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  1. Ah, another South African! Welcome (or should I say "welkom"!) Whereabouts are you based when back in Mansfield? And leather repair shop experience... Looking forward to seeing some of your projects.
  2. Many thanks! Thank you, Carnivore! I elected to use this closure over a snap or a Sam Brown fastener because I was concerned that a metal closure would either damage the book itself otherwise might tear through the thin leather if it was accidentally knocked or something. This seemed the safest that I could think of. Thank you Battlemunky! Appreciate it. Ahhh JayEhl, you're a scholar and a poet for understanding that! :-) And what a labour it was... Or should I say "And what a love it is!" At least, the customer left me a message today to say he's very happy with it... Thanks for the appreciation, Bob!
  3. Beautiful - your work has a richness and depth to it that I admire!
  4. I haven't posted much recently, largely because I have not made much... I've been lazy. :-) However, I got a referral from someone I've made a cover for a birdwatchers guide for, with a request to make a similar cover. I did not have the book to test fit the item, so I made a cereal box mock up. That seems to have worked well enough. Leather: 1.5 - 2mm calfskin vegtan Dye: Staycraft mid-brown, alcohol based locally available leather dye, applied with a piece of sheepskin, diluted 60/40 Stitching by hand. All edges dyed either by marker pen ("Sharpies") or by applying an acrylic "belt edge" dye with a small art brush after sanding the edges smooth by hand. Time on the project: All together I estimate about 20 - 25 hours... No real profit in this type of project, more a labour of love... Feedback and tips welcome!
  5. Hi nelz, welcome (back) to the forum... And to the addiction ;-) Whereabouts in "Africa" do you live - biggest continent on planet earth, so its kinda difficult to position you.
  6. Welcome to the forum! I hope you will find leathercraft to be therapeutic and look forward to seeing your work soon. And I too think that a year's jail time isn't enough for a crime like this. I also live with poor hearing and bad tinnitus and have to wear hearing aids so I can understand a little bit of what you are going through on that front. Here's to wishing you a full recovery and enjoyment in your new hobby!
  7. Looks really good - are these as comfortable to wear too? Very neat!
  8. Phew! So it wasn't anything I did... Right, will add the exception and pretend I wasn't... frightened. Yeah, I wasn't.
  9. Welcome to leatherworker.net - it's a great community, especially for people seeking to improve their skills. Looks like you are off to a good start with those projects! Not sure which of those is your "project zero" - the first one you started working on - but I can see a progression among the different items. Best advice often repeated here is to make a batch - like, say, ten - of one item, and on each successive item, focus on improving at least one thing. That way you can track your journey and your progress. Happy leathercrafting!
  10. Looks very good! One question though: those little straps underneath the armpit cut out - won't thosebbuckles be problematic and scratch the wearer when it is in use?
  11. Now that's what I call pain... And painful too! Commiserations, YinTx! Recovery usually entails making another, and not getting the shakes as you tackle that stitch line... ;-)
  12. And the bit of the calligraphy I could see there is exquisite! Very well preserved. What a treasure.
  13. Great looking tote, that! And kids just say the darnest things, and it must be because you've given her a choice of an even nicer one! ;-)
  14. Really great work - love the tooling AND the colour contrast between the outer leather and the inner. And... It's going to be a cradle for a blade? Which blade? :-) :-) :-)
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