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  1. I make shoulder holsters and while I have a chinese shoe patcher I don't use it for stitching because the bobin is too small and while they are tough machines it wont handle large thread consistantly. So I modified it and use it as a motorized harness awl. Punch all the holes and saddle stitch. Visualize stitching a 60 inch belt on both edges and using enough thread to never have to rethread he needles.
  2. Good people the orders for these holsters read in part ( shoulder holsters with tooling). Obviously they weren't made for conceal carry. Gotta give the clients what they want. Open carry is legal in Louisiana.
  3. As a professional wood carver and an amateur leather worker I own a Tormek machine and can say it works well for sharpening awl blades. For awl blades I use mostly the stropping wheel.
  4. In my previous post I forgot to mention that if anyone is having trouble with or needing to replace the wire holding the thread on the Weaver cub just replace it with piano wire of the proper gauge. I really like the Cub and plan to get one when the budget allows.
  5. bb Concerning the Weaver Cub. No need for a grooved flywheel. Just screw a pulley to the existing flywheel. I just screwed a 10 inch pully with a 1 inch bore to the flywheel of a Chinese shoe patcher. The 1 inch bore allows you to get to the bolt holding flywheel. I am running the thing with a servo motor with a 2 inch pulley. Works nice and slow. Since I sew exclusively with number 346 thread which it can not sew consistently and as I like the look of saddle stitching I saddle stitch my holsters. I then decided to remove the needle and the bobbin and installed an awl blade. I now use it as a motorized harness awl. Works Fantastic. No need for a speed reducer etc. it's all in the motor control. It punches all the holes at the proper angle and I then saddle stitch the whole project. I would like to post photos of the machine with modifications and shoulder holsters but don't know how. Can someone help.
  6. To control my motor I pretty much did what Constabulary said. Simple and works excellent.
  7. As a new member I would to add a note about servo motors. After realizing that my Chinese shoe patch would not sew well enough to sew the holsters I make I decided to make it an automatic awl machine. So I got a servo motor from Amazon. 750w I hp. $125. Digital control. Mounted it on my shoe patch table and replaced the 4 inch pulley with a 1 1/2 inch pulley driving a 10 inch pulley on the shoe patch machine. Set the motor to the slowest spi and all works fine. very slow and plenty of power. For a similar motor on Amazon see Mophorn. Now since I read some of the post about sewing machines and people were having trouble finding belts the right size. Actually you can make your own belt by cutting one that is too long and using industrial adhesive to glue the sharp angle cut and also wiring or sewing the joint together. Please note: this will not work on your power mower. If this info. is in the wrong place. Would someone please let me know where to put it.
  8. My use for a cub would only require it being used at low speed so at this point I don't see a problem for me. Motorizing it would give me more control of the project being sewed having both hands available. So when I soon buy one I already have a servo motor picked out for it. I don't see lubricating it often as a problem. I am currently in the process of motorizing my Chinese shoe patch machine to use as a sewing aid punching the holes to hand sew after. I like to hand sew but don't like an awl and using only saddle stitching.
  9. Hi all; Looked at the Weaver Cub video today and found it very interesting. Thinking of buying one soon because shoulder holsters take a lot of hand sewing . I like it better than other manual sewing machines I have looked at. As for motorizing it I would first remove the flywheel and install a pulley. Possibly a 10 inch one and a 1 1/2 inch on the servo motor. This should allow you to run it slow enough. If I needed to sew faster for production purposes I would buy something else. Using the proper material for the belt tension should not be a problem. My 2 cents. Open to comments from other members as I am just now considering a machine.
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