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  1. billybopp

    Oval punches

    The difference is that if you make a tool like that, or a jig - you only have to take the time to get it just right once. If it's something that you do often the time and money spent will pay you back in time and money! I need to make something similar to that for my hole punching - I already made one to help me align letter stamps on straps out of thick plastic (I just don't have the tools to do metal). - Bill
  2. billybopp

    Looking for Top Coat advice

    An acrylic finish does a reasonably good job of promoting water resistance (as mentioned above, water proof is not really possible). You also mentioned that you do not want a shiny finish such as Resolene (probably the most popular acrylic finish) yields. A good alternative would be Tandy's Satin Sheen or Angelus acrylic finisher( available in high gloss, Satin, and Matte). - Bill
  3. billybopp

    Airbrush kit.. Weaver?

    Every time I use my airbrush I clean it after using a cheap ultrasonic cleaner that I have. Some airbrushes are a pain to disassemble, others not so much. Thankfully, my Paasche and Iwata are both reasonably easy. Never a problem! - Bill
  4. billybopp


    So glad to hear Ferg!! - Bill
  5. I came across this today on YouTube, and thought some might enjoy it.
  6. billybopp

    A Collaboration on a Cane

  7. billybopp

    Minimalist wallets for women

    Have you ever looked inside a woman's purse? There is NOTHING minimalist about it! All joking aside, minimalist doesn't give you much to work with (by definition). About the only things I can think of to make a minimalist wallet more feminine would be to make it curvier, and aside from that, choice of color. - Bill
  8. The search on here is so-so. Try searching google on this site by putting in what you are searching for, followed by a space then a full colon and site name ... So something like canvas leather bag pattern Hope that helps! - Bill
  9. billybopp

    Are expensive whet stones worth it?

    I use a combination of disposable and fixed blades. Whichever better suits the task and way that I'm working at the time. I do find that disposables can usually be made better from the box with a few passes on a fine stone and some stropping, tho. Many of them have visible scratches from factory sharpening, and work much better with just a little work. I don't use expensive stones, just a couple of two-sided water stones mostly - I want to say about $50 or so for both of them. I also have a worksharp guided sharpening system that I used initially as I was learning to sharpen it was a big help in learning how to control the angle. I still use it from time to time when a blade is damaged, as the coarse diamond plate makes quick work of it! - Bill
  10. billybopp

    How do i set these rivets??

    Wet a thick piece of leather - or even a few layers to make thick - put the rivet head on it and hammer from the backside. The leather will make a form for it that'll work from then on to support the rivet. That little trick works for all sorts of oddly shaped rivets. I set a ton of skull rivets and some others that way. - Bill
  11. billybopp

    Why would someone want a manual sewing machine?

    There can be a number of reasons, as mentioned lack of electricity for somebody doing mobile repairs, etc. Cost is a big reason too. I'd add to the list space - manual machines are generally smaller and lighter. I'd add noise they are relatively quiet with less noticeable vibration. I'd add control / speed - they just aren't going to run away from you as a motorized machine might. I'm sure there are other reasons as well. - Bill
  12. billybopp

    pasting leather

    I wonder if an old washing machine wringer would work for bigger pieces ... Hmmmmm - Bill
  13. billybopp

    Just trying out some of my new tools...

    Looks good! I especially like the "pillowing" on the back! - Bill
  14. billybopp

    What is this tool? And how is it used?

    Those are cobbler tools. The skiver-like tool is essentially a plane, sometimes called a heel shave (or some variation thereof) - It's for shaping the edge of the leather sole. The other tool - the name escapes me - the wheel version is called a fudge wheel - but it's pretty much for putting that fancy corrugated pattern on the outside top of the sole/welt. I'm not a cobbler, so forgive me if I don't have the names right! LOL. Maybe somebody will come along that can help me out on that and correct as needed. -Bill
  15. billybopp

    ISO American Hides

    Try Wickett and Craig - their hides are North American, tanned in Pennsylvania, and you can buy single hides/parts from them directly. Hermann Oak uses all North American hides as well I'm pretty sure. - Bill