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  1. North Tom, You just solved a problem for me, thank you. God bless
  2. Thanks guys. I just received a negative from <info@nativecraftsupplies.com>. They said they would only ship to Canada. Years back my Norwegian bride brought over her sealskin boots and mitts. This was 1968 or so. Legal stuff. When she was going back to visit her folks, in Fredrikstad, NO, in the early seventies, she didn't take her sealskin stuff. This was because of the new laws. She passed a few years back and I still have her little toy seal, made of sealskin. When I saw that native craft website, sent by Mulesaw, and the non-CITES reference I thought my dream had finally come true and I could get more seal skins. Rats!! Not to be. God bless, Mike I'll check with customs, but am guessing it will also be a big fat NO.
  3. YES he was chilling out AAAaaaargh~! God bless, Mike
  4. These skins are not CITES protected. I thought they were, but the Danes claim not. They DO export to the US. Confused.......but here it is: https://lederiet.com/shop/92-sealskin/4088-seal-skin/ Seal skin 160,86 € All our sealskins are Inuit branded and sustainable. This means that all our sealskins come from seals caught by Greenlandic sealers. When sealskin is Inuit branded, it also means that the entire seal is used. The captives go out primarily to catch food for their families, as the seal meat is a delicacy and an important source of nutrition. The seal's entrails are given to the dogs. The Greenlandic seal hunt has always taken place with respect for nature, and the seal population in Greenland has never been threatened. The skins are categorized as NON CITES products, i.e. skins from non-endangered animals.
  5. Anyone here from Eastern Canada or where ring or harp seals are harvested? Looking for a pair of either tanned or untanned hides to make a pair of mukluks and mittens. God bless, Mike
  6. Does anyone have a copy for sale, or know where one is hiding, for sale? God bless, Mike
  7. https://www.manualslib.com › manual › 838357 › Juki-Dln-415.html JUKI DLN-415 INSTRUCTION BOOK Pdf Download | ManualsLib RELATION BETWEEN THE HOOK AND THE NEEDLE Match the needle with the sewing hook as and bring the needle bar to its lowest position. 2. Loosen the needle bar clamping set screw. (Note) When matching the timing of the needle and the sewing hook, be sure to ret the feed adjusting dial to "0". https://www.sewingpartsonline.com › juki-dln-415-sewing-machine-parts.aspx Juki DLN-415 Sewing Machine Parts - Sewing Parts Online These parts and accessories are guaranteed to fit your Juki DLN-415 sewing machine. Page 1 of 5. Reset Filters. $ 5.99 $3.99 Zoom Spout Premium Sewing Machine Oil. More Info. $ 16.99 $13.99 Bluecreeper Non-Staining Sewing Machine Oil (4oz) More Info. $ 6.99 $4.99 10pk Groz-Beckert Industrial Needles DPx5, Size 100/16.
  8. Bring it on!! I'm pretty sure folks know where leather comes from, but might be interested in the process. It's like the folks who think meat comes from the back room at the supermarket! I actually witnessed that once..... A big drunk farmer friend (6'5") gave them.....and most of the store, a lesson on where meat, eggs and milk come from. The egg part was the funniest... quite descriptive. You might try mukluks with the other leg joints. God bless
  9. Both 9/16"-24tpi and 5/8"-24tpi are extra fine threads. I'd sure go coarser, like 5/8"-18 given the chance. From the looks of things, if you extend the threads to their 60 degree peak, it was originally a 5/8" diameter thread. If you have a buddy with a lathe he can fix you up. Recutting the existing mess will require going down in thread diameter a bit. I don't believe those threads will clean up. If you run into trouble, PM me. God bless
  10. I know the feeling...... God bless Keep that stupid cold air out there, please. We were 67 today, looking for a high of 36 tomorrow..... and then it gets cold. Rats, was hoping for a nice sunny, warm, deer season.
  11. Folks are cone shaped above the hip bones, so a curved belt fits snugly. A straight belt at first only hits on the bottom, loose on the top edge. It will stretch to fit in time but why not make it properly to start with. I learned about the 'cone' shape at Duhamel's in Rapid City......whole racks of tooled belts and they all had a curve. The saddle maker upstairs showed me how he started on a side, cutting out a nice chunk of curve that was the scrap.....then the rest were good belts. Tandy's was just down the block, so my leather fix was easily done. Damn, that was almost 60 years ago..... :((( God bless
  12. Yup, I'll just charge a few! I saw that and about croaked.......damn. I have a silversmith/goldsmith friend in Calistoga, CA who makes some pricey stuff too. God bless Don't forget the early morning full eclipse of the moon.
  13. Ebay it is....found what I think I need. Thank you!! Chuck, pricey is an understatement
  14. I'm looking for an early style Ranger buckle set and everything I find is quite modern looking. Any ideas?
  15. South, how much play is too much? My 29-4 has between 0.025" and 0.030" play all around the whole handwheel rotation. God bless
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