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  1. Somewhere here in the 'stuff' is a little pliers/punch combination tool for punching the holes in round belting, very specific to that. It has a pliers gizmo for bending the wire clip to final shape too. Got it off fleabay with a bunch of leather tools out of an old shop. I used it once making up round belting for my old sock knitting machine bobbin winder and it worked great.
  2. I've skinned a few.... that is not acceptable.
  3. I wonder if there is a water or solvent soluble ink that would completely clean off after tooling? Neat idea, transferring ink via a waxed paper.
  4. Like I said before, brings back great memories......THANK YOU!! God bless
  5. MikeRock


    I sure like it. Like all your work, it reminds me of some of the calendar paintings of small town America fifty years back. Nice!
  6. Welcome! Do you know of any good BSA Gold Star parts bikes? Mike
  7. Call Dana Gleason as Mystery Ranch, Bozeman, MT. Best in the west and everywhere else.
  8. They are a beast. I have made replacement parts for the bobbins and other odds and ends. The Amish shop I learned a lot at had two of them, powered by air motors. The young guy told me that Amish machines sewed to beat Hell! He had a wooden guide setup for doing tugs and ran the machines flat out when he could. Building didn't quite shake, but it was close. Nicest stitch you want to see. Hot wax, propane flame. The girls there used them for collar work, the guys did harness work. They had the setup to do hidden stitches, in the slit made by the old Gomph hand tools. They hooked me on Gomph and HF Osborne. Old cast iron crupper stuffers and six station crupper molds.....fun times.
  9. Have you considered cutting on the radius, like a conic section? The hip area isn't cylindrical and a belt that wide won't stretch into a conic shape. Just a thought. My first belt was for tree work in the mid sixties and I learned fast that a cylinder was damned uncomfortable sixty feet up. God bless Oh....NICE work!!
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    If you want the three volumes on cases by Stohlman, I can send the .pdf files. 

    God bless


    Hi Mike,  I know out of the blue,  can you send me the files.  Regards 

    1. MikeRock


      Let me dig them out.  Do you have an email address to send to?

      God bless

    2. MikeRock


      I thought they were on the computer, but are paper back books.  I'll dig them out and send them to  you, when you are done, send them back.

      God bless


  10. Is there a similar tutorial for Mexican Loop holsters? Or is there a full sized drawing for them, like the ones in the California Slim Jim tutorial? God bless
  11. Interesting. Are the jaws spring loaded in the normally closed position, and depressing the foot pedal opens the jaws? God bless
  12. Tom, Thank you for passing this on. Great information from the horses mouth, so to speak. You should pin this post. God bless, Mike
  13. Duane Watts' swivel knife is what I want to try. $110 last I checked. https://youtu.be/vI8tW30tn58 Video Unavailable.....at least to me.
  14. Looks like that Batman character Bane, with the mask. Does it make your voice deeper and scary Neat!
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