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    Number stamps

    Tom, Those were European styles, until after WWII and American style for firearms much earlier. My Winchester High Walls have that on all of them. I've been looking casually for a long time and missed one set at a sale.......turned my back and the darned things sold.... Hoping Constabulary might know of a set. God bless all.
  2. MikeRock

    Number stamps

    Constabulary or other European machine restorers, I am trying to find a set of number stamps like the ones shown on the current Durkopp 17 thread. Size not so important, from 1/8" to 1/4" or thereabouts. God bless, Mike
  3. It looks like you have a lot of fun making art..........as it should be. God bless....
  4. The cordwainer out at our rendezvous used hot melted wax, pour in, soak a bit, pour out. It didn't crack when the leather flexed 'a bit'.
  5. I second the notion of putting a supporting layer for the marble. Since your top is 24", just rip a 3/4" sheet of plywood in half and use both pieces to back up the marble. More insurance can be had by using a strip or two of roofing felt under the marble. We used that on some 'heavy duty' lab tables and it both evened out the support and quieted things down a bit. I know, that makes a thick top....but I like it. God bless
  6. Nothing speaks of poor workmanship like wrinkles in your duct tape!!
  7. You can almost feel the wind blowing the flower blossoms.......
  8. Two 'W's.........welcome and wow!! Your work sure flows. Nice coloring on the critters too. God bless
  9. I mentioned the tight loop because folks who buy his hat bands at a show do not all have the same hat size. Hat bands must even change a bit in size as the hat ages on the head.
  10. MikeRock

    Raining frogs

    For anyone with a froggie fetish..... like my mother-in-law.... Search for this: '1890's Victorian interest in comical frogs trade card'. Some awesome stuff and inspiring for artists.
  11. Snaps or stitches would limit the expensive hat band to one hat size, or close. The tongues are long enough to accommodate most hat sizes from the sixes to eights.... I'm thinking a tight loop and simple friction might be the solution. KISS..... but who knows. Pedro knows!
  12. I thought that too, but his other stitching is much nicer. I'll check again to see if that is his logo stamp. God bless
  13. Okay......how DOES that band stay tight? Is the loop that tight on the strap??
  14. MikeRock

    Just froggy

    Neat Stewart. Like his eyes. God bless
  15. I dropped a note to my friend in Holland after seeing this here. He replied: Thanks Mike, We are all save here in Holland only damage in the south province Limburg but nobody yet killed. Only in Germany and Belgium are people killed. But the water is coming towards Holland in the next days with the rivers Rijn and Maas. Keep in touch, Chris Op 16-7-2021 om 15:11 schreef Mike Rock: I checked the news in Europe and the movies of the flooding are pretty bad. Having had to fight to live through the Rapid City, SD flash flooding on 9 June 72, it really hits home.
  16. Just a thought. Comic strip artists are masters at making things appear in motion. Some study of their illustrations and a bit of swivel knife work might be the ticket. Then some stamps for fill. God bless
  17. I know that. She was asking for the machines. The splitter was illustrated with the first. I figured there are enough youtube movies she'd have gotten the point. Been making ropes since 1962 when we had the ranch in North Dakota. A hand on the ranch told a story once of making a hawser sized rope. The fellow he was making it for had a nice big truck. Rope maker tied of the far end to the towing ring and told the truck guy to put in in gear so it would move as the rope shortened. The rope machine was put on a large timber, propped up behind the timbers on a barn door.....big stuff, 4"x12" stuff. After walking all afternoon with the balls of twine, laying the rope, he started cranking, and cranking..... He was sure the truck was moving, the rope got tighter and tighter.....but he was sure the truck was moving. All of a sudden the barn door timber gave way, the machine and a days worth of work and twine shot out toward the truck and ended up in a heap. The fellow had put the truck in 'low, low' gear......It was my friends fault for not checking. He pulled out the undamaged rope machine and set the whole pile of twine on fire. He charged the guy for all the twines and made him a rope using a small tractor in high gear to pull against.
  18. The top one is like mine...... it was $90 on ebay. The one down below is like my friends. You can see how the bent metal hooks are captured by the pieces of wood. He just used spikes and washers to make his. I'm sure there are youtube videos of these working.
  19. Look on ebay for rope making machines. There are a few different approaches. I have a four strand cast iron gizmo made a hundred years ago. There are some nice ones made of wood and some steel hooks that work great. A friend made one of the wooden ones and used some spikes, bent up, for the hooks.
  20. https://www.bigduckcanvas.com/waxed-canvas/ All Leather/Waxed Canvas Cotton Duck, Brown - 10 oz – District Leather Supply_files/waxed-canvas-brown-10-oz try to copy/paste this and find District Leather's site. I went back to look at District Leather and it looks like they dropped waxed canvas. They had good stuff. Check sailmakers shops in SA. God bless
  21. Places that make cardboard boxes in quantity usually have their own die making operation. You might look around for a company like that and see if you can buy some. Heck, have a salesman call on you about making product shipping boxes for you... you don't have to order, but the contact might be valuable. God bless
  22. With the gator skull and all the antlers, you could make the Florida version of the 'jackelope'.... Nice shop! God bless
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