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  1. Sculpey clay is the ticket! It has very low shrinkage. https://www.sculpey.com
  2. Any way to filigree that? Cut out and insert a background material of some contrasting color/texture. Lots less sewing. That sure is pretty though!! God bless
  3. The text parts are handy but don't go by the sizes of the black circles. On my screen the 16......1/2" measures 3/4"...
  4. Sonia, Bruce's book explanation is very clear. I tied my first one with the help of an old cowboy. He and his new bride rode from Wing, ND down into 'Old Mexico', in 1923-25. He taught me rope work and a lot more. I bought the book, brand new, in 1962 on a trip to the big town of Bismarck, ND. Still have it.
  5. Which style of ground seat does Cary build in the video? The steel strainer type or the built up Stohlman style? Thank you and God bless.
  6. Yup.....a mask. Clap it about the face, put some wig on top and some smallish eye holes....Day of the Dead mask. Very nice, not a spot out of place. God bless
  7. Well, that didn't work out so well, and I can't get to the edit tab.....That book is WELL worth the money, new or used. I put many miles on mine, working or snowshoeing.
  8. Chuck, Speaking of mukluks, have you seen the wonderful book: Our Boots : An Inuit Women's Art: Oakes, Jill; Riewe, Rick That book really got me going. Had some pre-whenever seal skin from Norway and it worked fine. Wish I still had them. God bless
  9. You might try a water and oxalic acid mix....... not sure how it works with dyes.
  10. I suspect that rubber is dense enough to force the material to it's finished shape in one shot. I wonder if or how much the leather is cased before forming..... I'd bet it is cased fairly well to form so smoothly and deeply.
  11. Are the pressure plates a closed cell, dense foam? That sure makes a nice 'boning' job without the boning tool.
  12. Well, if you are on right now, there is a legitimate CS Osborne, Newark, head knife right now......like 30 minutes left... God bless C S OSBORNE & CO HALF-MOON CUTTING OUT KNIFE COBBLER SHOEMAKER LEATHER CRAFT
  13. Obvious first choice is Springfield Leather Company, Springfield, MO.
  14. I approached Standard Rivet Company in Florida, asking for any help they may have. God bless, Mike Rock
  15. Why are the arrows on the feed wheels pointing AWAY from the knife?
  16. Thank you Stewart. I've spent many hours on a bucket or in an ice house...... fun times. Just noticed all the feet prints.....great detail! God bless
  17. Happy New Year Stewart! Fun as always....... where are all the lures that got stuck to the pilings? I sure know I lost a lot of hooks, and someone could start an 'antique lure' collection from them. God bless!!
  18. "You are looking at a Herman Schwabe Clicker Press. This came out of a factory that shut down and we are helping them sell some of the equipment. This machine runs and cuts good. The cutting board will need a new top or resurfaced at least and it is missing an electrical box cover (a small one). We may have one for it. Overall this machine is an older machine but works great. Thank you for your Business!! Shipping can be arranged!! God Bless!!
  19. Herman Schwabe Clicker Press Model D Leather Rule Die Cutter VIDEO LINK
  20. Might be they'd have to put in over a campfire tonight, heading to zero degrees F. We've got three litters of baby piggies, American Mulefoot hogs, born in the last two weeks, plus the teams, so they little guys are busy tonight. We appreciate their help!
  21. The Nisse (Norwegian) help out in the horse barn all year long. They deserve.....no, Demand, a bowl of good porridge on Christmas Eve, as their payment for a year of keeping things safe and running well. No porridge? Oh, the tricks they will play on you!! So we place a bowl of oatmeal in the horse area every year at this time. God bless you and your teams in the barns. Mike and Valerie
  22. A friend of mine just called and asked about the Singer 29UFA, SN 12,426,277. 1894. A lady wanted $900...... a tad pricey for sure. What's it really worth? A couple hundred? It sat in a shed and rusted up, she freed it up.
  23. Rahere, Second page looked like it was going to work, then said, "Unavailable"......rats!! I'd sure like a look as well. I have a bellows like that, 4' long. A few mouse chews to repair. It came out of the blacksmith shop on the east end of Main Street in Mt. Horeb, WI, in 1974. I helped an antique dealer clean out the shop. Fun times for a soon to be ABANA member, Lumpkin, GA. I brought home the bellows and cone in a 1967 VW Beetle with the back folded down. The cone mandrel in the front seat made the car rather lopsided going down the road.
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