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  1. I am not sure how long I have used it but had it has to have been 50+ years. It wasn't used continuously during that time but it has struck many a lick during it's life. On the last belt I tooled it started shedding rawhide particles like it had a super dooper case of dandruff. I Was close to S&D Trading Company yester day so I replaced it. Garland is cutting corners it seems like a lot of companies. The last one had a nice shaped handle that fit my hand well. This one has a handle that is little more than a round stick. I will never come close to wearing this one out.
  2. I don't any fancy words to describe them so I will just say they look great.
  3. I don't do a lot of leather work anymore but recently my interest revived somewhat. I have been using the same supplier for a long, long time and ever one of the products he sells is topnotch. I am close enough to take a day out and go pick what I want but when I do order online I know it will right and good. He is a one man operation and I stopped in last week when I was in his city for another reason and picked up a belt blank and a couple of other small items. He said that unlike past years he has a supply problem and delivery of most thing is 3 or more times as long as it used to be. I expect every retailer in the leather goods business is suffering the same.
  4. They aren't something I would want but you did excellent work.
  5. I have never paid any attention to leather armor but yours certainly looks good. I can understand the hours involved.
  6. Nice find and it brings back memories. Long, long ago I worked Saturdays for a boot maker/shoe repairman that also rebuilt saddles and tack. I spent a lot of time sitting on one of those as I got to hand sew a lot of tack. He passed on and his youngest son took over the shop and now he is gone. I wonder what happened to all the equipment in the shop including that horse. It was in pretty good shape the last time I saw it. He also sold tooled western belts and I was the maker but I did those at home. I sometimes wonder just how many belts I made as they were very popular back then. I wish I had kept count as it was a bunch.
  7. I use a small vise to hold the blade and a diamond hone with a coarse side and a fine side to sharpen with. The coarse side removes metal in a hurry and it doesn't take long to smooth it down with the fine side, then strop. I use this same hone for swivel knife blades and my regular knives.
  8. Classic is the only thing that interests me. Sheridan style is much too busy and stamped borders or basketweave hold no interest at all. I will admit it takes skill to do each but that is for someone else.
  9. If you don't mind a dull, draggy blade they do. Awl blades need to be sharpened and stropped just like swivel knife blades IMO. Get the blade good and sharp and then polished up and hand stitching bevome relatively easy. It will probably need some shaping to true the angles up fresh out of the box.
  10. No, the artwork or pattern is Al Stolman's for a single action army in his "How to Make Holsters" book. Thanks to both of you for your compliments.
  11. doubleh

    Angled blade

    I have been doing floral carving for many a year and the angled blade for tight cuts is a necessity for me. I can do them with a regular blade but the angled one makes things much easier. I prefer ceramic blades as they need less sharping or stropping than steel. Sharpening a ceramic blade is basically the same as a steel one. I use a diamond hone to get the edge close, switch to a ceramic , then strop, and that's it. If you get it right the blade should just glide through the leather.
  12. I just made one a few weeks ago and used Al Stholman's single six pattern from his "How To Make Holsters book". I changed a few lines to get what I wanted and then transplanted his pattern from the holster from the single action army because I liked it better than the single six pattern. This is the result. I intended it to be light tan but Fiebing's definition of light tan is much darker than mine.
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