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  1. Looks like a very nice project, good work. Is the patch for a vest back?
  2. I recently found this old bottle of a Tandy liquid antique dye in the corner of my shop and know I liked it a lot years ago. Was wondering if there is a similar product still being made today.
  3. simple mask attaches to helmet strap with snap.....................art is marker and black dye
  4. You simply should buy a better quality punch and correct the problem cause Tandy punch is a basic tool only
  5. Klein Tools #23015 single serrated blade blunt shear the very best way to hand cut heavy leather
  6. need help and info for making a mans leather vest by hand.............all info welcome
  7. Mother of invention..............I like it
  8. Tandy used to sell these years ago and I wonder if any company still makes them
  9. does anyone still manufacture this kind of edger
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