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  1. Hey try these guys out of Poland and Germany. Both are very pricey however they are the best quality I've been able to find for solid brass and solid SS. I just wish I could find some in the States Creative Life Europ And also https://www.metal-field.com/
  2. This style could make that much as it easily follows the outer contours of the hide. Tandy does carry a pen style lace maker that you have mentioned only made of plastic. It works great for mid weight leather. The softer or thinner leathers it really struggles with. I also think it wastes a lot of leather as you need to cut a square (4"-6"), cut a quarter sized hole in the center, pull the lace and then discard the corners that you cannot then use. Each tool has its pros and cons. I have all three and use each quite a bit, though the "pen style the least". Hope this helps.
  3. I do. Did you already find what you needed?
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