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  1. Ok that makes sence with the tooling flattening out I didnt even think of that and I'm gona had to look up some of these companies about the clicker knifes just to make card pockets faster and more consistent and I will also be sure to post pictures of the wallet when I'm done hopefully I can get it done soon but working 6 12s leaves little time for any hobby haha
  2. Kolton45

    Help with pricing

    And thank you everyone for sharing your advise and knowledge
  3. Hi so I just recently started making wallets so far I've only done 3 bill folds and one of the questions I have is carving on the spine of the wallet I've noticed alot of people leave the spine untooled is there any problems with carving a pattern on the whole wallet?another question is there any kind of cookie cutter type things you can have made for a reasonable price and use with just a maul just interested for card pockets cause I'm having trouble keeping those suckers consistent and last question for the moment is buck stitching vs saddle stitching I normally just saddle stitch everything but I'd like to start buck stitching and figured a wallet would be better for the first project vs a long belt but I just wasnt sure how durable buckstitching is and also what size lace fits best for wallets and belts right now all I have is 1/8th white kangaroo
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    Help with pricing

    Chester county
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    Help with pricing

    Ok thanks for all of the advise I'm gona figure out how to use the PayPal and deffinetly start charging up front from now on
  6. Kolton45

    Help with pricing

    What do you use to collect money PayPal or one of those new apps they have? Cause like I said most of my orders are from social media so I dont typically see the people until pick up
  7. Kolton45

    Help with pricing

    Hi I'm still pretty new to leatherwork and do it mostly as a hobby but most of the work I do is custom orders from Facebook or Instagram or just word of mouth and I have not set a standard for pricing yet and find it very difficult to think about hahah I typically will ask people how much they were trying to spend and go from there and tell them what I can or cant do for the price they say so any advise on that would be much appreciated and also another question when to get the money I have always done pay when pickup but I have had people who take weeks sometimes months to pick up stuff and so far only one who hasn't picked up at all so how do you guys go about collecting money? I've been thinking about doing 100% up front for anything with name or initials
  8. SLC is where I order from most of the time cause I have found that they have the best customer service and fair prices and the only reason why I was saying 2 bends is cause of cost and not as much over head I ended up getting a side of hermann oak 7-8 oz cause I will be able to use the extra cut off for other projects and I just went with a belly of hermann oak 2-3oz to cut cost and see if I like it before investing in a bunch of it and I purchased a strap cutter
  9. Thank all of you guys so much for your advice I'm pretty glad I started this post before I impulsively just started buying the first thing i though would work hahaha and pricing is something i really struggle with I havnt really made a standard for myself yet i typically just ask people how much are they willing to spend and then tell them what i can do for that price and as far as buying the leather goes I think I'm gona get a side of 7-8oz and what would be my best bet for getting 2-3oz without getting a whole side and still being able to use it for belts and card pockets on wallets and maybe the small stuff
  10. Ok so I need some advise with buying leather so I just do this more for a hobby and to some custom orders nothing to quite my day job over so I was originally planning on ordering a side of hermann oak 8-9oz because most of the belts I make are unlined now I'm thinking I should just get 2 bends one of 2-3 and the other of 6-7 or 7-8 so question is for you more experienced guys what is my best bet for ordering leather where I'll get the most bang for my buck
  11. The guy didnt specify how he was gona be wearing it he is ordering it for his dad. So do you think 8-9oz with 2-3oz would be too much for everyday use if that's how he intends to wear it? I am also gona be buck stitching this belt and it will also be my first time buck stitching so any pointers on that would be appreciated also
  12. Ok thank you and is the no wrinkles for cosmetic reasons or is there other reasons? Sorry if that's a stupid question I'm still pretty new with leatherwork
  13. And I know your not supposed to use belly for belts but could you use it for linning?
  14. I'm sure this has been gone over multiple times but I have a couple of questions and looking for recommendations on this topic. So I havnt lined a belt yet and I just had someone ask me for the first one and I'm unsure of what the best leather is for it I've seen alot ot guys say they just use a thin veg tan leather is that the best option or is one of the pig skin options a better bet? If using veg tan for the liner do you simply just seal it with a top coat and let it be if you want the color contrast dark outer light inner? And I will be using 8-9 oz herman oak for the outer and I will be tooling it thanks in advance for any help
  15. So I'm about to buy my first full side of hermann oak from Springfield leather company and was wondering if there is a big difference between the b grade and the craftsman I will be cutting belt from it and then using the rest for other projects that can cut around blemishes