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  1. Finally...solved 1-Determined that the stitch regulator was jammed in short stitch. (Very important) I first turned the wheel the wrong way and broke the pin that goes down to lock the stitch regulator. 2-Attached a automobile oil filter clamp on the wheel. (needed to do this to get a good grip on the wheel.) 3-forced the wheel down and towards me while pressing the stitch regulator button. 4-voila...yay.....heard a pop and all is well again. I had tried every other way ..applying heat, rust and locked nut solutions, oils etc.
  2. Yes....I can push the plunger all the way down with the new plunger. I am in long stitch now, but I got there by removing the two screws on the gear nearest the hand wheel, lifting the little spring off of the ratchet and turning the ratchet by hand to get the long stitch. I originally was in point zero when the stitch regulator jam occurred.
  3. Perhaps the repaired plunger is short....you may have the solution... I am waiting for a new plunger then I will know. thanks for the tip
  4. adjustment lever ? Can you describe where that is? Is it the one that controls the dog height? I dont recall any left hand screws. You may be on to something here.
  5. Does anyone have a diagram that shows how the stitch regulator works? I have tried force, heat, rust inhibiters to loosen the jam to no avail. It first jammed in short stitch....I managed to push the ratchet forward in order to bring it to long stitch but it remains jammed , unable to move the wheel back to select smaller stitches. I am out of ideas...help
  6. Tried everything.....I guess that a perhaps a small metal debris is blocking the movement of one of the cams.....puzzled but machine is stuck in long stitch and works well for leather crafting. Some day I may solve the problem by taking the stitch regulator apart but for now it will be happy for long stitch. Thanks for taking the time to send me suggestions. Does anyone know if the stitching regulator contains bearings? i.e. needle bearings.....none of my manuals describe the internal parts of the stitching regulator.....would be good to know before resorting to a tear down.
  7. Jammed stitch regulator... tried the following: forced the wheel backwards hard....broke the plunger fixed the plunger......heated the stitch regulator 3 times to loosen did not loosen... tried liquid wrench to loosen....several times .....nothing checked the horizontal shafts that control the dog ...ok...all good timed the machine....all good makes a long stitch....( stuck there) in long stitch mode......sews well. I think I will need to take the stitch regulator apart to find jam.... I have not been able to find a diagram showing the detail of the stitch regulator parts. I know it must be like a car cam shaft...but how does it work in this machine.....? I suspect that it might be debris blocking a cam. Any suggestions ?
  8. Would a small piece of coke can placed on the opposite and lower part of the needle hole be a temporary fix?
  9. Yay ! for Chechaflo I am now going to try finding a plunger for the old Singer 241-13. I have tracked it to # 143207 Do you have suggestions for where I can get one?
  10. Thanks...I might have to try that....but first I have to fix the push button assembly since I busted it tryin too force the wheel too much. Today...I went back to look at the length regulator....loosened the 2 screws on the right hand gear and pushed it round 1/2 turn....hoping to push myself from extreme small stitch to long stitch. I then had to retime the hook/ bobbin assembly.....Chechaflo has a ( you tube video on timing a 241-12 ) .....yes..it pushed me from small length stitch to long longest length.....I can live with that.....it still may be jammed but if it is ...I will try your solution. Thank you
  11. I have the same problem......did you ever solve it?
  12. I have the same problem. I even broke the plunger trying to solve it. It has been days now trying everything....but still jammed now I am thinking I have tightened something or moved something of the stitch regulator. I love that old 241-13 but it has been days now trying to get it going again. in the meantime I have gerryd out a plunger but on the hunt to find another. Any suggestions for an old geezer. would appreciate very much. .
  13. I tried to unjam the stitch regulator and with force managed to wreck the plunger...undid the screws ...now it is still jammed because I think I did not put it together the way it was......it is a bit like trying to put a combination back together. I tried to find a service manual...no luck and I probably will never find the broken part that is likely the problem. My advice is if nothing works in a jam dont ever use force as a last resort. dicouraged
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