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  1. I'll offer $0.01 for this invisible unknown model machine in an undisclosed location, you pay shipping.
  2. All that carving looks like it was a pain in the bass. But seriously, very nice!! - Bill
  3. New leather or old, it would've been criminal to let that amazing hardware go to waste!! It's great that you could breathe new life into it! - Bill
  4. Those kids are going to be the envy of every other kid they play with! - Bill
  5. I think Klingons might be code for China too.
  6. Most rolls will fit. The shaft size is more or less standard for all of these. I've only tried one bunkhouse roll, and it's just a wee bit sloppy on the shaft. I don't know if that's just the one I got or if they are all that way. - Bill
  7. I have one, and it works well. The only thing I find to be a little bit fiddly is setting up the guides to get a strap centered just where you want it. It's not terrible, just a little bit fiddly. - Bill
  8. You might also try direct from http://wickett-craig.com/.
  9. I don't have a leather sewing machine, but I do hand sew and use binder clips to hold things together, such as these from Amazon. You can find them at any office supply store as well. If I am using a type of leather that is easily marked by the binder clips, I'll use popsicle sticks between the jaws and leather to spread out the clamping pressure. - Bill
  10. The only stringed instrument I could ever really manage was that 88 string guitar. Just can't get my fingers to move right on any others and arthritis has only made that worse. I have a neighbor that is a "found items" artist and has managed to find a LOT of cigar boxes, and gave me few. I gave them a light sanding inside to bring up that lovely aroma of Spanish Cedar, and covered them with leather to give as gift boxes, jewelry boxes, or valet boxes. Most were covered with lightweight chrome-tan, some with a little fancy stitching at the corners, and I tried a couple with come carved veg-tan. They're a relatively simple and quick project that makes a really nice gift. - Bill
  11. When I was in HS, I took up photography did lots of pics for the yearbook of sporting events, dances and such. I picked up a book on the subject and I think it summed up tools pretty well. Better cameras do not make a better photographer, they just make getting the photograph that you want easier. - Bill
  12. Yes you can. It's a bit fiddly and takes some practice, but certainly do-able. Many kinds of knives can be used, some use a round-knife, but they do make specialty skiving knives which aren't terribly expensive - anywhere from < $10 for a Japanese style knife on ebay to better ones at $35 for very good ones from Lisa Sorrell (a sponsor here), to $100 for really pretty ones from the likes of Vergez Blanchard and Chartermade. The big key is making sure they are VERY sharp, and work on a smooth hard surface! There are also "safety skivers" from Osborne and others with replaceable blades, but many find these particularly fiddly to use. There are a number of videos available on the subject, and the following is a reasonably good one. - Bill
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