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  1. To start I think your lead thought could be correct with something being adjusted, but first we should address the material thickness just to understand our limits. These compound machines as they are a bit heavier duty are not into real thin materials. With that out the way, we can agree those feet in their proper action should have pressure on the material and a good amount. So particularly the snap crackle sound needs a bit more looking at but in any case material in a free state is not normal So I agree in a few ideas to discuss and look at. I always liked having two strips of material, so to measure each at their end of a test run to see which one is shorter, in order to adjust an even feed. So maybe first look at the feet and their non obstruction around the feed dog teeth for the back one, then post some results. Good day there
  2. Just want to offer, a Big Thanks for this understanding in detail about a custom product, its need and care in producing such. This is really top level! Have a great day.
  3. Good day It may be good for discussion here, to help you and for others in their future, the actual question initially posted, seriously; let us help discuss sources for machines near you or likely accessible. With this it may enable results! Best regards
  4. I like much of whats said in above post regarding thread, thread sizes and! Some actual usage of thread sizes by some manufactures weather their hi-falutin or whatever ; ) Many here have stitched twenty years longer than I, and even longer with a an extreme few ( your knowledge is appreciated ) In any case, we can by-pass a lot, and learn later or simply recognize smartly thread manufactured, has changed with some prospering. Some thread is simply not available now days because of advancements in general requirements. Trying to stick within my “basic knowledge” of threads, there are a few used primarily; cotton, waxed cottons, nylon, nylons blended, polyester and their blended ratio types. I say blended simply because they are for reasons of stretch, circumstances and of different duty applications. We should have in mind at or after this brief that some threads may well be some sorta technical named blends for more extreme! Levels of usage, ie marine, heat or even outer space or etc etc. thats a brief bit, ya already knew; cheers with morning coffee or tea ps: nylons and poly threads are the norm, and these have duration abilities with exposures to sun and weather, many are better than others with characteristics. Some of these are weird yet special when in hand, some of those oh Oh ok I am recognizing its quite a bit to take up, so, like me This forum has offered both new and experienced bits of equipment and advice. Its been good
  5. You may want to consider your present sewing thread you use and wrestle with the realistic size you want to stay with; in the same products you want to produce using machine threads. I think this may be your best position first. It has been respectfully and smartly mentioned already the machines in your interest. Although There are more styles but keeping in a heavy duty category is again in your interest. There are many hand sewing thread sizes and sometimes these visually are wanted for various reasons. Good day to ya
  6. Good day I would suggest you always use the bobbins disc type backlash spring, and the better you are with sew speed the more it is critical. In your beginning post photo, “ turn over” the backlash spring; the bent tab Up, needs to be bobbin side. It may be one of those Oh S moments, or it usually is for me. Everything else in threading is standard looking as the manual looks, holes in guides are your choice of usage, change one and you! Will likely have a different setting than others. So I run with a pattern on all 15 or 13 series as a standard, in thread guides. I really think you need the spring corrected 1st. & use it. on some older ones there are springs but i didnt know early on, and so heard a tip using a diy cut fabric to sit under the bobbin. Works perfect and its had hundreds of bobbins usage on that machine. Now that i mention it it will get jacked up :/ No matter! troubleshoot in a pattern, it cant be wrong; tech schools only teach that method because its proven in the efficiency realm, times money! Good luck
  7. Yes its always good as you say to remove the bobbin case, and clean it out. That bobbin case holder; it has the finger on it. This may need reset from the bottom side with its screw. In some situations a different one can be obtained. One has to remember these holder/finger surfaces require care, and spacing. Some aftermarket special parts may have a bit different /finger. This could be discussed, I'm not familiar with aftermarket or custom Is there an engineers manual at your location, handy. An ops manual is also a benefit but some items are better illustrated in these others, including a parts book. Good day Floyd
  8. I can try to help out a bit, so first tip maybe an option you could happily consider. Off-topic link removed On another note, its always a good discussion on brands and service facilities. It maybe an option near by for sale, as its usually a great place to search pretty heavily from my opinion. Have a good day Floyd
  9. They all could! do some sewing for you, but in reality they all need an additional pulley reduction setup. To properly work projects your considering at a better speed. They don't give these accessory items away at all! I believe they all have a small bobbin setup, but thats fine. A size 92 thread can be used in your projects, and Im sure thats smaller than your using now. Something to research in hand can help there imho. It looks like your viewing a dealer of sorts in the ad, so that may have options. I like to think having reverse is for me, a non negotiable requirement. Good day Floyd
  10. Good tip, thanks! Its been on my mind so many times to get a few tools as this. Yes people I have used the usual clamps n boards or aluminum i have, ( gettr done ). But these styles with actual clamping have been on a short list for awhile. Good day Floyd
  11. Nice! A great opportunity it looks like, also the 15 series listed is a bit much, but I understand it has its benefits. Thanks for the tip
  12. Where are you located, and whats the typical projects being made. It’s always a benefit when employees can and want to carry a bit more at times to help out. I do have plenty reservations on working like that with little reward. I have very strong feelings toward that with both sides, and never hesitated to voice my opinion, respectfully in a proper setting. I hope ya find the parts you need, its been said before the dealers in the banners can obtain parts, or if you ask in post such needs. Im sure some can forward you to a parts supply. Good day Floyd
  13. Sometimes I wonder! The movement issue has been discussed before here, but I cannot recall a specific post. I would do some searching and consider adjustment procedures, it was not manufactured like that so plan for down time. Have a good day Floyd
  14. Welcome to the machinery page, its always good to hear theres an interest. With that the general price you mentioned in your post is a great figure to consider a good used industrial of 20-30 years. Honestly keep your eye on the possible sales in your area. Also if you have your location listed in your profile others can help now or in some future concern of yours. Lets consider machine brands, as they may have different models of a same type. For instance a walking foot style, so its doing some questions and homework to establish particulars, that best benefit your needs within price. Good day Floyd
  15. I think, from my view I would advance the hook a bit. Possibly a little higher in the scarf. Its difficult to arm chair your problem, but adding to that, the inconsistency of the issue can throw another contributing issue in the mix. So I have to say its a guess, although another few photos showing the hook timing itself can be a benefit. It may be a burrr on the feed dog bottom side or where a loop is designed to form. Good day Floyd
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