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  1. I use a scrap piece of red oak under my leather when punching holes. It stand up to a lot of punching and won't damage the punch. Don't have a scrap? Go to Home Depot and buy a 1' piece of I x 4. It will last you a long, long time.
  2. Not me. I stared drawing as a little kid. Cereal boxes? No way as I am not much on cereal. Hobby Lobby has white poster paper that isn't expensive and I use that. Cheaper than a box of cereal and more square footage to boot. I just bought a pack today while my wife was trying to wipe out their selection gf Christmas decorations as I used my last piece for a holster pattern I made Wednesday afternoon.
  3. Several years ago my son that was almost 50 years old got a degree in fine arts. During one of the classed the students were instructed to bring a square to class the next day He was the only one to bring a framing square and the only on that knew what a square was. The professor gave him the job of teaching the much younger students how to use a square. He told me that most couldn't even read a ruler. A long time ago I worked with a guy that was helpless with anything less than 1/4" marks on a tape measure. He called 1/8ths big marls and 1/16ths little marks. Later as a construction supervisor I had a crew on one job and the pusher couldn't read a tape measure. By the time the job was finished he was capable of doing so as I taught him. Evidently schools no longer teach basics, just how to have a computer do it for you.
  4. I do the same with horsehide which is almost as soft as pig and have had no problem. Just go easy on the stuffing part. Got one in the works right now.
  5. How did we ever get anything done before computers, smart phones, and power tools? I started drawing as a little kid. There wasn't TV so things like drawing, reading books, and building model airplanes were my pastime and I had some talent with pencils. Essential tremors have done a number on that but with medical help I can still do a simple pattern. It's not like it's fine art.
  6. doubleh


    It looks great as well as I am able to see it. My critique is more light on your subject.
  7. Now I have a crick in my neck after leaning so far over to view the sideways pictures. None the less it is good work and should stand up to it's job.
  8. Welcome from a long way south.
  9. I gave it up years ago. Tone deaf klutz. Years ago i was asked by a supervisor, "Is there anything you can't do", to which I promptly replied, " I can't play a guitar".
  10. Cold or hot salt bluing will not prevent rust and patina is just controlled rust. Even here in the land of far apart raindrops it's a problem and why I started using paste wax on firearms back in the late '60's. I haven't any rust since.
  11. Hobby Lobby has stencils. Draw off the letters and embellish if you wish. Dampen with water so the leather doesn't change color and trace them on, carve and shade and there you are. Tandy's used to have a letter pack just for this purpose but I don't know if they still do.
  12. My choice has always been Johnson's paste wax. You might still be able to find a can on a store shelf. It is no longer produced. There are some other waxes still available however. Just look for a carnauba wax. Pledge will do the same thing but it has to be refreshed more frequently. Amazon has a variety and if I needed any I would go with Minwax, Trewax, or Simonize. Stay away from those that contain oils as they aren't as durable. I have used paste wax as a rust preventive for years. I use it on my table saw to reduce friction and on any bare metal tools I have. It works better than any oil wipe, doesn't get on your hands or work, and is odorless after it dries.
  13. Polish off the rust with 0000 steel wool and apply paste wax. Good as new and will stay that way with re-waxing now and then.
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