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  1. So what I learned is that if you see next to the 3 and 1 there is an equal looking sign the 2 dashes and that means it's a B grade supposedly if its 1 dash is A, 2 is B, 3 is C,
  2. I was wondering if anyone knows how Hermann oak Mark's theres grades of leather I was told these 2 were b grade from the stamp Mark's and it made me curious of what the other stamps look like for there other grades
  3. Awsome work I got some questions for you I'm also a trapper and have 4 beaver tails in trying to self tan. Do you have any tips on skinning the tails? I always mess up at the end where it gets real thin and also did you dye that tail that color or did the tannery dye and how is the leather to work with?
  4. I tried all that expect I didnt use the oven and it helped alot but still had some curl on the edges
  5. Yeah I was after I noticed the problem I figured if I woulda used a thicker peice of leather it probably wouldn't curl as much and its dry wall I might try the double sided tape next
  6. So I made one of these light switch covers from the springfeild leather pattern pack and I was wondering is there anything i can/ could have done to prevent the corners from curling its 7-8oz hermann oak and i tried flattening it after tooling and all sorts of stuff like that and even glued it to some posterboard which helped alot but still not perfect any tips for future projects would be appreciated thank you in advance
  7. I'd like to purchase an awl for hand stitching and I'm looking for recommendation on makers and sizing I have never used one before so it's all new to me but I'm the kind of guy that would rather buy one quality tool vs 5 cheap tools
  8. I'm interested in buying a sewing machine so that I could speed up some of my work but I have no clue about anything related to sewing machines I do mostly small items likes belts, wallets, holsters and that kind of stuff what are some recommendations on beginner machines? I know of a guy selling a landis 16 but that seems like it's pretty big for what I would be using it for
  9. I just had someone ask me to duplicate a belt they were given in the 60s but I'm having trouble locating this stamp any help would be appreciated
  10. Glad I went with the black and heres the finished photo
  11. So I'm making this clutch wallet for someone as a present but cant deside wether to go black or white buckstitch
  12. It's taken me alot of self control to not oil it yet haha just wasnt sure what is the best method for a natural patina
  13. I'm in south eastern pa they are a few hours from me
  14. So I just finished a new wallet pattern and wanted to keep it just natural beg tan and let it patina over time but I'm not sure if i should simply just keep it 100%natural or if i should oil it lightly first
  15. Hi so I wanted to try an buckstitch a wallet for the first time but I am just curious on how strong it is I typically saddle stitch everything but I have had a few people request buckstitching so I figured I'd give it a go just not sure if I need to saddle stitch it as well as buckstitch or if the glue is strong enough to hold it together on it's own and the buckstitch is just decorative
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