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  1. They both look pretty good, what work is involved in the edge painting technique? sorry for late reply
  2. Going through my burnishing options for belt production, looking for something relatively quick and that I can do on a motor burnisher that holds a good edge over time, ive seen these two products advertise as a wipe and then wait to dry, im a bit skeptical. Any experience appreciated thank you!
  3. i made the burnisher today and its working there is one side with groove and one side flat, the flat side im not so sure about but groove works well. Yea ill see how much freight costs to new zealand how is the moss sealing solution applied?
  4. yea imma try saddle soap just because it might be a bit quicker. yea turning ally is satisfying haha i just turned my own burnisher on the bench grinder that im using, means it turns pretty true to the wonky shaft it has. i still need to find a good way to burnish flesh side as the leather im getting can be quite fluffy
  5. thats very satisfying i could easily make something like that at work aswell, and maybe can be applied to the leather with a power burnisher
  6. Yea right so saddle soap is just a lubricant that makes sense i need to go get some and should have the burnisher made this week. Yea i like the idea of using beeswax also because i think my customers will like the idea of using natural products (as do i). Do you make many belts? or just horsey stuff.
  7. If you have the image i can print it
  8. Thanks for your 3 cents, thats a lot of insight. The leather Im working with isnt too stiff, fit for purpose as I am only doing belts not something a horse could yank off. I will definitely get some saddle soap, and the cloths damp so edge doesnt burn correct? I will test out my theory of a plain cylinder of wood for the flesh side polish then try the canvas sleeve and see how long that lasts me, could beeswax or gumtrag be used as a final sealer rather than tokonole or is tokonole the best?
  9. so is the canvas attached to the burnisher or is that by hand? Lots of people are pointing towards saddle soap, seems like the go there are a few types though haha, paste bar spray, allsorts. Im just trying to think of the best way to have good consistent edges and flesh side using a motor burnisher.
  10. I think it should be ok as long as i use plenty of fluids yea thats what ill be doing, i was thinking maybe just a flat round bar of wood would work for burnishing the flesh side what do you think? and yes sanding makes a lot of mess thats why i try to avoid it also probably not very healthy
  11. Hey guys I recently bought a bench grinder that I would like to use to burnish belts, I need to burnish the flesh side and also the edges too, sanding shouldnt be as much of a use. Whats the best way to do this? I was thinking having one side wooden burnisher with grooves and the other side a sleeve of canvas for the flesh side, is that the best way to do it? Thanks heaps!
  12. Im an apprentice at a machine shop so keeping it sharp and oiled shouldnt be a problem! Thinking of getting a cheapo one from aliexpress as i dont need much width, splitting it will serve a double purpose because it means i can be a bit messy with antique then just split it off at the end right?
  13. Thats good to know, might be a mission getting it in NZ haha, also Ive been hand dyeing and finishing all my belts so buying natural stuff is always preferable for me, will need to get a glass slicker, what wax do you use?
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