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  1. Same for me. How thick, and what type of leather, and for that matter small and curvy cut versus long and straight. It's not a one-size-fits-all for me! - Bill
  2. Wow. I'm kinda jealous! That's an awesome bunch of tools. - Bill
  3. White dye exists .. or used to. It sucks. Not worth the money nor the effort. - Bill
  4. Who can ever forget "Rich Corinthian Leather" ...
  5. I'd suggest offering different shipping options at the customer's choice. Where I live, USPS all too often loses things. When they don't loose them, the simply leave them on my front steps on a fairly busy street, with no knock and no notification. Things get stolen that way. UPS and FedEx tend to do a far better job of actually knocking at the door and sending a notification as the package is delivered if nobody can answer the knock right away. Your customers know who does a good job at deliveries and who does not, let them choose. It should also help you to avoid having to replace things that go missing before they are received, saving you over-all. When shipping liquids, put them in a zip-lock bag or something to avoid them messing up everything else in the box if it the bottle should get broken in transit. You may have to replace that item, but won't have to replace everything else when that happens. And... Agree what all I've seen above as well! - Bill
  6. I have Seiwa, have yet to try Kyoshin. They arrive sharp enough to be usable, but barely. A little touch-up and polishing will do them a world of good. - Bill
  7. It sucks. If you want white leather, it's better to buy it, or acrylic paint it. - Bill
  8. Ahhh. For a headset you can get a foam pop filter which should help. If the headset will allow it, you can try moving the mic a little farther from your mouth. I wear a headset every day for work, and folks told me that sound was much improved after adding a foam filter. I had a problem with finding one that would fit exactly right but found one on Amazon that was close enough, but it needs a small rubber band to keep it from slipping off. - Bill
  9. Over all pretty darn good. I would suggest a pop filter/windscreen of some sort for your microphone, though. They aren't expensive at all, and can help audio quality. Lighting is fairly good, as is the content. If you want to do the time-lapse thing, put a clock in the background so that folks know how much time is really spent. Since you're trying to let customers know what goes into your product - 30 seconds could give the impression of something taking just a few minutes when in reality it takes half an hour or more. A nice big clock could help to correct that perception. - Bill
  10. Sounds like it! Lets hope certain other tools don't go the other way. If a dentist came at me with a round knife I'm not sure if I'd run, or pass out before I could run! - Bill
  11. If you want to go inexpensive at first to see if it's something you're interested in, poke around on eBay. I've bought five or six swivels for $15 or so. Nothing fancy, but good enough to experiment and learn with! If you like it, get something better later. You'll also start to have an idea about what you look for in a swivel! - Bill
  12. Sorry to hear @Stewart. Losing someone is never easy. My thoughts are with you. - Bill
  13. How tacky! Sorry. I couldn't resist. Good thinking!! - Bill
  14. I believe that is a Dixon edger. They have a longer shank than most others. - Bill
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