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  1. I've heard folks say that astrolube is essentially the same as the old Wyoslick ... so who knows!! - Bill
  2. I bought a Tandy press years ago when it was on a very good sale, and love it! I was also able to get dies for most of what I do on sale by being patient. Keep the cost and availability of dies in mind if you decide to buy a press. The Tandy press comes in at $169 right now, but their dies are around $70 and up. Buckleguy's press is more expensive at $206, but their dies are far more affordable. - Bill
  3. Only problem with that stamp is that it's upside down! - Bill
  4. It looks like a proportional divider leg. Probably part of a set, or an add-on to a divider set or drafting tool set. - Bill
  5. You must've made it mad by posting fur. The website has been taken over by PETA. - Bill
  6. One of the nice things about having a lot of different demonstrations to watch is that you sometimes pick up details from one that another might miss or take for granted. Additionally, there is more than one way to stitch (and other things too). Most will just show you one way to do a thing: Not right or wrong, just different! Some things, for example that I do differently from this video are: 1. When attaching thread to the needles, pierce the thread twice, and if the type of thread calls for it put a dab of glue on the "knot" to keep it an inch or so back from the eye of the needle. When the knot moves up right next to the needle eye, it can bunch up making it bulkier and harder to pull through. 2. When inserting the second needle through the leather, simultaneously pull back the first thread a little bit to help ensure that you're not piercing it with the second needle. That can be a real pain in the neck to have to try to un-do when it happens. 3. When starting a line of stitches, if the starting point will be visible start 2-3 holes in and do a "backstitch" the will match what you normally do at the end of a line. It's not necessary, but at least both ends are symmetrical. The point being, some videos (and for that matter printed sources) are certainly easier to follow than others very few if any are totally complete. Tips and tricks can be picked up from multiple sources. Furthermore, instruction that totally makes sense to one person might leave another confused, but that second person might find another source that just clicks! As much as it is sad to say, also, there are certain videos that I've seen that I just can't watch. Sometimes the video quality or angles are impossible to see what you want, and once in awhile I just can't listen to the presenter due to an accent that I just can't get through, audio quality, or whatever. Multiple options are a good thing!! - Bill
  7. I'd be pretty suspicious. But it could be legit. I'd find out where the machine is, and if it's a reasonable drive distance - even if you have to take the hit of a night in a hotel, I'd ask to see it and pick up in person, and pay when it's there in front of you! Just my thought - Bill
  8. Some say my skin is particularly thick around my skull. - Bill
  9. W&C will split to your requested thickness, and offers pasting the back if you wish as well. Unfortunately, the will not cut a full hide and split parts to different thickness anymore. They used to do that. - Bill
  10. This popped up on YouTube the other day, and may help a bit with dilution. I've found that I can get more even dying with dilution than without, but it may take multiple coats. I also find it's a little easier to get an even color if I dampen the leather just a bit first. I have used Fiebings dye reducer, but find that 90% rubbing alcohol works just as well. - Bill
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Singer generally use proprietary screw sizes and thread pitches? - Bill
  12. Neither of those is really suitable for leather. Both are meant for fabrics. You want to use needles specifically for leather - of which there are a few types. LR comes to mind offhand. This may be helpful. - Bill Schmetz leather-needles.pdf Groz Beckert needle_points_leather.pdf
  13. The cost of leather has been going up dramatically for several years. That started long before the pandemic, unfortunately. Shipping cost has also slowly been creeping up for some time as well after having stayed fairly steady for a long time. Shipping service has also gotten really bad. Granted, I do get the majority of things that are shipped to me, but far too many take forever to arrive - if at all. The US Postal Service has always been fairly bad here, but UPS/FedEx has become as bad if not worse.
  14. ... The movie is currently available on Netflix, as well. - Bill
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