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  1. I sent you a message. I've got the Scribd manual loaded, need your email address to send it on.
  2. He got banned...... a while ago.
  3. Follow up the punches with a proper awl, it will perfect the holes for you.
  4. I'll put in a plug for Jeff Mosby.
  5. Grampa, There is a company called Gesswein that makes a wide assortment of finishing stones. I use the 1/16"x1/2"x6" stones, in grits from 150 to 1,200. They sell all sorts of stones but these have served me for machine tool work for over 30 years. https://www.gesswein.com/abrasives/finishing-stones/gesswein-stones/gesswein-diemaker-stones/
  6. Big problem some times when you go to the bathroom.... either drop on floor, or in the pot..... :((
  7. Dwight,

    Did you see them overseas?  I had a pair, Michlen tires....  they were great.

    Remember the 55 gallon barrels on elevated platforms, and a shower head?  Those were great..   Sometimes "HOT' was really hot, but it got us clean.....   Now that I remember them, I just might make one..  out in our garden area.  We have acres of garden stuff at various times.   Have to find one of those large diameter shower heads, like 8" or so.  And the valve with the two chains.   Fun times, but getting shot did negate some of the goodness......

    God bless,



    1. Dwight


      Fortunately (?) . . .  all of my showers were cold . . .  you stripped . . . grabbed the soap . . . took a deep breath . . . paused . . . turned on the water . . .  and jumped in.  

      Ya got wet . . . turned off the water . . . soaped up . . . took another deep breath . . . and rinsed off . . . and got the heck out for another time.

      I hit San Francisco . . . got a hotel downtown . . . no shower . . . jut the big french tub on legs . . . filled that bad boy with as hot a water as I could stand . . . slipped into it . . . leaned back . . . fell asleep . . . slipped under water . . .  came dang near drowning . . . 

      Don't do that any more . . . hot water tank goes out . . . I just go get one . . . don't even barter the price . . . just get it.

      Thanks for your service my friend . . . I was Navy . . . with PBR boats in the delta or on plane guard detail out in the south China sea . . . or eating "Monkey meat" in Subic Bay Phillipenes.

      May God bless,


  8. B.F. Goodrich, Michelin in Vietnam
  9. Fred, You reminded me of the best Brit comedy.... 'Benny Hill'....... busted a gut more than once laughing at his sketches/skits. Some classics..
  10. MikeRock

    Back At It

    It's not a can, it's a small cloth sack of smoking tobacco, like it says on the label.
  11. MikeRock

    Back At It

    I guess I assumed you put that little circle and string there on purpose. Cowhands who smoked used little sacks of Bull Durham tobacco and some papers. Usually kept it on the right shirt pocket, just like you tooled it in. If that isn't a sack with the string, what is it supposed to be? That little yellow circle was on every sack of Bull Durham. I have some sacks here in my tool box, they contain gem quality beryl from when I was mining.
  12. MikeRock

    Back At It

    Cowhand on right side has his Bull Durham sack!
  13. Dwight, 4mm/25.4mm/inch =0.1574 inches thick.. less than 3/16"
  14. From the paint slobbers around the machine label, it's a 'newly' repainted machine. Pretty sloppy for a new machine where they rivet the label on as the last item.
  15. Chuck, I had a quiver like that on an old Carroll compound, 1974. It ran straight up and down, was so nice. One sunny fall day I was in a tree and a blue jay thought it would be a nice place to rest. He stayed 10 minutes or so, we just eyeballed each other til he blinked first. We have ten bobcats on the 151 acres..... going to have to do something. They wiped out my pheasants and wild turkeys... Between them and the coyotes it feels like home out west again. 84F right now. God bless Oh...... Nice quiver :)))
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