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  1. The link is not working. Regards Sangrati
  2. That's a lovely bag. I dream of doing it one day. Where can I get that pattern. I have some leather, which I am not sure how to use. At least I will learn some thing. Regards Sangrati
  3. Excellent. Recently, I started watching his videos on Vimeo. He is too good. His minute detailing means big business. Regards Sangrati
  4. Perhaps, I am interested but being too junior in leather craft and yet to complete a use able wallet in real sense find myself wondering what can I do? By profession I am a management accountant and costing has been my subject but process standardisation and output optimisation is something which I never had my hands on. Though had seen a sugar mill where the engineers were able to increase the production 60% by tweaking the processes. By accounting rule books, we calculate cost of production in terms of Material, labour and factory overheads. Now the mechanisation and output optimisation does not come directly under our scope of work. But we can analyse the data and suggest some choices between different methods. Regards Sangrati
  5. Thanks for your detailed email. I will address your concerns one by one. 1. Yes I do agree that the those producing high quality goods do not need a certification. What I meant is those who are capable could help on the platform to those who are not so apt at the art and not let them release goods until they meet the standard. and thus goods sold on this platform are guaranteed to be high standard. I nowhere mentioned that I will take a cut of any sales. In fact I mentioned that Etsy etc is already doing that. 2 . I did not propose the owner ship of platform to my self or said that I have a platform and want people to list products and give me cut. For that I already own few E commerce platforms and that model is far too easy than what I proposed here. What I was suggesting is Co-owner ship of the platform. Ahh But you suddenly took me out of dream world. 3. Rather than making people rich, I am thinking of enriching the work experience. I am thinking of creating an echo system where people co operate to compete and where people collaborate to innovate. Regards Sangrati
  6. Dubai can be a good market. As it is a gateway to Gulf. But limiting to Dubai will limit us. What I mean is a miniature ebay or say etsy. But what is different here is that I am not thinking of running it as a pure market place. What I think is that we setup an echo system. Where only leather products are sold and sellers help each other in design, workman ship same as they do here on this platform. In fact what I mean is that we add a show case of products for all the people participating on this platform. This will consolidate all the scattered sellers on one place and bring an international exposure to everyone. As a result there will be an increase in over all demand. Similarly Designs can be made and done in places where labour cost is less. Frankly speaking, I can do it as an individual as I have e-commerce companies both in UK and Singapore. But what I envision here is a platform where masters of leather craft contribute to the overall product quality enhancement and the platform becomes one stop shop and a platform where for everything about leather is authentic. Where product matters not the label. Where product sold on platform itself is a quality certification. Please share your thoughts on it and let us discuss about the viability of this idea. In case we think that this is a valid and viable idea and people agree (at least a few in the beginning) then I already have a domain name booked for this project. Regards Sangrati
  7. Perhaps I am thinking of making a selling platform, where members from this platform can list their products. Since the people here I see have very diverse skills, and products are very high in quality, it can be a very good show case for people interested in listing their products or some of their products. Then what is important is that members can collaborate on certain designs, productions etc and come up with products developed in collaboration or (co-opetition as done in automobile industry) . With the passage of time there is a chance of scaling due to increased outreach of platform and lot of options available to visitors. Perhaps, if there is an agreement at least by some members, I can arrange the platform and members can decide, how we go about it. Regards Sangrati
  8. Now, I have a thought. Why not have some sort of co operative association, where design, process standardisation and production can be optimised and then a market place where all this work can be sold in quantities. I am talking about an echo system where different people contribute and create value and reap the benefits. Don't know how much relevant what I speak is. Regards Sangrati
  9. Thank you so much for your comments. I just subscribed to the link you sent. Regards Sangrati
  10. Hi, Thank you very much for a detailed reply. I am attaching the pic of prong. Regards Sangrati
  11. Thank you very much. I am uploading some work and you will see the mess. Only the blue one seems little acceptable to me. So still stitches on the inner side card pockets got mixed up. Regards Sangrati
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