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  1. Nice workmanship. Also fits right in with the thread on Blackjacks. Now we can tell the cops it's a fid!! If anyone needs one I have a cast bronze cable vise used in splicing. Have two steel fids for it as well. Limit around 1/2" wire rope. Came out of a SE coast shipyard.
  2. I sure agree with Uwe if you have several three phase machines. As a machinist since the seventies, I've watched phase convertors come and go. The American Rotary is a sound unit. You can make your own with a three phase motor and a capacitor, but just buying the danged thing is the best bang for your buck if you are electrically challenged. I bought a one horse power lathe with a solid state unit on it and hated it from day zero. There were too many solid state circuits and adjustments to make. For a couple hundred bucks I got a very good single phase motor and went to making chips. For another set of machines I got a good American Rotary 5 hp unit and from unpacking to making chips was a couple hours. For sure, let Bob Kovar set you up if it's just these two machines, you can't go wrong with him. It should be the cheapest route to sewing with your new toys. God bless
  3. Hit the little lump on the back of your skull......nappy time. The medula is sure sensitive to getting whacked. Nasty headache when you wake up too. Here in WI, saps are covered by your CCW. Sock full of sand works too, empty sand and put your sock back on.
  4. I used Duck Duck Go to search vintage plough gauges.... what a wonderful rabbit hole to wander around it... Lots of links back to this site as well. Enjoy. God bless
  5. Oh boy!! Please, some photos. God bless
  6. And you can incorporate the 4 legs into the straps. :: A while back someone posted a face mask with what looked like wrap around bony fingers. I had a vision of your dino legs wrapping a few inches further from the pack to up the wearers shoulder and up to mid waist....on the side of the hip. Being grabbed by the dino... oh well, it's all in my mind. God bless
  7. Fred, The part under the added on clicker base appears to be curved. Was this originally a brake shoe repair press? God bless Well, Googling that idea was a huge bust.... not a brake shoe repair press.
  8. Hi, Do you mean that lace protector thing with the pinked lower edge? I'll pull one off my boot and measure it up if that's the idem. God bless Been wearing Red Wing loggers since 1966. I wish Red Wing had made a caulked/corked version of that boot.
  9. Well, Dustin, you 'beat' me to it! Now imagine what a four pounder will look like. Nice work, Chuck. God bless
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