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  1. Purse Supply Depot has 1/2" and 5/8" Snaps. They are called "Metal Hooks" on the Product menu. Magnetic Purse Snaps, Purse Making Supplies, Purse Hardware (pursesupplydepot.com)
  2. Looks very nice. I would like to make several for gifts. What is your source for the belt clip? Opps, Found some at Weaver Leather.
  3. Proportion dividers is a tool that’s been in use since ancient times. Do a google search for "How to use proportional dividers" to get tips and accelerate your skills. There are many more uses for it.
  4. This a proportional divider. I have one that looks the same. It was made in the USA by Dietzgen. I purchased it in 1959 to use for transferring dimensions from engineering parts drawings to exploded view isometric drawings. In those days IBM computers were very large mechanical machines that required parts catalogs for identifying replacement parts. I worked at IBM for several years, drawing the exploded view drawings of the components for creating and printing the catalogs. I now use the divider to proportionally measure and change the size of leather patterns. Was very useful then and is still very useful today.
  5. I have viewed several "how to" videos on saddle stitching, and this is by far the best for my understanding on how to perform and get the slanted look.
  6. 1 in. wide Velcro works for me. Cut the length to fit. I use the loop side to wrap the the handle. It has adhesive backing. Dispose of the hook side.
  7. I had the same problem on the backside of a belt. Front side was dyed with Fiebings Dark Chocolate Pro Dye. The flesh side needed to be smooth and dark color. I used black Tokonole to get both. Glassed the Tokonole and got smooth and dark color. Looks great. Then I water tested with a damp paper towel and the black Tokonole transferred from the back side to the towel. I applied 2 light coats of Mop & Glo and there are no more color transfer issues. The edges had been burnished before doing the back side and the gloss dulled down from Mop & Glo. A light burnish with canvas on the edges restored the high gloss.
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