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  1. This buckle was made from brass, gold plated and embedded with Swarovski crystals for our customer, It has been designed to fit a 35 mm belt. We can create most type of buckles like this for our customers from 1 inch upwards.
  2. Hi, thank you for your posts, here is the link to our website www.devanetbelts.co.uk just for your information all our products are custom made to order About the buckles We have our own inhouse design, the items are produced in CAD, then a prototype is made, the low volume items are made in solid brass on a numerical controlled CNC machine, the larger volumes 50 and above are cast in Zamak. All our plating and casting is produced in a small village in Italy as the costs here are too expensive, but we wanted good quality control measures so Europe was the best location for this. The design capability and flexibility to make stunning buckles for our customers without high tooling costs is a big plus for anyone wanting their own buckle range, Our buckle prices are based on each design and the no of items. The attached RL buckle was £30.00 each and the customer has ordered 16 buckles. The RL buckle is supplied with Swarovski crystals embedded in the initials, this was for a customer that owns a bar and is now having the buckles and belts made for his staff. The silver finished buckle attached was for a birthday present, the buckle had a rubgy player, a cupcake, a heart, stars and a glass of beer in the centre - it was a one off and we made the belt and box to with it - Buckle was £45.00 to make. Hope that answers some of your questions Kind regards David
  3. Thank you, Thor have contacted Ivan leather to see what they can offer.
  4. Great looking belts Trevor, your machine looks very sturdy and well made, thank you for the information. We have found a person to make the rolls in brass for us now, we just need a good quality machine , so looking at all the options. David
  5. Has anyone got experience with one of these machines, techniques to get best results - some colleagues have suggested wetting the top surface and applying heat?
  6. Great thank you very much, we will contact Campbell Randall, we much appreciate everyone who have offered their help - there aren't many people producing these machines anymore - yet we have regular enquiries for embossed belts.
  7. Thank you very much for your help, we will look at the options. Tandy in the UK do not have the embosser that is on ebay
  8. We design and supply short and long run buckles for belts, bags and shoes. With the option of brass or zamak alloy as the base material. Playing finishes in gold, silver, gunmetal. Other options can include Swarovski crystals, colour infill and branding. If you would like your own range of buckles and the facility of small order volumes, contact us at sales@ devanetbelts.co.uk. We ship worldwide.
  9. We are a UK manufacturer of belts and we are looking for an embossing machine hand driven or motorised as well as the facility to supply embossing rolls. We will consider a used machine, can anyone help with this enquiry please?
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