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  1. Brass is copper/zinc. Bronze is copper/tin.
  2. Rahere, Remember when spinning, you must over twist the twines you will be reverse spinning into pairs, as you will be untwisting them as you twist the pair in the opposite direction. God lbess
  3. Dikman, Thank you. I have been making metal chips for nearly sixty years and have surfaced and polished up a bunch of round/head knives. Hard backed, hand sanding is THE way to go on this gently curving surface, as well as the flat. God bless
  4. An orbital sander has a rubber pad that will not flatten the steel very well. Wet-or-Dry paper, backed with a chunk of wood will work faster and flatten what you have. 120 to 600 grit should be all you need.
  5. I see the UK site carries the little saddle trees: Miniature Saddle Tree 3 1/2" Seat 5 1/2" Overall with matching stirrups
  6. Still can't see the tips. Are they sharp on the ends or flat?
  7. Look like sculptors bush tools. Better photo would help a lot...... and a view straight down on the pointy ends too.
  8. You might want to check out this most comprehensive thread. Landis 12 G Outsole Stitcher moving, cleaning, partial disassembly, resurrection By AlizabethThomas, March 28 in Leather Sewing Machines God bless.
  9. Johanna,

    Is there any way to get a copy of the Billy 2 Shews CD at this late date?

    God bless,

    Mike Rock

    1. Johanna


      Let me see what I can do.

    2. MikeRock


      Thank YOU!!

      God bless

  10. Black Horse, Do you know approximately where in the download that is addressed? I have the PDF file from the Tandy book store and it's a mess trying to find text that isn't spread over three pages. God bless
  11. Same request as Rev Moore. Download from where? Anyone got a copy to download from?
  12. Thin rubber gloves, nurses/doctors gloves. Gets sweaty after a while but work fine for allergic reactions. I also second the handle plastic dip stuff. Thinned, it goes on nicely, and thinly. I wonder if heat shrink tubing would work on the body of most tools, swivel knives and stamping tools.
  13. Outstanding workmanship.....not much else to say.... That is fine. God bless
  14. MikeRock

    Hootsville Lutz,

    Thanks Stewart! My mother in law is an owl fan and she liked this! So do I. God bless, Mike
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