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  1. Consider that 1 1/4 will fit both smaller and larger belt loops. 1 1/2, not so much! - Bill
  2. Some years ago, I stopped by a sandwich shop on my way home from work for a cheesesteak hoagie. Before they started my steak, the cook carefully emptied the grease tray at the front of the grill into a bucket and put a lid on. I asked what happens to all that grease, and he told me that somebody comes by every week or two and buys it for a soap maker! So who knows, you might be bathing with cheesesteak! - Bill
  3. Well done. Looks great, and I'm sure it'll work even better! - Bill
  4. You might check this page on W&C website ... They have distributors in CA, which might bypass some of the additional charges. https://wickett-craig.com/distributors/ - Bill
  5. If you're up for a drive, Wickett and Craig is not TOO far from Pitt! The tannery sells directly to the public, although I don't know about on-site sales. Give them a call, though! https://wickett-craig.com/ - Bill
  6. *raises hand* ... I attribute it to a terrible disease known as C.R.S. .... Can't Remember .... Stuff. - Bill
  7. They say that as we get older, memory is the second thing to go. I'd tell you what the first thing is, but I can't remember. - Bill
  8. What's at the very end of the handle? It was cut off in the photo. Just a guess, but it may disassemble from that end. - Bill
  9. Ah hah! A Creative Awl pattern. They most always have a video of their patterns being assembled, so I took a look and there's a lengthy for this. If you look at about 57:15 or so they show the dye and paint used for the one they show. I don't usually watch videos this long, but I'll often jump ahead to see if there's anything that catches my eye.
  10. If it's lost, it's safe. Even from you. - Bill
  11. Most acrylic paint lines have additives and/or topcoats to give a more matt finish (along with a bunch of other properties too). You also might want to blend to black with red to get a darker red that's more like blood, and also to vary the color some. It would be darker in places where it's starting to dry than in places where it's fresh. - Bill PS - be sure to show us what you come up with when you finish it. This sounds really cool.
  12. Rodents HATE the smell of peppermint as well - they make a peppermint oil-based rodent repellent that you can buy, even .... Sometimes it's the simple things! - Bill
  13. I ran across something the other day about Canada severely restricting VOCs coming beginning of next year. I don't know if that applies to dyes, but maybe they're getting ahead of the laws and getting rid of stock? - Bill
  14. Search the site for Brogue - There have been a number of folks that have made wallets and other things. Broguing punches are available now, but they weren't always readily available so folks used two sizes of hole punches and manually laid them out for some of those older things! It's a great look! - Bill
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