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  1. I have sewn on the 69 in a couple of subclasses. great machine. However, I own a 669 eco. It is fabulous. Until about 1.5 years ago, only machine built in this class in the new generation. Seiko came out with one in 2019 i believe but not as good in that stitch length is not as long or is the lift as high. My question is what do you want to sew and what weight of thread do you want to use? Answers will determine what machine I would recommend. I can give you the differences between the machines. glenn
  2. Unusual for Eli. I would still call him. He is the leading expert on the Landis 16 right now! aaaaaaaaaaaaa Something pissed him off for sure but what? I give people 2 chances. Like James Bond said. " Once is chance, twice is coincidence, 3 times is enemy action!" Glenn
  3. Contact Eli Schalbach at Landis Sewing In Port Aurthur, IL. He rebuilds them. glenn
  4. The 2341,42 are Juki copies of the DA869. It is just like the 2810 is a copy of the 867. Juki is a very good machine. To my knowledge, the 2341,42 and the 869 are the only new 3rd generation machines out in the cylinder arm. Pfaff, Consew, Seiko and clones are not available at this time. The Juki's should be cheaper than the Adler. I sewed and worked on an 869 with all the toys for about 6 years. Hell of a machine. glenn
  5. I have bobbins that will fit this machine and I have a bunch of hooks coming in from Germany. I hope some of these are Durkopp hooks. check with me in about 2 weeks. glenn
  6. The jog dial is a super great feature of the 967, 969. So good, DA has incorporated into other new models. You can position the needle where ever you want using just your index finger. great piece of engineering. They now have the 969 Pure out which is the stripped down version of the 969 Eco. No jog dial on that one. glenn
  7. call Shoe System Plus in New York or Gateway Shoe in Illinois. Both are shoe Repair machine companies. They should have manuals on these machines. glenn
  8. That is a UFA Singer shoepatcher. Early one. Contact Horse&Harness in Ohio. They have parts for 29-4 which includes the spring tension bar. I have the parts but they are for other machines that I am rebuilding. glenn
  9. Nakajima developed the 441 in the early to mid 1980's. they also made parts for Juki as well as their own machines. Juki bought the company in he very early 1990's if i remember correctly. Their engineers went thru every machine and tweaked some things. In some cases, Juki kept the sample model number. In other cases, they change the model number completely. the Nakajimi 441 became the Juki 441! glenn
  10. Contact Luke at MJ Foley in Detroit. They are the master distributor for Juki in North America. glenn
  11. Pneumatic motors used mostly by the Amish. I would remove and replace with servo and speed reducer unless you are Amish. If not, I would then sell the pneumatic motor to he Amish. They cost more than servos. Not so noisy as the compressor is usually outside in Amish establishments. Great machine. I have one with all the toys on it. It needs a good cleaning and going over. Take your time and do it thoroughly. Bob at Toledo or Allen Burkholder at Weaver can answer any questions you may have. glenn
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