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  1. One thing that really peeved me about the metric system was when I discovered that there are only 10 eggs in a metric dozen, talk about your shrinkflation.
  2. I finally tried out the basket weave technique using a swivel knife and beveler, and applied it to a note pad folder. I used 4-5 ox veg-tan, Tandy eco-flo stain ( bordeaux) and 6.mm tiger thread in Havana Cigar. I think it turned out fairly well for the first attempt.
  3. Not really for storage, just to reinforce flap and cover up the snap button top.
  4. Another project finished. Clutch purse with wrist strap and shoulder strap. Tandy Veg-tan, Eco-Flo stain ( Bordeaux) and Havana Cigar Tiger thread. The design is a hybrid, including 8 card slots, zippered compartment, and 2 other storage compartments.
  5. Just completed notebook folder. Pattern by Makesupply, leather is veg-tan from Tandy, Bordeaux Eco-Flo water stain and 0.8mm tiger thread ( Havana cigar color). Maple leaf carving was my own creation.
  6. Pancake style sheath I made for a Benchmade folding knife. Inlay is croc embossed veg-tan dyed with eco-flo bordeaux stain. Main body of sheath is stained with eco-flo med-brown.
  7. Beautiful looking piece, what color dye was used on the ostrich leg?
  8. To be totally handmade they would have had to have killed the deer by hand ie: throttled it.
  9. Carnivore

    scrap works

    I love the rustic look.
  10. Very nice, I especially like the stippled background around the deer stamp.
  11. I made this notebook folder using veg-tan 4-5 oz, Tandy eco-flo water stain ( bordeaux), applied with an airbrush. The design on the front is a Triquetra symbol.
  12. Very nice work. I especially like your clever design for the closure strap, it looks a lot cleaner than using a snap or Sam Brown button.
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