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  1. I like the curve in human belts, it matches the cone shape of the body above the hips. In harnesses for horses, the strain takes the curve out eventually......so does the sweat help too.
  2. MikeRock

    burning thread near cement glue

    I had a farming accident several years back and when they were done stitching me up I asked for the cautery. He gave me half a dozen........no issue with contamination on the working end!! They are the same darned tool, relabled.
  3. MikeRock

    burning thread near cement glue

    If you have doctor type friends, especially Emergency Room types, ask them for their used CAUTERIES. That is the medical thread zapper used to cauterize/heat seal small arteries and bleeding stuff. If you are in a city with a busy ER you will get a dozen or more a night.
  4. MikeRock

    WIP Custom Cowboy Rig

    Noob........I like that idea!! A whole host of cowboy heroes over the years..... Noob........I like that idea!! A whole host of cowboy heroes over the years.....
  5. Here ya go.......more numbers. This is from Hartley and they have them in stock.
  6. Cool thing is you can remove the vertical arm by just loosening one lock nut and backing out the pointy screw. Downside is the top is springy for mallet work unless you lower it all the way and have stacks of old magazines under the table to help absorb shock. Been there, computer is sitting on it as I type. Good deal on that table and drafting unit. Mine is a K&E from 1969.
  7. MikeRock

    I need an education in chinks

    This will show the way.... http://www.cowboyway.com/What/WhatAreChinks.htm https://www.americancowboy.com/people/types-chaps-28214
  8. MikeRock

    Getting tools in Australia?!?

    Hilldale, and others, Eons ago in the mid-1950's, in Boy Scouts, we had a great craftsman scoutmaster. He had us making leather stamps out of large wood spikes and carriage bolts. We'd use his hoard of metal files and some punches and chisels to make a basic form, then refine it. Stamping leather, the soft spikes were plenty hard and gave us a start on a fascinating hobby. On some of his tools, then some of ours, he'd use cyanide to harden them, then later Kasenit. He'd help touch up little features, was a wizard with a file. I still have some of those tools upstairs.... I believe there is an article on his work in an old issue of Boy's Life magazine.
  9. Keith Palmer out of South Dakota is considered the expert on that machine! glenn Thank you for that one. Mike
  10. Eli at Landis Machine Co in Ill. phone 217-543-3464 GREAT service!!!! God bless.
  11. MikeRock

    Which needles for hand stitching

    Douglas awls, JJ needles :)))))
  12. MikeRock

    Best strap cutter?

    tear a 1/2" wide strip of duct tape and wrap it around the top of your draw gage blade...... blood proofing..... Don't ask ;(((
  13. MikeRock

    Looking for source for dies...

  14. Looking good! Did you get flooding? God bless. Mike Rock.