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  1. Isn't that a clone of the Landis #1? Sharon??
  2. On needles........I just went through a series of emails asking Schmetz to simply make a longer thread groove in 26-200, 26-230, 26-250 and 26-300 needles. Just an additional 0.600" of grind, no other changes. The Chicago branch sent it to Germany and they told me first that they could do it. I offered to have a hundred of each needle modified. Next they told me that a Landis #1 was an awl and hook machine and they were not interested. I sent them part photos and the fact that we use Schmetz needles now, courtesy of Eli. They then got snooty and said due to Covid they were not interested........ It's not polite to swear on this site so I won't. That is Scmetz for you......... I guess I'll set up one of my tool and cutter grinders with a 1" dia. high speed diamond and grind the damned things myself.
  3. MikeRock

    Hard winter wax

    Do any of your vintage machine users know the composition of 'hard winter wax'? It was melted in thread lubrication pots and the thread was passed through the hot wax, then excess was stripped off by a rubber stripping grommet. The stuff found in old Landis and Union Lockstitch wax pots is hard, black, and brittle with age. Any information on these oldish waxes would be appreciated. God bless
  4. MikeRock

    Newb in BC

    Second from bottom photo, far right object with varying width grooves........ for 'setting' the teeth in a hand saw. Called a 'saw wrest'. God bless Any old sewing machines, like an old Landis? Ask if he might have old wax melting pots off a Landis. Never know!!
  5. MikeRock

    Plague Mask

    If you remember the movie, "Medicine Man", with Sean Connery, there was a scene where he's wearing a mask..... Tucan. Then Dr. Crane shows up and the one liners are pretty bad......fun movie.
  6. MikeRock

    Wax pot

    Wiz, Thank you for this link. I had seen their liquid but not this. Hopefully this is THE stuff! Will order Monday. Enjoy the 4th. God bless
  7. MikeRock

    Wax pot

    Wiz, What kind of wax was used in the Landis #1 wax pots? Old pots have what looks like cold tar that will shatter if you pry on it or chip at it. The manual suggests that as the tallow in the mix is used up to add more tallow, but there is no recipe for the was mixture. Any help would be appreciated...
  8. MikeRock

    16 Ounce Strap Supplier, 1907 Leather Sling Build

    Make sure the sling customer pays first.....before he sees what a mistake he made! I just tried a chunk of 16oz on that '03-A3 and it's rather tight.
  9. MikeRock

    M1907 Rifle Sling

    Roys, Thank you for that nice link. Saved!! God bless
  10. MikeRock

    16 Ounce Strap Supplier, 1907 Leather Sling Build

    Two here are a heavy 1/8". Original.... those were military M14 slings, real M14 full auto. Now the 1903A3 is.......ta da....0.135". Fifty years apart and only a few thousandths difference. 1/4" is a tight squeeze through the sling swivels. God bless
  11. Hi Capt. Just ordered Holstory..... pricey at 100 bucks, but that's a little less than fifty cents a page..... what the heck. Nice workmanship on those holsters. God bless
  12. MikeRock

    My chinese cobbler patcher arrived

    Can someone take a photo of the shuttle with the two covers slid back out of the way, and maybe the shuttle out of the machine? God bless
  13. MikeRock

    Waxed Canvas/Leather Shop Apron

    What a fascinating catalog of waxed fabrics and more. Fairfield Textile Co. #10 (14.7oz) Duck Martexin Original Wax "Plain Weave" Fabric: 14.7 oz/sqyd before finishing, ~19.84 oz/sqyd after finishing 500 GSM before finishing, ~675 GSM after finishing. 100% Cotton Plied Yarns $16.54 / yard before volume discount God bless #10 (14.7oz)" Charcoal Sage MOD F
  14. MikeRock

    Waxed Canvas/Leather Shop Apron

    Duck Duck gooooooo to the rescue.....couldn't find my catalog in the pile. "Filson's 15-oz. oil finish Tin Cloth is relied on by loggers, foresters, sportsmen and tradesmen. To create our iconic fabric, a tightly woven canvas duck fabric is saturated with a liquefied paraffin wax and oil mixture under heat and high pressure ... "