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  1. Sad irons/flat irons are nice because of the varied shapes, pointy, rounded and straight. Leather faces keep the iron from discoloring the leather, moist or not.
  2. Mora was my first thought too. I bought three of them in the last few months. Never had a sharper knife.. She did well! Good coach too. You put in to PR yet? God bless
  3. PITA learn two needle and awl sewing. The illustration shows it following up an awl, so what's the point.
  4. Nice new shop! Has your pup got any Plott in her? God bless
  5. Asian........yup, burnt to a crisp. Ordered a laser powered rust remover, looked great! Never got it. Emailed, a company only in existence for a week, replied with a 40 digit 'UPS' tracking code. Went online with the code......it said 'Delivered'........ and it was a tracking service offered by the brand new company.... now they are out of existence.
  6. Nice work! Now, I can see an issue.....if your quality control guy in the background swings his tail just right....... MeeeooooooWWWWWW. I see he's already left his inspection hairs all over the machine! My cat is just as bad...... gotta love 'em.
  7. https://brucejohnsonleather.com/leather-tools-sale/plough-gauges-and-draw-gauges/
  8. Chuck, Make Fred's like a Sherlock Holmes deerstalker with two brims..... :)) Derned fine piece of red necking. Fred, do you have a pipe??
  9. https://www.hueycases.net/ I used to know Marv Huey, great product. Still the best in the USA. I'm sure they'll tell you the best method of salvaging the felt, if it is possible. I have my doubts that it is possible to remove and replace the same piece of felt.
  10. Do you mean one of the oak boxes with French fit openings for the various parts and barrel sets? If so, see Huey cases, the might have some advice. God bless
  11. And there we have......Weldwood for the win!! Thanks guys. It's in the local Farm and Fleet store. I've still got a bit of old rubber cement, good for now. God bless
  12. It's too cold to ship Renia Aqualim contact cement. Is the Tandy Tanner's Bond decent stuff? What's a good rubber cement for holding before stitching? Barge any good yet? Haven't had a can of that in a loooong time. Thanks
  13. Front side......Angora goat hair........then Angora goat skin........ two sides of same goat hide....then the lining is sewed on, only around the edges. Goat skin is more fragile than cow, the lining prevents undue wear and stress on the skin.
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