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  1. Would have never guessed , just made an assumption it was one hell an awl with the diamond shaped ends . So glad you were able to set me straight , thanks for the quick response. Look forward for the chance to use this for its intended purpose Thanks
  2. Just picked up a tool box of leather stamps and some small tools . Does anyone recognize this or have information on this ? There is no mfg ID on the tool and the storage case looks like the top cover is missing . Thanks
  3. Just a quick review ..... I received the black oxide version today and installed too run a quick test , I must say the fit and finish was flawless. I only ran a few scrap pieces through the machine (Cowboy 4500) and it worked as well as it looks. Probably be a week or so where I actually need it but I feel this will be a great addition to my machine. Leather working is just a hobby and glad I can get these types of add-on's to make my limited time more productive and enjoyable. These put the "factory" plates and feed dogs to shame in the terms of quality and workmanship
  4. Going through some old drafting tools and supplies and found an Alvin Dry Cleaning Pad (35 years old) that we used to keep our drawings clean and remove smudges. I tried it on some Veg Tan pencil lines and did a good job of removing the graphite with minor effort. Alvin still sells them and are relatively inexpensive . If not familiar with them , they are a small soft cloth bag filled with gum eraser dust ( dust not chunks) that would be dusted on your drawing to keep it from smudging while using your t-square's etc. or use with the cloth bag as a gentle eraser. Reading current reviews online it appears many use them for cleaning many different items Thought I would pass this on -Thanks
  5. Try Buckleguy.com , they have a section on Magnetic snaps
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