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  1. I use an acrylic gauge similar to the one that @zuludog posted from etsy. Works great, very simple. I found similar on ebay, but they are marked in mm rather than oz. - Bill
  2. Wickett & Craig is very good leather. They are one of two remaining major tanneries producing veg tan in the US, with the other being Hermann Oak. I have only used their English Bridle, but their russet veg tan is highly regarded. Some like the way that Hermann Oak tools a bit better, but both are highly regarded. - Bill
  3. According to Wickett & Craig's website, they list Coblentz Leather in Millersburg as one of their distributors.
  4. Blessed are the cheesemakers? Always look on the bright side of life!
  5. Gray and white dyes are pretty awful, no matter the brand. It's more like paint, really. Impossible to get even when dying veg tan. I'd suggest get pre-dyed/drum-dyed for those two colors. - Bill
  6. Whoa! You have tools made of METAL?
  7. I really like the idea of a cot in the workshop. Naps are important! - Bill
  8. Is this what you're looking for? https://sorrellnotionsandfindings.com/product/crimping-tools/ - Bill
  9. I don't know of any way to lighten it. But dang! That's a nice design! - Bill
  10. I have a civil war era Sauerbier strap cutter that was missing the gib for the blade, and made one from a nickel that I cut and bent. It cost me five cents, some propane for a blowtorch and some labor. - Bill
  11. I find that this type of strap cutter works better with thick leather, and the wooden one better on thinner leathers. If you want a functional gib, it's not hard to make one and does keep the bar from getting buggered up. - Bill
  12. ... At the 30 second mark ......
  13. In HS physics class, we divided up into teams to build bridges using nothing but popsicle sticks and glue, and then tested them for strength. My team won. But now they have many uses around the house both as part of leatherwork and many other things as well. In addition to what's listed above they're useful in tons of ways. From just a stick to try to get out little objects that roll under things to scraping and serving goopy things in the kitchen to forming a support for small sculptures and plastic models. Who knew such a simple thing could find so many uses. You can, of course, buy them unused at hobby shops and such - but it's more fun to buy the popsicles, eat them and get the sticks that way! - Bill
  14. I agree with much of the above - I'd probably try to bring it back to life first, but if that doesn't work and you like the design, I'd probably disassemble it to make a pattern and re-create it! i like the design. - Bill
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