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  1. billybopp

    Stitching Pony

    I have no idea of when it might have been made, but I love the horse legs! -Bill
  2. billybopp

    Need A Dog Harness Pattern

    I agree that's the result of mass communication. Here in the US, regional accents are still there, but they're MUCH toned down from what they used to be. There was a time when some regions accents were darn near unintelligible to others, and I remember meeting older folks when I was a kid that I used to have to ask them to repeat a couple of times to make out what they were saying. Not so much now, tho. - Bill
  3. billybopp

    Osborne 86a Custom Made Splitter Blades?

    Try LeatherWranglers ... - Bill
  4. billybopp

    Dye before burnishing?

    I have experimented a bit, and found that sometimes if you dye edges with no burnish the dye can easily saturate and bleed to the front/back. It just absorbs too much too quickly and leaves a stain along the edge. A quick burnish with just a little water and maybe a little saddle soap can help that over-saturation problem. Once the dye has dried, then do a full on burnish with whatever burnishing compounds you like. I like tokonol, or beeswax myself, but you wouldn't want to use either before dying since that may not allow the dye to penetrate at all. To make things more interesting, different leathers absorb dyes differently, so about the only thing you can do to be sure you'll get the result you want it to try it on some scrap. - Bill
  5. I have a book on brain tanning that I bought 40 some years ago, but never got to try it! If you look around, there are some vids on youtube about brain tanning as well - and some use eggs, etc in addition to or in place of brain. It is a labor intensive process, and for the most part deer or elk skins are chrome tanned now. The result is very similar from what I can tell. - Bill
  6. billybopp

    Substitute for a pedal lifter

    I rounded off and sharpened the tip of a small, cheap flat-head screwdriver to experiment with. It worked well, but I also eventually bought one of the ones that you strike, and that is what I mostly use now. The old one does still come in handy at time, tho. There's no reason why you couldn't modify a modelling spoon so work as a lifter. -Bill
  7. I bet that'll work a charm for sewing belts and straps, @Doc Reaper! I should make something like that. -Bill
  8. billybopp

    Randell leather creaser 1887

    It's the machine version of this ...
  9. billybopp

    Mold or Wax

    I've never had mold on my leather, but my understanding is that it is a pain to get rid of, so something to be avoided. - Bill
  10. There are a number of threads on LWN about making natural dyes that you might find helpful. I don't remember them mentioning oil based dye, but many are water-based. In any case, some of these might give you a starting point!"natural dye"&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy I think I remember the following thread being particularly interesting.
  11. billybopp

    So pumped!

    Congratulations! Bill
  12. billybopp

    Hand sewing long runs

    I tend to prefer doing long runs in a single go when I can, particularly with darker thread (light colors just get too dirty on long runs). You just have to be careful about tangling and keep an eye out for any knots that do accidentally form and take care of them before trying to pass them through the leather where they will just tighten. - Bill
  13. My saddle soap bar went missing for awhile, and I found a tiny glycerin soap in the bathroom closet. It worked just fine, even if it smelled a little flowery. - Bill
  14. billybopp

    New airbrush station.

    Wonder if it had a squirrel cage fan? -Bill
  15. billybopp

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Ben Franklin is quoted as saying: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Bill