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  1. ISO binding attachments for a Cowboy 3200 and Juki DNU-1541S I've found that they exist but can't find where to buy them
  2. Or do you mean the post that goes through the bobbin? With the presser foot plate off it looks like the hook isn't catching the bobbin thread
  3. Got the safety clutch reengaged. But still nothing. I'm not seeing the pin you're describing.
  4. Juki DNU1541S not picking up bobbin thread. I've cleaned the bobbin case and bobbin area. No wayward threads to bind. I had a dust in there but cleaned with brake cleaner and reoiled. I've tried changing bobbins and needles but no go. I didnt try to see anything crazy thick eventhough I have a box reducer. I did notice that sometimes the shaft doesnt turn along with the hand wheel. But if I manually turn the shaft it works. Is this the safety clutch of horrible legend?
  5. I know i need to get more experience with the machine. I'll give Bob a call later. I have projects that need doing. The Cowboy doesnt like upholstery leather and the leather doesnt like 207 thread
  6. I have the double wheel on my Cowboy 3200 and like how slow I can get it to run especially starting off. I'd never heard of a box reducer but it sounds like the hot set up for this. About what does it cost, as I have to order thread as well?
  7. Would adding a speed reducer to my Juki DNU 1541S be any benefit? I have the motor turned down to the lowest setting and need more control especially at start up.
  8. JLSleather, Shaka his eyes open! Is there any difference between pulls for metal or plastic teeth of similar size? OTB is having some fantastic sales on zipper tape and pulls.
  9. What is the size of the cutting area? What thickness will it cut?
  10. I saw his Etsy while trying to find a hand crank machine. Anyone have any recent leads on ones that aren't $900 shipped right out of China?
  11. Exactly. I have tools and have made minor repairs like replacing pills and teeth. I need to know how to match all the parts when ordering. I've always just bought complete zippers. Mods: if this isnt the correct place for this question, I'll move it.
  12. This my first time ordering zippers in bulk. What is the sorcery to know how match all the parts to make my own?
  13. Japanese inspired splinted arm guard for LARP. I need to make straps and the thumb loop
  14. Thanks. That looks like it. I just looked on the site but it didnt seem to be working. I'll try it later
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