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  1. We have a couple of the SP-1100 motors. They've been great until today. E3 on a very lightly used machine. Seems a component on the board has failed. Anybody know of a place that would diagnose and repair the board ? Have watched a youtube vid but I'd rather pay to have that done. Thanks
  2. Gregg, I didn't intend to disparage Keystone and I apologize if it seemed that I did. Keystone has been excellent w/ every transaction and I fully intend on business in the future. Got the call this morning regarding the Fed Ex mix up. All is well and the motor has arrived. Thanks as always and I look forward to talking w/ you in the future.
  3. Old thread I know.... just wanted to say a thing or two about the SP-1100NPFL . It's a beast and you need it. For some reason, Keystone cancelled my recent shipment so I went straight to Serge @ SewPro and he was a big help. We run this motor on a Juki LS-341 cylinder bed w/ a speed reducer. The needle position isn't as crisp as I'd like w/ the reducer but it gets there. Yesterday I sewed through 1/8" HDPE just to see if it would and wow. I'll bet it would sew through 1/4" HDPE. Great motor w/ plenty of power.
  4. Have been experimenting w/ various needle bars/gears/racks, etc across several Patch machine manufacturers. Ex. An Adler 30-1 needle bar is $500+ but the Singer 29K71 needle bar is $50 and is a slightly different length. Ex. The Taking TK2971 is a decent Taiwanese machine but not as durable as Adler/Singer so we hybridize it w/ 29K71 parts. Making less expensive or better quality parts work is a necessity. W/O adjustable needle bar height, the only alternatives are to 'adjust' the 29x3 needles using the clamp or to hopefully determine and procure the correct length needles which is where I ran into the issue I need help with. Nowhere on the web, and I'm good w/ this stuff, can I find a reference chart that will tell me the lengths of commercial needles. Ordered some 332LG 120/19 suitable for Adler 30-5 and 30-7 but they were too long and didn't have enough shank to grind off the necessary amount. What I think I'm looking for (to make Singer 29K71 needle bar work in Taking TK2971) is a 50mm overall length needle. Scarf and thread hole issues aside, I'll start w/ length and go from there. I probably should have just called Glenn but I thought I'd ask everybody. Thanks! Once we get past this issue then it's on to solving the Adler 30-1 $400+ and impossible to find shuttle carrier.
  5. I’m new and may be in the wrong spot  for posting. I need to purchase a repair manual for a Claes Shoe patcher.  It’s a model 20  brown . Anyone? I have the German version unfortunately I don’t read German. I’ve purchase new parts and installed them. The machine has not sewn well since. 

  6. any chance you still have this Adler 30-1? If so, what condition are the mechanicals in? Tight and like new or loose and in need of horribly expensive parts?
  7. Looking for opinions regarding a new patch machine. Our shop uses Singer 29U171A and Adler 30-1 . Motorized and sewing as constantly as we can keep them in shape. Have rebuilt and replaced most parts several times and will do so for as long as we can. Just looking for information regarding new patch machines in case we need to grab one quickly as a backup. The only one that claims made in Taiwan so far it the Econosew. I believe, and correct me please if I'm wrong, Cowboy, Consew, Techsew, Saito, Japsew, Sewline, Ankai are all Chinese made? Is that necessarily bad and is one brand above the others? If anyone wants to sell a Pfaff 8346, we'll give that a go also. Thank you in advance for any advice offered. Very best regards, Sam
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