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  1. Would a small piece of coke can placed on the opposite and lower part of the needle hole be a temporary fix?
  2. Yay ! for Chechaflo I am now going to try finding a plunger for the old Singer 241-13. I have tracked it to # 143207 Do you have suggestions for where I can get one?
  3. Thanks...I might have to try that....but first I have to fix the push button assembly since I busted it tryin too force the wheel too much. Today...I went back to look at the length regulator....loosened the 2 screws on the right hand gear and pushed it round 1/2 turn....hoping to push myself from extreme small stitch to long stitch. I then had to retime the hook/ bobbin assembly.....Chechaflo has a ( you tube video on timing a 241-12 ) .....yes..it pushed me from small length stitch to long longest length.....I can live with that.....it still may be jammed but if it is ...I will try your solution. Thank you
  4. I have the same problem......did you ever solve it?
  5. I have the same problem. I even broke the plunger trying to solve it. It has been days now trying everything....but still jammed now I am thinking I have tightened something or moved something of the stitch regulator. I love that old 241-13 but it has been days now trying to get it going again. in the meantime I have gerryd out a plunger but on the hunt to find another. Any suggestions for an old geezer. would appreciate very much. .
  6. I tried to unjam the stitch regulator and with force managed to wreck the plunger...undid the screws ...now it is still jammed because I think I did not put it together the way it was......it is a bit like trying to put a combination back together. I tried to find a service manual...no luck and I probably will never find the broken part that is likely the problem. My advice is if nothing works in a jam dont ever use force as a last resort. dicouraged
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