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  1. After I hit "send" on my comment I thought to myself "Ooops.. Moi can't even draw a picture of a pencil without writing a narrative to explain what it is, and now my comment could be taken as if belittling YinTx's very excellent drawing"... Apologies - your work, freehand and otherwise, is an inspiration. You can be rightfully proud of that freehand drawing.
  2. Freehand shmeehand... Looks excellent! Main thing - are you happy with it?
  3. Incredible detail! All hand tooled, too? Wow! I really wish your small enterprise every success - the dedication that's gone into those belts is incredible. One piece of advice that is frequently given is to make a batch of one item so you can track your progress over successive iterations - it looks like you've taken that idea to a whole new level. BTW, I echo your sentiments about the knowledge and support here on leatherworker.net. I'm still a novice myself, and continue to benefit from the sharing and advice dispensed here. I look forward to learning from you.
  4. The duffle bag is outstanding! What leather did you use, if I may ask?
  5. Looks like a very comfortable bag to shoulder! And very durable leather. Even though I'm from the land of the kudu, I've never worked with kudu. I've got a full, tanned, hair on gemsbok hide waiting for me that I've not yet decided what to do with. Maybe something like this, but it will be a challenge to tackle it as a hair on build.
  6. Riem

    New from Alabama! *pic heavy*

    With that stack of wallet blanks, it looks like you've found one essential component of attaining proficiency - doing a bunch of similar things in short succession helps one develop the routine and muscle memory before tackling more advanced projects. Well done on the finished stuff - looking good so far!
  7. Carefully what you write in there - somebody's going to swipe it! Very practical. Carving looks great.
  8. Riem

    Mountain lion for my wife

    Incredible! What perfection - I've been staring at this for the past five minutes, transfixed by those hypnotic eyes. It looks at peace with itself, calmly at rest yet with a potency and magnetism that oozes from it. I'm sure your wife will be pleased and proud to have such a perfect guardian of her belongings.
  9. Looks very good for a first one. Machine or hand stitched, if I may ask?
  10. Mighty fine stitching, great carving, excellent burnishing on the visible edges and nice colouring. What's not to like? Great job that!
  11. Riem

    Flattening stitching

    I'm Johnny-ccome-late on this post. Like your stitching - very consistent and neatly laid. About the hammering - although some people swear by their hammers, I prefer using a wallpaper edge roller to flatten stitches. That said, it's a case of each to his own.
  12. Absolutely eye-catching work. Beautiful, functional - lovely!
  13. Riem


    I really, really like this discussion. The self-critical look at the community is great, refreshing and self-renewing. Good stuff. What has been implied but not overtly said is that the type of person who joins the group and starts posting has also changed. When I joined - think roughly two years ago - I took time, a couple of months in fact, to read a ton of the older posts. Particularly the "How do I do that" and "Leatherwork conversation" forums contain an absolute treasure trove of information for the novice with the patience and inclination to read and ponder. And the depth of contribution in the older threads is stunning. I got the impression (I still have it) of people who wanted to help while at the same time conveying wider, more contextual knowledge. in the more recent posts I get the impression that the questions are far narrower - and without trying to sound like a know-it-all - and lacking in depth than those I read in the earlier posts. So isn't part of the issue that the way we nowadays approach asking questions has been changed? Look at how many newcomers state in their profiles that Google led them here - they are in the first place already far more informed (sometimes wrongly informed) when they arrive here, and are joining to confirm a preconceived idea or to help shape it. I've seen threads where the questions from someone who says they're a novice were so well defined that it's clear that LW.net was clearly not their first point of call. So I think the forum is also faced with a different type of new joiner, who asks questions differently. Again, I'm a novice. I have not been part of the community for long. I have seen some replies where I thought "that can't be right" or "no way Jose". And I've seen quite a lot of threads where a question have gone unanswered - more so lately than in earlier threads. Still, I don't have the overwhelming impression that the forum is in drastic decline. More likely it's settling down, growing some ivy on the walls, perhaps needing a shingle to be replaced here and there. If anything, it needs each one of us who benefit from the sharing here to act as guardians of the whole forum. It needs contributors with experience and patience and well developed BS filters and a clear voice who can call out the fallacies without igniting the flames. A huge task and ask. My 0.02c on a rainy night, with with the soft, soothing sound of the heavens bestowing grace upon the earth in my ears. Off to sleep for me.
  14. Riem


    I completely agree with the sentiment that one should accept proffered advice with caution - "caveat emptor", after all - but isn't the logical conclusion of such a 'rule of thumb' that only the true masters would be able to answer us novices' questions? I see LW.net as a campfire in cyberspace, where ideas are shared, and even the novice has a voice. And as around a campfire, sound judgement is required from the person seeking the advice. It does make for perhaps a slightly more robust discussion, because there is bound to be contrary ideas that will compete, with temperament and discussion styles playing as much of a role as sound advice... Hope I'm making sense?
  15. Riem

    Case for Button Accordion / Melodeon

    The case looks fabulous. I really like the sturdy appearance. About the strap: what about a leather (or even a webbing strap, like yours) with a shoulder pad? One could make the bottom part of the pad with a suede lining or something that's not going to become shiny from use. Here's a strap with a pad I've made some time ago. The underside of the pad is lined with suede.