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  1. It looks like a single edge razor blade.......but what do I know. Haven't shaved since the 1970's. God bless
  2. Take a look for Marvin Huey, Casemaker. Some awesome stuff. I didn't need a case but got a full set of ebony handled screwdrivers (turn screws) from him. God bless
  3. Cactus Jack.....in your name....... https://duckduckgo.com/?q=cactus+flowers&t=ffsb&iax=images&ia=images Flowering cacti....... God bless
  4. If you have the pattern, with the midsection larger than either end, sew it up. Dampen, like casing, and stuff with flax seed, tamping as you fill. The normal crupper stuffer has a funnel and a steel tamper rod of small diameter, 1/4" or so. Add some seed, tamp hard, more seed, til filled. IF you don't have a crupper stretching/drying form, put a nail in a board. Put a small v-belt pulley over the nail and stretch the crupper, smooth side in, sewn side out, and pull....... nail both ends at once, or nail one, stretch and nail the second close to the first. Make sure the lengths of the tails are close to the same. Let dry overnight and then stitch the buckles and pieces together....that should take care of your wrinkles.
  5. MikeRock


    Stewart, Lovely! Everything clicked on this one!
  6. Since you have the saddle, can't you take some photos of it, or have a friend take some?
  7. How beautiful to watch...... lovely old mechanisms. Thank you
  8. Hi Chuck, Old man here... Did you ever see one of Rudy Ruana's knives? Forged from files, guard and pommel cast from melted beer can aluminum, elk scales and the cross pins made from aluminum clothesline wire. Hand sewn sheaths. I traded a girl an Indian flute for one she had, 1974. Look him up, cool old gentleman. https://www.ruanaknives.com Good grief, they are still in business! Good for them!! If you like that knife style, let me know. Getting your blanket ready to ship.
  9. 'Cool, OLD........." Hey, be nice, I was a junior in high school when that was printed:))))
  10. Chuck, Thanks for that. Scroll up a bit and see the four leather type. Cool!
  11. I searched 'shrinking hammer' and sure enough, there it is. It has a face close to Chuck's and it backed by a rubber piece, I'd guess to eliminate any mis-oriented blows. As another aside, when I had my paper route we'd get the bundles at a local garage. Jess, the body guy in back, used a 'slapping file' to shrink metal. This was 1956'ish. He'd go after one of those big, thick, fenders with noisy vengance and then fill with plumber's lead bars. I remember him Frenching some headlight surrounds.
  12. Taking TK-2973 patcher is all I could find on their convoluted site.
  13. Jr, On that page there is a list of what they sell, helmets.............. 'chaps'............. ding ding ding :))
  14. I lost mine in the woods east of Keystone, SD. Belt sheath snap opened in the bush and the knife was gone when I needed it. Rode back up the horse trail, never found it. Replaced with stag handle Case folding hunter.... now IT is in the drawer, like your anvil. Have an Emerson pocket clip knife with the cool little 'instant opening' tang. God bless Mike
  15. He should be happy with that! I would be. Had a 110 and it was a good knife.
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