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  1. Some good ideas here. Having not built a satchel before, how would you go about actually installing it into the main bag? LC
  2. Hello all, Been really wanting to tackle a laptop bag, messenger bag, satchel type of a project, and have been watching tons of videos on YouTube and think I know what I want to do, but one thing is throwing me that I haven't seen demonstrated in any videos or tutorials. If building a laptop bag, what is the best way to go about adding padding or foam, to provide a little drop protection for a laptop? I've considered sandwiching in some 1/2" foam between a couple of 2oz layers, then basically doing a liner of sorts for the "laptop" compartment, but feel like this will add too much bulk, especially at the gusset seams. Any ideas? LC
  3. Thanks for the replies! Ouch, that creaser is $250! I'll have to keep practicing with the ones I have and heating them for awhile. Thats not in the budget at the moment. I will have to research left handed creasers for sure. Most things I can adapt to and use in different ways but I'm struggling with these tools. ETA: I found these on Ebay and i have a nice 80 watt soldering iron.. i wonder if they would work well? https://www.ebay.com/itm/8-Kinds-Leather-Craft-Brass-Soldering-Iron-Tip-Edge-Beveler-Creaser-Marking-Tool-/131915206274?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 LC
  4. Thanks for the replies! Ouch, that creaser is $250! I'll have to keep practicing with the ones I have and heating them for awhile. Thats not in the budget at the moment. I will have to research left handed creasers for sure. Most things I can adapt to and use in different ways but I'm struggling with these tools. LC
  5. Hey guys, just curious what kind of tool you think is being used on these items to get that nice edge crease as seen in the attached photos? How can I achieve this kind of edge? I've attached a photo of the edge creasing tools I have on hand. I've tried heating the tool, with a torch lighter, to no luck. Should veg tanned be wet to get this kind of crease? Would you burnish first or after creasing? I think part of my issue with my tool may be an orientation thing. Im left handed, and the way the edge guide is setup, I have to flip the tool around and use it that way, which is backwards. LC
  6. I just ordered some fiebings leather balm with atom wax and a pair of horsehair brushes. I currently only have fiebings carnauba creme and some Blackrock on hand. Love the Blackrock for my boots but haven't used it on any of my projects. What do you use to apply the balm? I have lots of soft microfiber from my car detailing hobby I can convert over. I tried to rub it a little with my finger, which has worked on some of my oil tan pull up, but didn't work here. I'll get a cloth and try the hair dryer trick too. I normally like the pull up effect, but as received, this looks like its all been pulled up already! I would rather the pull up and character be infused into the finished product, rather than starting off already worn looking. LC
  7. So I went with the badalassi in Olmo. I received it today. This is my first go round with any "premium" leather. My piece is far more distressed than what I was expecting. Is there a conditioner I can use or a way to massage some of the wrinkles and marks out of it? LC
  8. I may end up going with this. Im torn between the cognac and olmo colors. At $209 for a full hide I don't want to pick something that I will be unhappy with. Do you think I would be able to recoup the cost of the hide by selling some journals and wallets? Not looking to get rich or anything but at least would like to come out even. LC
  9. Thanks for the referral! I saved that website. They have some good looking leather also. LC
  10. That saffiano looks nice and may work out for a bag project I have in mind as well. I may have to get a bundle next time I place a springfield order. Im not sure it would be stiff enough for the journals though. I suppose I could make the interior a veg tan 4/5 ounce. I really like the look of some of the bridal leathers but they are 10-12 ounce and I'm not sure if it would be an appropriate kind of leather for my intentions, or if I can get it split down to 5/6 ounce, and if it would be wise to do so. They have that sheen that I like. Weaver has some English bridal in Havana that is absolutely gorgeous but its $320 a side for 10/12 ounce. ETA: added a picture. This is the look and sheen im wanting, but in a pull up. Im not sure something like that even exists. LC
  11. Hello! I'm planning a banjo strap project for my father as a fathers day gift, and plan a 1" strap with a 2 or 2 1/2" pad section. What is the best material to sandwich between two layers of veg tan? Some kind of foam? I'd like that puffy kind of padded look so I'm not sure if something more firm than just some open cell foam would work or not. Should the padding inside be left "floating" or should it be glued to one side of the leather? LC
  12. Right now as far as projects go, im really liking the journals im making. This one was made from one of springfields $30 oil tan sides, which is a great deal but I have no way of identifying the leather and they said they can't tell me what it is either. As far as thickness, I believe this is a 5/6 ounce and that works really well for these journals that are 8x5 in size. I would just like a leather that appears more upscale or finished. LC
  13. Hello all, So I'm at a point in my leathercraft journey where I would like to move up from the cheaper budget leathers and scrap packs and try to make a few things out of some nicer leather. Thing is, im not sure what I want to work with. I know I want something that looks nice, ages well, will show a nice patina, and that i can finish the edges on. I'd like to try something that has a nice grain to it, and also maybe something that has a nice sheen to it. Not like patent leather obviously, but something that isn't dull. Maybe a glazed something? What is a good leather to try that isn't going to break the bank, will be eye catching, and will not bring me to tears if I mess up a cut or stitch line? I'm thinking of possibly some horween Essex or maybe horween Dublin. Chromexcel looks nice as well. I'd like something that is somewhat firm but still supple, especially for journals where I like a 5/6 ounce so it has some body. Wallets 3/4 ounce seems to work well with my designs. I'd love to eventually work with shell cordovan but that is WAAAAAAAY down the road. But shell has the kind of finish I'm currently attracted to. Kinda glossy but not reflective. If that makes sense. LC
  14. I found this. Looks like ribbon or "tyvek". Start at around 13 minutes. Sorry, I don't know how to make it start at that point in the link like you did earlier. LC
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