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  1. Maybe, But I'm not sure 100% it could depends from the leather tanning. As I know Tokonole is thought for veg tan leather, maybe with other tanning methods it could do this problem? On my last leather I had a similar problem and if I right remember it was mineral tanning. For this I thought it could be this the problem.
  2. Hello. I'm Sheila from Switzerland. For the moment I use a chinese version from Zonesun, I would say is a mid cheap one. SImilar to the one posted by Canonitr. I used it from about 2 years, but not so much. If you are a beginner and your budget is not big, is a good choice to start with. It's a good quality too. I had no problem. But it's always hard to center the logo on mid/big size pieces. The Reason I want to change and to have a more professional one is because is more comfy to use as it said before Canonitr better then a threated bar to connect the logo.
  3. Hello. I'm Sheila from Switzerland. Personally as it's not always easy to have the leather in the thickness needed, I bought an old Camoga C400 used from Italy. I choose it because I readed that was one of the main brands and it's good. I'm really happy with my Camoga I use it mainly on veg tan leather. It works good on all the leather I tried. I'm not so expert on this machinery... But it works as I need. I can also sharpen the blades when needed. I use it mainly to split for lining from about 2/3 mm to 0.6mm, without problem.
  4. Hello. I think it could be a model like the one I have. I speak italian, so for me it's easier to find it. Ask here, where I bought mine. They have also spare parts and I think the manuals. Prodotti - Euromac 2015 (euromacitalia.it)
  5. Personally I think it depends what you mean. I mean... If you want a single elegant line and round edge only, I would use an "Single Line Leather Edge" and you can use on veg tan leather warming it up or not. This It's the method I use. But in the intricated design it's harder to use it, of course for it's shape.
  6. Hello. I'm Sheila from Ticino, South Switzerland. I'm a beginner self-taught leather worker. I have a lot to learn, but I'm not afraid by mistakes. I hope to make some good courses as soon I can, for the moment here some of my works. I love to make bags: in the first picture the first one I made as gift for my mom. Now I'm working on my first prototype, almost finished. second picture: A small box and after some eyeglasses case I designed. At the end a keyring. all Giftes. All hand crafted, with the best veg tan leather from Tuscany. I made myself also my cardboard packaging. I hope you like them. Here my Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/orikawa.atelier_leather
  7. As beginner too, I found that for skiving the easier way it's with french edger. I have this one: Craft Sha FLINT Leathercraft Tool French Edger 6mm or 15/64" Leather Skiver Beveler | Goods Japan Shop Personally I'm saving money for the Palosanto ones. You have my same taste by the way. Except maybe, for the clamp for sewing... I want one from Korea, but in wood.
  8. If I can give you an advice as you are a beginner, as Pricking Irons, I would use these 2 (you can choose between the 2 brands from Japan): - Craft Sha Leather Pricking Iron Tool Leathercraft Diamond Stitching Chisel 2x3mm | Goods Japan Shop - Seiwa Diamond Leather Stitching Chisel Leathercraft Pricking Iron Tool 6x3mm | Goods Japan Shop These 2 to marking holes and this awl to make the holes (of course if you want the diamond shape): Kyoshin Elle Leathercraft Stitching Awl for Sewing Leather Diamond Point Small | Goods Japan Shop Are really good tools to me, and not expensive, at the beginning could help. Of course if you want start with the best by KS Blade, not a problem. I wanted only to tell how I started and I still use them.
  9. Hello. I think myself to the logo, and I asked to an artist to make the definitive design, an anko (japanese stamp) in my case. In your case, maybe you need to ask to a graphic. Personally, I want to make myself my cards and packaging using hot foil stamping. And for the websites I would to use wix.
  10. As I know one of the best quality of tools are KS Blade, from Korea. Not sure they make what you need, just try to check: https://ksbladepunch.com/shop
  11. You're welcome. I hope it's ok. I'm bravo to found stuff on internet. It's a pleasure to help. Have a nice day.
  12. Hello. With a Quick research, I found this: Is it this? https://www.boley.de/en/shop/6103.cutting-plier/1838283809.cutting-plier Here from a shop in Germany.
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