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  1. I made this notebook folder using veg-tan 4-5 oz, Tandy eco-flo water stain ( bordeaux), applied with an airbrush. The design on the front is a Triquetra symbol.
  2. Very nice work. I especially like your clever design for the closure strap, it looks a lot cleaner than using a snap or Sam Brown button.
  3. Thanks. Just regular beveling but a little heavier than I wanted.
  4. I Used a scrap piece of 9oz veg-tan to make this wall hanger for my Grandson's gaming room. Template used was a Tandy Craft-Aid. This was my first attempt at using acrylic paints on leather.
  5. Thanks, no stiffener used. The 9 oz works fine. I should have mentioned that the the spline is two pieces of 2-3oz glued back to back which makes it the equivalent of 4-6 oz.
  6. Just finished this Steno-Padfolio. Outer shell 9oz veg-tan, spline, inner shell and components 2-3 oz veg-tan. Dyed with Eco-Flo Bordeaux. Hand stitched with Tandy, waxed nylon thread.
  7. Carnivore

    The Willow hoop

    Very nice work! The only thing I would have done differently would be to have used some type of rawhide colored sinew material for the lacing. It's only my opinion but I think the white strip takes away from your excellent art work.
  8. I like using Eco-Flo. Most colors turn out well and set pretty well. I do put a coat of Resoline finish on for insurance.
  9. Just finished this sheath for a Benchmade folder. I used 5-6 oz veg tan and dyed it with Eco-flo medium brown dye from Tandy. Stitched with 6mm Tiger Thread.
  10. Edged burnished up nicely just using diluted dye and wooden burnisher.
  11. Tri-Fold wallet I just completed. I used a template from "Make Supply". The leather is Tandy croc embossed veg-tan 4-5oz. Stained with Eco-Flo stain in Forest green. Stitched with 6mm Tiger thread.
  12. A notebook folder I just completed. I used 3-4oz Veg tan with a natural finish.
  13. Very nice! I really like your idea of using the offset pen rings as a closure device when a pen is installed.
  14. I would think you should be very careful using a 12 ton press to emboss leather. Instead of embossing it could act like a clicker press and cut right through.
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