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  1. Carnivore

    Cherry blossom decorated leather purse/clutch,

    The pink thread really compliments the project.
  2. Carnivore

    Radio Holders

    Set of radio holders I just finished. 4-5 oz veg-tan dyed with Tandy Eco-Flo stain in Med Brown.
  3. Carnivore

    Guitar theme wallet

    Guitar theme wallet made for a friend. 4-5 oz veg tan outer shell, 3-4 oz veg tan inner shell, dyed with Tandy medium brown Eco-Flo Stain and applied with an air brush.
  4. Carnivore

    Marks on leather

    Go to your local quilting supply shop and get a pair of cotton quilters gloves. The ones I have came with non-slip finger tips and are perfect for holding tools and stitching.
  5. Carnivore

    Vertical Snap Wallet

    Thanks, The template is excellent. There are no follow along video instructions for the template but there are a set of basic instructions for the tricky parts. No problem for anyone with basic wallet making skills.
  6. Carnivore

    Vertical Snap Wallet

    A vertical snap wallet for my Grand daughter. Leather is 3-4 oz veg-tan, dyed with Tandy Eco-Flo dye in medium brown. Dye was applied with an air brush. Wallet was made using template from Make-Supply.
  7. Carnivore

    Purse for my Daughter

    The closuer clasp is a standard magnet purse closure. The dragonfly concho is Tandy # 71504-09
  8. Carnivore

    Purse for my Daughter

    I just completed this purse for my Daughter. She loves the color green and dragonflies. The leather is 3-4oz veg-tan dyed with Tandy Eco-flo dye in forest green. In side has 8 card slots and a zippered compartment. I made drawings and templates using Inkscape.
  9. Looks good for your first attempt. Is it of your own design?
  10. Carnivore

    Key Fob

    That is one nice looking key fob. I like how the thread color compliments the red and black.
  11. Thanks, I did not trim after stitching but I made sure the edges were even and square before I marked out the stitches and tried to make sure my stitching chisels did not wander. Due to the total thickness of approx 1/4" I punched the outer shell first, then glued together and and punched the inner layers using the outer shell as a guide.
  12. Here is a deer skull wallet I recently finished. It matched the change purse I made earlier. Outer shell is 4-5oz veg-tan and the inner parts are 2-3 oz veg-tan. Dye is Tandy Eco-Flo medium brown applied with an air brush. Hand stitched with Tandy waxed nylon thread.
  13. Very clean, very crisp, very nice!!!
  14. Small coin purse with carved deer skull. 3-4oz veg-tan. Dye is Tandy Eco-Flo medium brown applied with an air brush.
  15. Carnivore

    First Purse

    Thanks for pointing that out! I had not noticed or thought about it. I will be more aware when I do the next one. This is why I like to show other leather crafters my efforts, often they will notice details I overlooked. It's all part of the learning process.