hooks. each hook must be timed separately. 195 manual will work. I think I have a copy of the manual but only in hard copy. glenn
  2. CALL Bob Kovar at Toledo sewing. You may have to have the parts made. Do you have these parts at all? glenn
  3. Landis sewing in Arthur, IL. glenn
  4. I would offer less money. Can he supply sewn samples to you to verify that it does indeed sew. These machines used to bring big money aka $5,000.00-7,500.00. Not so much any more. New the 767H which replaced the 221 is expensive. $, 15,000.00 plus. I would offer $3,000.00 tops. It is indeed a real Adler. Just so you know, the 3 pedal system on the bottom of the stand that works the motor, reverse, foot lift is cast , not stamped. The pedal system last time i check which was years ago was $950.00!! just for that. glenn
  5. Bob, I just checked the original Adler sales brochure for the 220 I have and both single and double needle say 7x23needles which I am running. However, at Vaughn, used 794 in both the Single needle 221's. I think I will switch mine to the 794. Thank Bob for the heads up. glenn
  6. Thus is an Adler 221-76-73 machine. Cooper when they were in business, would buy heads from various manufacturers and rework them for their own purposes. A lot of time, they made big clamp style programable machines with big clamp areas. This is a very good Adler and heavier than a 267, 767, 867. The next class of machine up from this as to thickness of sewing was the Adler 205-270. This has about a 1" lift and will sew with 207 and possibly 277 thread. Needle system is 7 x 23. they were used a lot in the tent, pool cover, truck tarp industry. I have it predecessor's, the 220 and mine is a 20" machine. What he is asking for it if I may ask? The screw holding the outside foot on is backwards. Nut should be on the right side of the foot, not left side.
  7. Use a degreaser and cleaner to clean it up. I would pay more for an item that has been rebuilt and cleaned. glenn
  8. the 2810 may be made in China but it is a copy of the Adler 867 and that is the top machine period. Anything close to that is going to be good. glenn
  9. would think this machine is an H2 because of the medium materials B in the model plate.
  10. I found my timing belts. I have a couple of ones that are a little dirty but never been used and on one, the cotton belt is dark from oil but is good. I assume his one is a little longer from being stretched on a machine. Price is $30.00 plus shipping. glenn
  11. I may have a timing belt for you. I found more of them for the 51 class. glenn
  12. good idea on bobbin winders. The pin tht held the foot bar is a very small tapered pin. If you weld up the hole and re-drill it, be very careful when drilling it. A regular small pin would work. glenn
  13. The foot that you want is the only one really produced to day. It is #82007. Much better than the elves toe feet that came with the machine. They are available on line fairly cheap. glenn
  14. i received a text from Al Shovitz 's wife Stella that (EVO160 on this site) this morning that Al had passed away from Cancer yesterday. Tough loss. He had contributed greatly to a lot of members on this forum. I had known Al for over 8 years and we had helped each other with questions and answers, especially with Claes shoepatchers. glenn
  15. Yes Adler 69-372,373, 572,573,672,673. Is there a model plate in front of machine? need more pics!!! it was made in the 1950's-1960's because of the color. glenn
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