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  1. Gregg From Keystone Sewing

    Walking Foot Sewing Machine

    Consew 733R-5 has 1-1/4" (32mm) presser foot clearance with double row presser feet, Seiko SLH-2B-FH-1 also has 1-1/4" (32mm) foot lift with single or L shape presser foot. Singer 7-33 from the factory has 9/16" of foot lift, but often people like us will cut and weld some part to make it 1" of foot lift.
  2. Gregg From Keystone Sewing

    How can I tell if a machine is a 563 or 563-3?

    562 is a regular G bobbin, 563 is large U bobbin, and 563 Subclass 3 is NO reverse with heavy hook, same that comes with the new LU-1508NH model. See attached brochure. LU-562-3ProductBrochureKeystone.pdf
  3. Gregg From Keystone Sewing

    New Beer Growler Carrier

    Talk about showing up in style, very nice. Beer folks like us need to keep pace with the wine totes of the world.
  4. Gregg From Keystone Sewing

    Looking for someone with a Consew 206 to photograph the wicks

    Just to cutout lubrication points. They call this centralized lubrication. 206RB does not have this, but some -1 have it, and all of the -2s have this. The are many clear indicators of this system on the machine, the most obvious is an oil tank reservoir for automatic lubrication of the hook in the casting of the bed of the machine.
  5. Gregg From Keystone Sewing

    Kobe 1541S alternating lift height adjustment

    This is for the "pitter patter" or "high climb" of presser feet, same as what the DL or dial on top of the machine does. This is just not as fast or easy to adjust, but it is the same adjustment. This adjustment has nothing to do with the variance in presser feet lifting.
  6. Gregg From Keystone Sewing

    Kobe 1541S alternating lift height adjustment

    This is not in the engineers book nor the owners manual. I'll try not to go off on a tangent here. There seems to be some confusion about presser feet climb and lift of the alternating presser feet. Juki climb device, or DL device, is for the LIFT of the presser feet. Such as the difference between two pitter pattering feet on the low end, or two feet taking big tall steps over an obstacle, if you will. This does not adjust the difference in feet lift. For example, if the inside foot is lifting 2mm and the outside foot is lifting 6mm as you cycle the machine. If the feet are lifting to to different heights, try this. See attached image. Remove the back cover and rubber dust cover and you can access this clamp held in place with metric hex cap screw. Lift the higher foot the difference of the two, loosen the screw, the presser spring should then drop both feet to the plate. Tighten the screw. Usually, this takes a few attempts to get this just right. Check with a flat head screw driver or something to see that both feet are raising to equal levels. So, for example; if the inside foot is lifting 2mm, and the outside is lifting 4mm, raise the outside foot 2mm, loosen the screw, foot will drop to the plate, and then tighten and check. This is the same adjustment for many other model machines, not just this one. Hope this makes sense.
  7. Gregg From Keystone Sewing

    Servo motor quit? Why?

    It sounds OK actually. Is the motor shaft spinning on the pulley?
  8. Gregg From Keystone Sewing

    Looking for source for dies...

    Edward Segal, Inc. in Thomaston, CT
  9. Gregg From Keystone Sewing

    Singer 29 class comparison

    Cool, but does he have these? See attached. Singer Eport, K and Dash machine catalog_Pages.pdf
  10. Gregg From Keystone Sewing

    Looking for cylinder arm for leatherbag making. Necchi 840-100

    Thanks for asking, Necchi does appear to be the same, but I'm not 100 percent sure.
  11. Gregg From Keystone Sewing

    Juki 563 thread loose

    See attached for instructions on how to adjust the thread take up spring. Many books tell us how to adjust, but not may tell what to adjust it to.
  12. Gregg From Keystone Sewing

    Needle system for Mitsubishi DB-130

    Sorry, only imperial markings. Most dealers are going to have 88X1 floating around.
  13. Gregg From Keystone Sewing

    Is there standard for twin needle machines?

    Be careful if the gauge is not what you are looking for; a gauge set that would be a presser feet set, needle clamp, feed dog and throat plate can be BIG money if you have to obtain these parts from Pfaff. Easily hundreds of dollars. I'm not aware of any generic. And, as for changing gauge, it's not that easy, unless you are comfortable changing critical machine settings like hook timing, needle bar height and distance to and from the hook to needle. Hope this helps with making you decision.