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  1. quiltedlumber

    Removing Pencil Lines -Solution

    Going through some old drafting tools and supplies and found an Alvin Dry Cleaning Pad (35 years old) that we used to keep our drawings clean and remove smudges. I tried it on some Veg Tan pencil lines and did a good job of removing the graphite with minor effort. Alvin still sells them and are relatively inexpensive . If not familiar with them , they are a small soft cloth bag filled with gum eraser dust ( dust not chunks) that would be dusted on your drawing to keep it from smudging while using your t-square's etc. or use with the cloth bag as a gentle eraser. Reading current reviews online it appears many use them for cleaning many different items Thought I would pass this on -Thanks
  2. quiltedlumber

    magnets for cell phone cases

    Try Buckleguy.com , they have a section on Magnetic snaps