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  1. I'd suggest start with some of the simpler Tandy Craftaids. Craftaids take out the variable of tracing patterns. I'd suggest one of the simpler flower templates and some celtic knots. Celtic knots are deceptive! They look simple, but the long smooth curves are good for learning to control your swivel knife and also for learning to bevel where one line dives under another to get you thinking about beveling. I'd also suggest using some scrap for some exercises - Just make some lines - learn how to ease your swivel into and out of lines - trailing off pressure. Make some circles, make some S curves, then mirror them. All good for learning control. Just like practicing scales in music, or practicing your basic swing in golf. Hope that helps! - Bill
  2. It sucks that that happened. While the leather might not be suitable for your intended purpose, it is interesting as is, and with the right hardware somebody will love it and buy it! - Bill
  3. If you can't get incandescent lamps, they also make light-bulb-base heater elements that are about equivalent to a 100W incandescent lamp. Also, if you're hurting for space, there's no reason the cabinet couldn't be made collapsible to fold down to just a few inches. Maybe even wall mount it. - Bill
  4. I use Dye-Gone II for hands, fabrics and surfaces. - Bill
  5. Cool ... thanks! I was thinking it looked like it might be a window screen or piece of canvas. - Bill
  6. Looks great, as always. I've been wondering, though, how do you get the texturing like on the blue one? - Bill
  7. LOL! Your cat has you well-trained, human. They tend to be very good at that. -Bill
  8. PNW is the Pacific NorthWest in the USA. US states of Washington, Oregon mostly, but you might extend that into Idaho and Northern California. I can certainly see how that could be confusing to the rest of the world! *End geography lesson* - Bill
  9. The pack reminds me of seeing street salesmen in old movies where they carry something similar but in the form of a briefcase or suitcase. Mostly from the 1930s and 40s. I'd assume those movie depictions are based on reality - but have no way of really knowing! - Bill
  10. I use 90% isopropyl in my burner. - Bill
  11. It's kind of hard to nail down a date to celebrate. I don't remember some of the dates exactly, but you could argue that the day in early-mid June when they decided to do this thing would be the one. They appointed John Adams, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and two others whose names escape me to write the document which they did over the next several weeks. That document was presented on July 2 and approved with provision for a few minor changes and those changes were approved on July 4th, so either of those dates would be valid. The delegates left Philadelphia over the next few days and the public was informed on July 8th - that's when the Liberty bell was rung, etc. so that could be a good date to choose too. At that point, not all delegates had actually signed the declaration, and they did so over nearly two months. Choosing the day when the final signature went on could also be a valid choice to celebrate! In the end, it's a little complicated, but you still have to choose a date ... so the 4th it is!! John Adams was never happy with that, he insisted on the 2nd - and who knows - maybe the 4th was chosen just to tick him off! He was by all accounts blunt, opinionated, pushy and just plain not well liked - today we'd call him a prick! LOL - Bill
  12. I'd add Joe Meling to that list too ... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQFpw57vDVg6KJ_xSJZDynA I started watching his youtube for the leather tooling content, but he has recently done a series that are about an hour long each on the business side of things. I don't really have an interest in leather as a business (yet), so that is more of a time investment that I want to make right now, I've taken a quick look at a couple of them and at least the parts I have watched seem sound. - Bill
  13. If you've got some letter stamps and a snap setter, a customized wristband might be nice and simple. - Bill
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