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  1. Sand it just like a piece of wood. Use finer and finer grits until you are satisfied and then apply resoline. It will fuzz up some so sand it down again and reapply. It will never be as smooth as lined will though.
  2. Leather is cold in winter unless lined with something and hot in summer in any form.
  3. doubleh


    Not this grandparent. I learned old math. Nice vest by the way although I cannot understand why anyone would want to wear one. To me it's the most useless piece of apparel ever dreamed up.
  4. Looks good except I wonder about the closure. It looks a little fiddly although it should stay shut under most conditions. I would have probably just used a snap.
  5. Nice and I agree about the sewing but it's an easy fix. Although It isn't my "thing" you did a great job on the two toning.
  6. Even at $150 you are working for basically McDonald burger flipper wages. Not much for something that requires some skills and why I quit doing anything but hobby leatherwork.
  7. Nice work for a good looking kid. Two of my great grand daughters have taken up the guitar. If they stick with it awhile I'll make them both a fancy strap.
  8. That is certainly different. I like it.
  9. Cute. She should like it.
  10. I bought an Osbourn round knife earlier this year. The factory edge was much too blunt to put a good edge on so I clamped it in a vise, using soft jaws of course, and went to work on it with a flat file. When I got it filed down to the bevel I wanted I used diamond hones followed by a ceramic one to put an edge on it and finishing up with stropping with red rouge. It will slice printer paper with ease now.
  11. I say it is whatever floats YOUR boat. Stamping leaves mine sitting very low in the water but that's just me. If you like it go for it. I am working on a border stamped holster, the first ever for me. I am not too enthused about it as it's been in the works for well over a month now but I did have a respiratory bug to deal with during that time. Maybe sometime this week, or next, I'll get back to it.
  12. Great little box.. Woodworking is another of my hobbies and I like seeing nice work.
  13. I agree with chuck.. No need for me to elaborate more on the subject.
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