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  1. Hi, thank you for the words of encouragements and yes dad was a marvel. I have a lot of machines, I know some sew leather so I could give it a try
  2. @fredk what colours do you need, I will look for you as I have so many bright colours on a big rack. I would need guidance from you regarding thickness and size you need in feet and inches lol (you know I am a layman) but I have all sorts of quirky bright colours on rolls I am presuming it would need to be quite thick leather for a steering wheel cover? I have a stack of red perforated leather in piece which is for steering wheels I think
  3. @fredk I know you are so right, I am such a coward, I look at it and think oh my goodness there is no way I can do that! Dad has a lot of metal patterns and once I get time I am going to go through them and see what they are for. There are draws full of the things lol I think they are probably for making shoes but there might be handbag ones and who knows what else I have sure got enough leather to start a few projects
  4. It has a backing material buy adding it to a heavy material might work. I have about 15 sewing machines, if I knew how to work them I could attempt a project lol
  5. Thank you, Dad must have invested time in making it, I am guessing he was thinking about making bags or purses but a wall hanging is also a great idea
  6. Thank you for tagging me. I am a novice with the leather industry so will need to look at what prices these types of things sell for. Dad left me a huge task and a lot of stock, but not the knowledge to go with it lol
  7. Wonderful, thank you @fredk You have been really helpful in my quest to find out what machines etc I have. I have just found another 4 or 5 snake skins, I will await you working out a fair price. Feel free to message me Kind Regards, Pauline
  8. Ah thank you, Dad really did have a talent, he made shoes, purses, belts, dog collar, well just about anything. Hoping I can find a good home for it all as I'm no leather worker lol and want to re-house it so it gets used I have racks of leather so if you ever need anything let me know and I will look for you May God bless you too Pauline
  9. Hello, I have come across some amazing patchwork leather sewn by Dad, he really did have a talent, little did I understand it until I started looking through his treasure trove. Would love to see them be made into an item for someone to use. Looking to sell the leather, pictures attached. I am uk based but can ship. Measurements as follows: Brown Diamond x 2 - 22" x 34" Brown square - 39" x 19" Grey Square 19" x 20" Green square/diamond 35" x 18" Red Diamond pattern 20" x 19" Red Star 15" x 12" All are on a black backing as shown in image one. Open to offer and happy to send more images or answer questions.
  10. Good Afternoon lovely Leatherworkers, As you may be aware I have been left a whole host of leather, machinery and skins. I am looking to sell the skins and am open to offers. Please bear in mind these are vintage skins and may need some TLC. I am based in the UK. I have 5 whole snake skins and 2 smaller pieces plus two mystery lizard skins, which I initially thought was a crocodile ha ha Happy to separate or sell as a job lot Skin 1 - 58 1/2" x 6" 0.5mm thick Skin 2 - 72" x 6" 0.5mm thick Skin 3 - 63.5" x 7" 0.9mm thick Skin 4 - 43" x 8" 1mm thick Skin 5 49" x 8" 0.9mm thick Skin 6 - 20 1/2" x 12" 0.9mm thick Skin 7 is a small piece approx 4" x 4"so will add to a job lot for free Exotic Lizard Skin - Ring java monitor lizard possible from viewing youtube 1) 18" x 27" (plus the leg bits) 2) 36" (includes tail) x 17" Happy to seperate or sell as a job lot and will answer questions if I can, this is not my field of expertise
  11. Thank you for replying, I have so much machinery I am at a loss with it all and I really appreciate everyone sharing their knowledge. I would like it to go to a good home where it can be enjoyed and used. Kind Regards, Pauline
  12. PaulineSul

    My tools

    The tools are lovely! Dad has a set of (deer??) antlers in the garage, I had no idea why the antlers were in with all the cobbler machines and leather, maybe you have just given me the answer as to why this 'random' item is in the garage. This group has helped me gain so much insight into the world of leather
  13. Well done, I am in awe! Great shoe
  14. @AlZilla I think Dad has preserved the cobbler heritage for half of the UK I have a huge stock pile and such little knowledge that I need to be a stalker of all things leather and machine related Today I unearthed these, Its like a full time job but now I have a little more insight I get quite excited Thanks as always
  15. Thank you @fredk I will bear that in mind I have recently learnt you can follow members (when someone followed me), which is most useful. Any idea how I follow people? I have posted in the machine forum, my find from yesterday and it was all with the thanks of this group as I had no clue what it was before. I now know its a skiver/strimmer and I have a different type too, not sure on which make but at least I had a vague clue.........before I just used to stand and stare and think what the heck ha ha I even oiled and cleaned it and made it work, my hands were a filthy mess but it was a change from office work.............. This group is fabulous!
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