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  1. Many positioning motors have a soft start option. The idea is that the first couple of stitches are loose, and will give the machine time to catch up to prevent the needle thread from coming out. It's not just for comfort.
  2. That's not how it works. In some cases the reverse lever plate is worn away, or something else is off.
  3. See attached. If the needle bar is hitting the the feed, make sure that the needle bar does not have a guide that is below the needle bar itself, see one of the images in the book. 255RB-3.pdf
  4. Tenn. Attach. sells a 460B with 1/4" mouth opening. Nothing generic is going to work for this application that I can think of.
  5. These pictures look fantastic. Here is a gif I made up using a light box and turntable. Something I've been playing with.
  6. Most common is the feeder or feed dog carrier is bumping or hitting something. Also less likely is the linkage is cocked off to one side and is binding.
  7. Just drill the hole large enough as needed and keep going. I'd be lying if I said it was the 1st time I've done it. Other tensions don't have a lot of generic availability like this one and often we have to make do with what's available.
  8. People used to do this quite a bit back in the day, but it hasn't been cost effective for decades. That said, who cares if someone just wants to do it? In my opinion, use or get an LU-563 hook saddle B1811563000. I never heard of using the existing LU-562 saddle or a Singer 111W. I'm not at all saying that it can't be done, but I've never seen it done that way. LU-563 machines are almost 30 years old or more, some parts have to be available. Take up lever, if you can get new genuine, I would do that if you are not sure. It's a real problem to change this take up up lever in and out if it does not fit or work properly. B19055630B0 is the part number for the take up lever. Same for the hook. You can get a made in Japan hook, if you want to go heavy thread like the LU-1508NH you can use B1830563BA0. You could have everything correct but if the hook is bad from the start, it could be trouble. Like needles, hooks are very rarely of poor quality from a good Japanese or Italian manufacture. You also are going to want the bobbin case opening lever, B1824563000. This is how I would start this project, and I'm interested to see how it works out.
  9. This is why I'm here, to learn things. Thanks for the explanation. I guess I'm reading too much into things!!
  10. I missed this post. Never seen or heard of a 108W until now. Beautiful machine and rebuild. It' really looks fantastic. I even studied the parts book. Pretty straight forward Singer design.
  11. I tested it again on my windows PC. Should take you to YouTube.
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